eReading Survey

The must-have device for readers these days seems to be an e-reader whether Kindle, Nook, Sony, BeBook, or other dedicated reader. For those who want to do more than simply read on a device, there are always computer screens, tablet computers, netbooks, and more.

To test how up to date you are on eReading, I’ve come up with a little multiple choice quiz. (I’m a former teacher. Testing’s in my blood.) The answers come from the recent PEW Report on E-Readers published in April 2012. (The questions use PEW wording so that the results stay true.)

What percentage of Americans have read an eBook?

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The Multifunctional eBook Reader

ereaderI must say, gadgets can be so cool.  But I know I get sucked in really easily, which is why I can take an elephant’s age to make my decisions.  By now I’ve heard things, asked around, surfed hours of YouTube videos, weighed the pros and cons, and finally decided: I’m going to buy an eBook reader.  But in heaven’s name, which one?

My biggest problem is that I’m too darn finicky.  I insist that my eBook reader be as close to perfect as possible.  I need Adobe DRM support, so no Kindle (which is a shame).  The reader shouldn’t have glare – goodbye Sony.  Bells and whistles are nice, but not at the expense of speed or price – which eliminates the Nook (offers a colour touchscreen), the iPad (tablet), the Cool-ER (multiple languages), the BeBook Neo (WiFi), the Samsung E6 (stylus writing), and all eReaders over $300 (including the QUE ProReader, which is truly a thing of beauty but costs a whopping $799).

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