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TBR Challenge: Books With Buzz

This is my second year taking part in Super Wendy’s Multi-Blog TBR Challenge, and even though I don’t read the various romance sub-genres widely, I’ve nonetheless managed to find something in my TBR pile to fit the prompts each month. … Continue reading

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Midweek Minis: The Late June Edition

It’s been hotter than the devil’s backside where I live so, whenever possible, I’m staying indoors. And when the thermostat is still topping 100 degrees at the end of the day, I indulge in chilled rosé and hot romance and all is right in … Continue reading

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AAR Staff Top Ten Favorites – Lea’s Picks

As I’m sure a number of other AAR reviewers discovered when choosing their Top Ten Favorite romance books, it’s not an easy task. I whittled my list down to twenty and realized some of my absolute favorites still had to … Continue reading

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Cheating Hearts

There are few deal-breakers as universal as infidelity. Most readers avoid any mention of it like the plague, and very few authors can – or even try to– pull off a believable HEA when one of the protagonists cheats on … Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Type of Cover?

As long as I have read romance novels, I’ve been interested in their covers. They are bright and often lurid and embarrassing. Who wants to sit on a bus, or at a coffee shop, reading a book with the characters … Continue reading

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More Than I Bargained For – When Books Come With a Message

There are a few published authors who have a reputation for being passionate about a particular political or social topic. Most readers know this up front and share these authors’ views. But what about those individuals who unsuspectingly buy a … Continue reading

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My Contemporary Dilemma

Series romances with contemporary settings appear to be going strong. Harlequin releases plenty of them every month and readers (including me) eagerly snatch them up. However, single title contemporaries are a little harder to find. Anyone who reads romance sites … Continue reading

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Tears in Unexpected Places

I’m not an easy crier. So, I never saw a Hallmark ad that made me weep, I am completely dry-eyed at weddings, the only time I cry with joy is when I’m laughing so hard that the pain in my … Continue reading

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Kristan Higgins Winner

As promised, we announce the winner of The Next Best Thing, the newest contemporary romantic fiction book by Kristan Higgins Heather Congratulations, Heather!  I have emailed you and will make arrangements to have the book sent.  Thanks to everyone who … Continue reading

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Books with Buzz: Kristan Higgins Interview (Contest Now Closed)

One of my best discoveries of the past year was the author Kristan Higgins.  I ripped through all four books in her backlist and found them entertaining and thoughtful, funny and romantic.  She’s become a comfort read for me, actually, … Continue reading

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