New Book Trailer Discoveries

I love movie trailers. Back in February I saw a trailer for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and was hooked. It stuck in my mind as a “must see” movie, one I finally got to see this past weekend. But I’m not just a fan of movie trailers, I’m also addicted to book trailers.

Whether they’re created by readers or professional firms, I can be endlessly entertained by a good book trailer. I know some readers disagree. Over three years ago Jane posted here about her dislike of book trailers. Book trailers work differently for me than movie trailers. I rarely see a book trailer until after I’ve actually read a book. Every few months I find myself checking out YouTube for new – or previously undiscovered – book trailers by some of my favorite authors.  I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my new favorite trailers.

I love this trailer for C.A. Belmond’s A Rather Remarkable Homecoming. It begins with some gorgeous video of scenes where the book was set. It then moves on to a bit of text describing the characters and the plot. That’s it. It’s short, but the background music and everything about it fits with the book.

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Can One Really Condense a Full-length Novel into a Book Trailer?

Whenever I’m looking forward to a book release, I always monitor the message boards very carefully for any information—interviews with the authors, excerpts, reviews, etc. Lately, it’s been Smooth Talking Stranger, Lisa Kleypas’s upcoming contemporary romance, that’s been the focus of my search. I was quite excited when I saw someone had posted a link on the message boards. However, once I clicked on the link, I cringed—it was a book trailer.

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