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It’s a VERY big sale at Harlequin!

Like many other romance fans, I’d heard about the big Harlequin sale that started on November 10. Harlequin has been selling eBook editions for 10 years. They’re celebrating by having a big sale. Really big. 10,000 titles will be available … Continue reading

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The Serious Readers Who Never Moved On

Most readers who come here often probably know that this blog has more than one author, and we tend to have more than viewpoint on things. On some issues, it seems like we need to do a bit of point … Continue reading

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Category Romance: A Theory

I’ve been very busy with work lately and a bit stressed out, as a result.  And then there’s the traditional fall increase in my television watching after the summer drought.  Add to that the fact that I seem to be … Continue reading

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The OTHER Reading Slump

Do you ever hit those points in your reading where you just don’t know where to start? Usually, at this time of the year, I’m brimming over with reading ideas and books that I cannot wait to dive into. I’ve … Continue reading

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Princes and Princesses

I’ll put it right out there – I own a commemorative mug of Charles and Diana’s wedding. I also still own a book commemorating the event. I tell myself these might be worth something someday (hence my need to keep … Continue reading

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Silhouette in the Shadows

Many long-time romance readers didn’t know what to make when Harlequin announced that they were changing the name of the Silhouette line to Harlequin in April of next year. Until the details became better known, there was even fear that … Continue reading

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Harlequin CEO To Win Award + Interview!

This evening, at the YWCA of the City of New York’s 6th Annual Summer Soiree, Harlequin Publisher and CEO Donna Hayes will be presented with the “W” Award. This award is presented by the YWCA to women and companies that … Continue reading

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News and Musings

– The big news around the web this week has been the launch of Carina Press. They launched Monday and their books are now available in a number of places, including at their own site, where they’re offering a 20% … Continue reading

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My Love-Hate Relationship with Books

There are certain books with which I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. Perhaps love-unease might be a better way to describe it, because I’m not sure my feelings ever quite fall to the level of hate. My love-hate … Continue reading

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The Harlequin Horizons Debacle

You know how people can remember where they first heard about a terrible disaster? The Harlequin Horizons debacle is like that for me. While most romance readers heard about it on a blog or a romance message board, I heard … Continue reading

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