Are You an Adventurous Reader?

Because, truth be told, I don’t think I am. When LynnAAR sent around her request for Buried Treasures from all of the AAR staff, I racked my brain (I don’t keep a book list) and realized that I hadn’t read anything that would qualify.

Why not? Well, I’m jealous of my reading time.  With work and my responsibilities to AAR, leisure time is sparse and there’s a lot competing for my leisure attention.  Would I rather read a book by an author I’m not sure about or play it safer with an author I already know and love?  The safe bet wins almost every time.

And, gee, what about TV?  Would I rather take a chance on a book or catch up on episodes of Angry Boys?

Digital downloads have changed far more than the world of books.  Now with my Roku player, I have access to almost every movie or TV show ever made — and that’s a whole lot different from the VCR days when I had only what I’d taped and the limited availability of my local video store.  Want to watch the British version of The Office again?  I can.  That and a whole lot more.

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