The End of the World as We Know It

nightfall When I was a kid, I had a rather unusual great-aunt who was fascinated by Revelation and the End Times. Beyond listening to her talk about the Second Coming over lunch on occasion, I can’t say that I thought much about the post-apocalyptic world. In inspirational fiction, I was aware of the Left Behind books’ huge popularity even as I have to confess that I often got the title of the series mixed up with the Simpsons parody, Left Below. However, recently, I’ve noticed an awful lot of “end of the world” books out there. Given the long-running wars and the worldwide economic upheaval, I can’t help but think that this trend in romance and urban fantasy must be an outgrowth of the uncertainty of our times.

The idea of a romantic hero and heroine banding together to take on the world is certainly not a new one; One sees it in just about every subgenre of romance. However, in books like Nightfall by Ellen Connor (aka Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty), the hero and heroine must take on the worldwide collapse of the power grid, giant mutant dogs that eat people, and the beginning of a new Dark Age while showing that love conquers all. It’s a far cry from outwitting an unwanted arranged marriage and obtaining vouchers to Almack’s. Still, in a way, it can be an appealing idea.
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Joss Ware/Colleen Gleason Booksigning

IMG_0104My regular, monthly booksigning column won’t appear here for a couple weeks, but I wanted to post now about an interesting booksigning that I went to this past weekend. The signing was for Joss Ware’s latest book, Night Betrayed, the fourth in her post-apocalyptic Envy series.

If you don’t know, Joss Ware is a pseudonym of Colleen Gleason, the author of the popular Gardella vampire series set in Regency England. I’ve read the Gardella series, but had never read any of the Envy series, so decided to check out this event.

The signing was at a bookstore about 25 miles from where I live. With snow predicted throughout the day, I decided to leave extra early to make certain I got there in time. I actually arrived at the bookstore about 30 minutes early, while the bookstore employees were still setting up the area for the event.

Rather than sitting by myself in the book signing area, I picked up the first in the Envy series – Beyond the Night — and settled in at the cafe with a chai tea latte. Before I knew it, I had almost missed the start of the signing; the book grabbed my attention that quickly.

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