Six questions for Delphine Dryden

Seduction-Hypothesis-St-Ht-DS Delphine Dryden’s The Seduction Hypothesis (The Science of Temptation series) is a funny, sexy erotic romance. In it, the absolutely adorable, quite nerdy hero, Ben is trying to get his girlfriend Lindsay back. He stupidly broke up with her a few months ago and has regretted it ever since. The two are on their way to BeastCon–a convention for fans of comics/games/anime–and Ben plans to use the next five days to reclaim Lindsay’s heart. Ben realizes Lindsay is, in BDSM parlance, a Sub and he, once he tries the role on, is more than happy to be her Dom.

I loved this book. It’s witty and steamy, has engaging leads and a sweetly believable HEA.

I know Del through Twitter and asked her if she’d be willing to answer a few questions. She agreed and wow, does she know a lot about spiders and snakes. And, if you leave a comment below, we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a $5.00 gift/credit from Carina Press! Continue reading

Not Everything Erotic is Romantic

As many of you know, I moderate AAR’s romance discussion list, AARlist2. In the past, I’ve discussed on the forums about how some authors have abused AARlist2 as a promotion tool. Well, it happened again. Recently, a member posted a promo that offended some members. Why? Gee, it might be because it involved incest, among other things.

Whoops! AARlist2 is a romance list, and last I heard, most romance readers aren’t really into incest scenarios. So I apologized to the list, sent a polite message to the original poster, and deleted her post. I also realized this would be a good time to update the list guidelines, making it clear this sort of post was a Bad Idea. Why was there no guideline about this before? Because it was common sense, or so I thought. Live and learn.

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