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Thanks for the Memories

As I was updating AAR Saturday, Scarlett came downstairs and said, “I have a sad.” (Kids today aren’t sad anymore, I guess. they have sad). It turns out she’d just discovered what I already knew: Borders was officially through. The … Continue reading

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My Bookstore is Stalking Me (And I Like It)

Without realizing it, I reached a tipping point recently. Have you seen those newsletters from booksellers that alert you about books you might be interested in? Last year, I subscribed to a number of those. Imagine my surprise when I … Continue reading

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Borders: Things Are Getting Shakier

After years of troubling reports, it appears that Borders could indeed be on the verge of catastrophe. After what should have been a profitable holiday season, the chain missed payments to publishers and has been trying—without much success, as reported yesterday … Continue reading

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I Miss Mall Bookstores

AAR’s Ellen Micheletti was recently mourning the sad passing of a Waldenbooks in her town in Kentucky.  I well know the feeling. Until about five years ago, there were two malls in my area — Tysons Corner in Virginia and … Continue reading

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We’ve all heard for a while that Borders is in trouble.  Word has it that Thursday was a big lay off day for the Ann Arbor-based company. First of all, my sympathies to everyone affected.  The economy is a bitch. … Continue reading

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