Welcome Back, Don Draper

draperAfter an interminable 17-month absence, our TV screens are about to see the welcome (make that very, very, very welcome) return of Mad Men, on Sunday night from 9 to 11 p.m. eastern time.

If you’re a fan of the show as I am, the wait has been too damn long, caused largely by creator Matthew Weiner and AMC unable to reach a deal for many months and then AMC’s decision to wait until 2012 to give the show an air date.  Me thinks this dispute involved a lot of hot air, but the result is that Weiner has an end date for the show (after season seven and we’re about to begin season five) and, with any luck, we’re done with all the crap so the wait won’t be so long next time.

I was pretty disgusted with Weiner and AMC for a while there during negotiations, but  never lost my passion for the show – which is surely one of the best on television.  Ever.  Every character is so layered and complex that they are never boring and the show continues to take risks.  Like Don and Betty.

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Who Are Your Favorite Bad Boys?

Don DraperThey’re mad, bad, and dangerous to know.  And we couldn’t live without them.  (In fiction, that is.)

From the first moment I was introduced to prototypical Bad Boy Vidal in Georgette Heyer’s Devil’s Cub, I’ve been a sucker for the Bad Boy mystique.  Though I recovered from my real life addiction (“tortured” used to be a positive guy descriptor for me in college), nothing fulfills my fantasies quite like a Bad Boy tempting a good woman.

My favorite Bad Boys?  Vidal was my first and will always hold a strong place in my heart.

I am currently swooning over Don Draper from TV’s Mad Men, early 60′s ad man extraordinare who has it all and nothing at the same time.  Men want to be him. Women want to sleep with him.  And he couldn’t be more lost and alone.  Hey, it works for me, baby.

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