Harlequin’s More than Words + Giveaway!

more than words If, like me, you read a fair amount of Harlequin novels or you’ve ended up on the company’s mailing list, you’ve probably seen flyers in recent years touting Harlequin’s More than Words program and the annual anthology that goes with it. From the ad copy, I understood that Harlequin was putting out anthologies celebrating charitable work by women in their communities, but didn’t know much more than that. When I had a chance to chat about it via email with a publicist, I found out more and was very impressed by the work supported.

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AAR Aid 2009: We’d Like Your Thoughts

Should we go ahead?  That’s the question we’re asking today.

To give new readers a bit of background, in 2005 and again in 2007 AAR held online auctions to benefit Katrina victims and residents of New Orleans.  Thanks to the generosity of authors, editors, and others in the publishing industry and to readers who bid and bought signed ARCs, books, and critiques, we raised approximately $18,000.  The money was donated to the American Red Cross in 2005 and to Hands On New Orleans, an organization facilitating volunteerism in the city, in 2007.

It’s always been in the plans to hold another auction in 2009.

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