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Steve Jobs: You Are Still the Coolest

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_7ehvepzhU&feature=fvst[/youtube] We’ve all heard the news by now:  Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple.  Though he will still be involved with the company since he’ll serve as Chairman of the Board, it’s fair to say that his day-to-day … Continue reading

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Apple Has Caused a Ruckus. Again.

But this time it’s not over the latest iPod iteration or another generation-defining device.  Nope, now they’re pissing people off with their new subscription rules. The facts are these: Consumers can now subscribe to magazines and newspapers through the iTunes … Continue reading

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Publishing Drama Queens

I’ve reached the end of my rope here. In case you’ve somehow missed it, there is a labyrinthine mess about ebook pricing going on involving publishers, Amazon, and Apple. First of all, rest assured that I’m not going to weigh … Continue reading

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iPad? Seriously?

I’ve had a crush on Steve Jobs for 20 years. But, Steve, my man, you muffed it on the name.  Big time. Because only one thing comes to mind when women hear the word “pad” and a computer isn’t it. … Continue reading

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