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Our raison d’etre

I got what I’d politely call a very confrontational e-mail from an author last week. She writes for a smaller press (electronic and POD), and referred to herself as an “independent author.”  The gist of her e-mail was that AAR … Continue reading

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And We Thought American Book Review Controversies Got Contentious…

Dagestan is a province in the Northern Caucasus of Russia. (Don’t let the “Northern” in its name fool you. By Russian standards, that’s in the south.) It is known as the site of some terrorist activity, as well as corruption. … Continue reading

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For Anybody Keeping Track of Washington Post Book Reviews

Today nine books were reviewed in the Outlook section, the new “home” for book coverage in the Post. Two were reviews of books by women, which leaves…well, you know seven written by men.  One of those was a book written by … Continue reading

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