Special Title Lists: Christmas Romances

We’ve just posted the revised versions of three special title lists, including the Christmas Romances list. This seemed to be the perfect time to open up the Christmas list, and we’re glad we did. The revised list includes four full anthologies in which all of the stories were submitted, 23 full-length romances, and another 23 short stories. The new entries are in a variety of genres, from historical, to contemporary, to paranormal. No matter what your reading preference, if you’re in the mood for some Christmas reading suggestions, we think the new additions to the list will give you something to read. Continue reading

New Lists Open this Month!

In the spirit of keeping the momentum up we’re going to open five more categories on the Special Title Listings page. We have been getting such a great response(thank you all!) and we know how important these lists are to you, our readers, that we wanted to get one more update in before the end of the year. So we are pleased to open up the following categories for submissions: (1) Across the Tracks, (2) Christmas Romances, (3) Inter-Ethnic Romances, (4) Special Settings and (5) Luscious Love Stories. These categories will be open for submissions starting today Monday November 12th and ending Sunday November 25th at midnight. Four of the five categories are ones our readers asked to be updated first while the last one, Christmas Romances, seemed like the perfect addition since it’s about that time of the year. Once again, we are looking for the best of the best in these categories and we’ve included the definitions below. We’ve also included links so you can look over the titles currently on each of the lists. Continue reading