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Heroines and Aging: A Bit Painfully

Back in July of 2006, Robin Uncapher wrote an At the Back Fence column (#232) that is so timely for me as to be kind of eerie. She discussed the role age plays on romance novels: in who buys them, … Continue reading

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Romance Heroines and Exercise

I’ll admit it’s not easy staying in shape, and at times I seem to be fighting a losing battle. In the middle of the winter, curling up with a good book is much more appealing than going out for a … Continue reading

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When TSTL Works

Over the years here, we’ve said quite a bit about the TSTL(Too Stupid To Live) nutter, one of the heroines we love to hate. And I have long been among those who have hated them most fervently and vocally. The … Continue reading

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Kiss and Tell

I read Surrender of a Lady recently, and as I read it, the heroine’s past really stuck with me. For those not familiar with Tiffany Clare’s debut, it centers on a heroine sold into slavery in a Turkish harem. Her … Continue reading

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Perfectly Perfect Heroines

Confession: I’m not perfect. Well, duh, you say.  No one is.  But judging by some of the romances I read, I’d never know that women lead imperfect lives. I’m not talking about historicals, which are a little different.  Considering I … Continue reading

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The Face of a Hero

During my book club’s latest meeting, a friend who’d seen the play version of a novel most of us had read, showed around some leaflets of the production and asked whether the two actors who played the leads were in … Continue reading

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Placeholder Heroines

I came across a link to an article from last year that still annoys me, so it got me thinking about a topic that comes up in romanceland from time to time – the placeholder heroine. This idea seems to … Continue reading

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Glee: The Musical Theatre Geek and the Cool Guy

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIe-WslMJX8[/youtube] We romance lovers like our heroines brainy, don’t we? There are many reasons to watch Fox’s new show Glee and  high school heroine Rachel is just one of them.  Rachel is the classic socially awkward over-achiever  and – hello, … Continue reading

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The Heavy Hero (or Heroine)

I’m nattering on about Drop Dead Diva and romance again. That show is my drug. In this past Sunday’s episode, Jane goes on her first date with a fellow lawyer, Tony. He is really cute, as you can see from … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Friendless Heroine

Drop Dead Diva is a new series on Lifetime which follows the life of an aspiring model called Deb who is killed in an accident but comes back in the body of a successful lawyer called Jane. In episode 1, … Continue reading

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