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Georgette Heyer: From the AAR archives, May 1, 2000

Something wonderful happens when you mention Georgette Heyer to writers and readers. They start to smile (you can feel it in e-mails). They can’t wait to tell you how they first discovered her books, where they were, which ones they read first. … Continue reading

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AAR Staff Top Ten Favorites – Wendy’s Picks

OK. It’s confirmed. I set my Top Ten Staff Picks blog date way too far in the future. I thought this late date was a good idea originally, because I knew that I’d agonize over the list and change it … Continue reading

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AAR Staff Top Ten Favorites – Rike’s Picks

All the romances listed below are true Desert Island Keepers for me, and for each of them the following holds true: Whenever I open them to reread a particular scene, I cannot put them down again, and I end up … Continue reading

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AAR Staff Top Ten Favorites – Caz’s Picks

Normally, the question “what’s your favourite book/piece of music/film?” is one that’s likely to turn me into a jibbering idiot and turn my mind completely blank. I mean really – just one favourite? And in any case, it usually depends … Continue reading

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AAR Staff Top Ten Favorites – Jean’s Picks

See, I knew that signing up for this blog would cause me a headache. How are you supposed to choose the top ten romances that rock your world? How? How? (At the back of my mind I have the Baha … Continue reading

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TBR Challenge – A Recommended Read

After one of my columns bemoaning discussing the rise of the light Regency, I got several emails from those who worried about me. And no, dearest emailer, I don’t torment small animals in my free time. I actually rescue cats … Continue reading

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How EBooks Save Me from My Own Decluttering

I know that for the readers that just love holding the actual paper book in their hands, it is going to take a lot to convince them to change to eBooks. But this week, a recurring dilemma of mine brought … Continue reading

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The Other Type of Series

Lynn started the week out by talking about one type of series books in Series Serendipity – the category romance books that we see coming out every month in a variety of lines. However, sometimes when readers are talking series, … Continue reading

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Deadeye Dick’s Last Shot, or All for the Love of Bessie Burton

If you are not a fan of the 1960’s western television show, The Virginian , then this title means nothing to you. As a caregiver for an aging relative, I can almost repeat all the dialogue. One episode opens as … Continue reading

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Stuart’s Coat, Sara’s Spectacles, and Jessica’s Glove

I’ve been thinking lately about what is it about some writers that make their books magical for readers in ways that others aren’t. First, a confession: I read contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormals, but historical romance was my first … Continue reading

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