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Someday My Print Will Come Back

I bought my first eBook in 1999. Back then, eBook publishing was like a frontier. Most publishers e-mailed the books to you, and the process wasn’t automated, so if you bought something on the weekend, you’d have to wait a … Continue reading

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Big Changes in the EBook Market

It is no secret that I am a big eReader fan. I’ve talked about it here and here. And from the very beginning I have been a loyal customer of Amazon. With the introduction of the Kindle, I knew I … Continue reading

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A Shameless Plug: AAR-Amazon Kindle Links

Mucho excitement is in the air today.  Amazon has announced a new range of Kindles, including a basic Kindle for just $79 and a $199 Kindle Fire tablet. If anybody is buying a Kindle today, we’d very much appreciate it … Continue reading

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What Agency Pricing and EBook Lending Limits Mean for Readers

At first when I thought about the latest eBook news, this piece was going to be a mini rant about how publishers haven’t got a clue about eBooks and how popular they’ve become. But I suspect that isn’t entirely the … Continue reading

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Publishers: Take my Money. Please.

Disclaimer:  This is a rant from a consumer’s point of view.  No wait, a pissed off consumer’s point of view. Dear Publishers: As one of your very best customers who routinely buys multiple books each month, you should care what … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Nonbook: How Bookstores are Trying to Change with the Times

Bookstores all over the world are feeling the pinch, just like all other retailers. Many of the bigger chains are coping by selling nonbook items. Today’s B&N or Borders customer can see everything from a funky coffee mug to stuffed … Continue reading

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The eBook Format Wars

A lot can happen in one week.  Seven days ago, I was madly researching eBook readers, gung ho over the prospect of quasi-unlimited digital storage, heaps of portable reading material, and so on and so forth.  Now, my interest has … Continue reading

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My Kindle and Me: A Year Down the Line

Let’s start with my first disclaimer:  I paid for my Kindle. Here’s the second:  I am in this whole ebook thing for the convenience – not to mention a desperate desire to be free of the careless shelving habits of … Continue reading

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Digital ARCs: Yes, Please!

Galleycat at Media Bistro is hot on the e-ARC thing. Or in hashtags-speak #digitalarcs.  And, considering that we are hearing from multiple sources these days that publishers are cutting back on ARCs, the timing couldn’t be better. And now there’s … Continue reading

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Amazon and Barnes and Noble Online Pricing: What’s Up With That?

If you haven’t heard by now, there was much outrage in Romanceland in the days before and during the Thanksgiving Day weekend. The issue? The Kindle price for Eloisa James’ When the Duke Returns was reported by AAR Alert Readers … Continue reading

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