AAR Staff Top 10 Favorites – Melanie’s Picks

the_wedding So, like the other AAR staff who have submitted their Top Ten, I’ve been struggling to make decisions about what belongs on my personal top ten. And as I made a list of some of my favorite books, I noticed a pattern – I love clever heroines. I can put up with a lot of flak from the hero, if only I can relate in some way to the heroine. The heroines (or, in the case of #10, one of the heroes) try harder, go further, than expected of them. For many of them, they are smart and educated, but that’s not everything. They have a certain spark to them that pulls me in and makes me root for them. And in the end, I am ecstatic for them when they get their happily ever after.

There were, sadly, many, many books that got kicked off the list. I tried to put in a little bit of everything, but in the end, there was really only two criteria – how many times have I read it? And if I don’t own it, would I pay full price for it for the chance to read it again? Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Hilarious

dragonactually I recently read a book for review that I went into with very low expectations. It was a Viking romance called The Norse King’s Daughter by Sandra Hill. Generally, Vikings are not my cup of tea, but I was willing to take a shot at it. As I began reading it, I realized that this was no ordinary Viking novel. It was something different. It was, in fact, right up my alley. It was a book I would classify as a romantic comedy of romance novels and this is one of many I have read and enjoyed recently. Many readers associate romantic comedy with contemporary settings and perhaps Regency-set historicals, but they pop up in other subgenres as well.

I hadn’t expected to enjoy so many of these sorts of books, but that’s exactly what’s been happening to me. Over the summer I stumbled upon a book called Dragon Actually. Continue reading