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The Weekend DIK: The Earl Takes All

I’ve been desperate to read The Earl Takes All since I finished Falling into Bed With a Duke, the first book in Lorraine Heath’s Hellions of Havisham Hall series. Even though at that point no synopsis had been published, I … Continue reading

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An Interview (and a giveaway) with Caroline Linden

Dabney: I’m determined to keep this interview spoiler free. So, no mentioning who it is who writes the 50 Ways to Sin stories! But can I ask, did you know who the author was from the beginning of the series? Caroline: Thank you … Continue reading

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Lady Breakwynd’s Boxing Day Bulletin: A Truely Tropeful Holiday Missive

‘Tis been quite a year for us here in our small town of Sandy Balls. And to think, a year ago, I despaired of my daughters Arabella and Lavinia finding husbands and worried my darling Didimus would never take a bride. As for … Continue reading

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Who Loves Historicals? – TBR Challenge 2015

Reading an historical romance for a reading challenge is rather like a Busman’s Holiday for yours truly; the only difficulty being which one to pick from the YOOOGE number I have sitting on my TBR pile. In the end, I … Continue reading

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TBR Challenge: Back in Time

Given I read historicals almost exclusively, this month’s prompt wasn’t much of a challenge so I decided to look for something – for me – a bit different. Provoked is the first in Joanna Chambers’ Enlightenment trilogy, and an M/M … Continue reading

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The Past is a Miserable Country: queer historical romance

Over the next month, AAR will run a column a week as part of our participation in Queer Romance Month. This, penned by author KJ CHarles, is the second of the four. I don’t like queer historicals, they’re so depressing.

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Where Have All the Historical Romances Gone?

In the past, I’ve bemoaned a lack of variety in historical romance settings, and we’ve even voted on where readers wanted to see historical set (Result: we like 19th c. England but wouldn’t mind reading about other places and times, … Continue reading

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In Search of the Big Romantic Saga

I missed a lot of the old school historical romances the first time around, but starting in college, I began to discover them in used bookstores. There are definitely some aspects of Ye Olde Romance that are best forgotten (such … Continue reading

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Fun With Historical Romance Vocabulary

Some weeks ago, I wrote about what I have learned from historical romance, focusing on historic events and places of interest. But this is not the only way these books have shaped me: I have also picked a number of … Continue reading

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All the History I Learned From Romance

I am a history geek – for some reason unknown to me, when it comes to history, my brain registers and stores a multitude of little details presented to it, unlike, say, names of trees or car brands. I regularly … Continue reading

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