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2012 Reading Year So Far: Chick List and Women’s Fiction

Last week we featured a sneak peek at 2012 debut authors. This time, I’m taking an early look at Chick Lit and Women’s Fiction for 2012, a category that at times has been a bit of a problem in the … Continue reading

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Serial TV and Books: Another Perspective

The other day on After Hours, I blogged about my love for the TV show Sherlock, and remarked it’s basically the only TV I watch, and like.  This is not the first time I’ve made the remark, online or in … Continue reading

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The New Christmas Shopping

Once upon a time, in an economy much better than the one we have today, going out of business sales were a gleeful event for me. I would cheerfully scavenge through the picked over aisles looking for hidden treasures and … Continue reading

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Organizing (and Playing) With Books

I’ll admit it: I like to play with my books. I have far too many books. And as with most of us, that means I have storage problems. Over the years I have tried dozens of different methods to organize … Continue reading

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A Reader Versus a Bibliophile

I like orange juice.  I really like orange juice.  But I sure don’t make a habit of learning about the properties of citric acid and optimal growth conditions for Tropicana Florida oranges.  And I’m cool with that. But I can’t … Continue reading

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The Best of Both Worlds

Development is a natural part of any civilization, but I think most people accept that the past few decades have blown the other millenia out of the water.  I swear, I blink and my cell phone grows another set of … Continue reading

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Long Buried Treasures

Each year AAR features a list of staff members’ buried treasures for the past year. In last year’s blog announcing our 2009 buried treasures, Lynn described them as  “the books that we really liked this year that just didn’t seem … Continue reading

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Independence Day

For our American readers and AAR folks, yesterday was Independence Day and many of us are enjoying the day off today. As always around this time of year, I find myself thinking about Revolutionary War history and realizing that I … Continue reading

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Into the Glom

How often do you find yourself in the middle of a fixation on the works of one particular author and feel, for a little while at least, that you just can’t get enough?  In other words, do you glom? Goodness … Continue reading

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Best of 2009, Reviewer’s Choice

I nearly always find writing the Reviewer’s Choice Column affirming (in a “See? There WERE some good books this year!” kind of way). And it’s always nice to have a column with unabashed gushing; often we keep that stuff under … Continue reading

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