favoritethings It’s just about impossible for me to pick a favorite movie, book, song, or place is. I always have to qualify it. So, when asked what my favorite book is, I’ll respond with “Well, it depends. Do you mean my favorite non-fiction or fiction book? And if you mean fiction, that’s too hard for me. I need to break it down into smaller categories.” I’ve been thinking about my favorite romances ever since AAR began publishing its reviewers’ top ten lists this summer. Every time I try and make my list, I get distracted by other lists of smaller, easier things I feel decisively about.

This week I’ve been thinking about my favorite things in romance novels. I’ve contemplated my favorite alpha male hero, my favorite bath scene, my favorite pet, my favorite first time making love scene, my favorite governess heroine, and my favorite first and last lines. These are, of course, just my favorites this week. But they are fun to think about and I thought I’d share mine and ask for yours.

My favorite alpha male hero is Nick Ward from Shannon McKenna’s Extreme Danger. Ms. McKenna’s McClouds and Friends series is full of overbearing, super masculine men, but wounded bad boy hero Nick is the best. He’s smokin’ hot, got a wry sense of humor, and constantly puts his life on the line in order to save the heroine. The scene where they rendezvous in a hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Steiger after she has endangered herself and thus enraged Nick stands as a perfect example of how an alpha male makes his woman feel loved in the most alpha way possible. Continue reading

Speaking of Audiobooks: Romance Audio Bests by Author

Out-of-Control 2As I read praise of Nora Roberts latest audiobook release, The Search, from our readers here at Speaking of Audiobooks, I once again contemplated trying out a few of her audiobooks.  I listened to one Roberts unabridged audio years ago and now each time I attempt to go down that road again, I feel overwhelmed by all the choices.  Of course, Roberts is just one of many romance authors with large audio backlists (although hers has to be the largest).  And since audiobook reviews are hard to come by, where oh where does one start?

A popular feature at All About Romance is Favorite Books by Favorite Authors where readers periodically share their favorite titles of a particular author.  As audiobook enthusiasts, we know that a successful audiobook involves more than an intriguing plot that moves at a good pace – it also relies heavily on the narrator’s performance.  Therefore such lists are only partially successful in helping us choose our next listen.  So, let’s work together (very informally) to create our own list of favorites of those authors with larger audio backlists (I’m defining a larger backlist as a half dozen or more).  Will you share your audiobook successes by author with us?  Whether you provide one title or several and just one author or twenty, we’d love to hear your audio bests.

To start the ball rolling, I chose eleven romance authors and listed a few of my audio favorites.  Please tell us if you too favor an audiobook that has already made the list either in my listing or another post.  It makes a recommendation just that much stronger.

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