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We pick the “Buried Treasures” of 2013

In 2013, self-publishing was mainstream, social media allowed authors more specific ways to publicize their work, and everyone had a strongly held opinion about what constituted a great romance novel.  This environment makes the idea of a “buried treasure” more … Continue reading

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Buried Treasures: The Movie Version

We’ve discussed romantic movies here several times, most recently in Jean’s March 2012 blog. Many of the films we talk about are popular, something we most likely have all seen or at least heard of. However, a recent viewing of … Continue reading

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Buried Treasure Reads – 2012

With self-publishing and a proliferation of small presses dotting the landscape, I’m not surprised to see that 2012 yielded a rather varied list of buried treasures. We have a diverse group of reviewers and from the looks of things, they … Continue reading

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Buried Treasure Reads of 2011

Did 2011 yield some great buried treasure reads? Of course it did! It seems like every year there are some wonderful books that fly under the radar, deserving of accolades but never quite getting the buzz they deserve. All of … Continue reading

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Buried Treasures of 2010

2010 seems to have been a good reading year for many of our readers and also for AAR staff. Some of the books we’ve loved have gotten lots of buzz, but there are always those buried treasures out there waiting … Continue reading

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Long Buried Treasures

Each year AAR features a list of staff members’ buried treasures for the past year. In last year’s blog announcing our 2009 buried treasures, Lynn described them as  “the books that we really liked this year that just didn’t seem … Continue reading

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Buried Treasures of 2009

At one point, pretty much every reader has that moment of finding a wonderful, delightful book that doesn’t seem to be getting any love anywhere. It’s not flying off shelves at the bookstore, it’s not getting buzz all over the … Continue reading

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Buried Treasures 2008

“Oh my goodness, I can’t BELIEVE that you don’t know this book!” How many times have you heard this – or said it to someone after raving about your latest find? Every reader I know seems to stumble upon a … Continue reading

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