Speaking of Audiobooks: Audible’s Game Changer

Microphone prefIf you haven’t heard about Audible’s new venture, Audible Creation Exchange (ACX), have I got news for you.  On May 12th Audible announced a dynamic online audiobook rights marketplace, audiobook production platform, and online sales system.  Its aim? To increase the number of audiobooks by offering a place for audiobook professionals to connect and produce audiobooks.  There’s much more to ACX, but what it means to us as listeners is greater selection.

ACX is groundbreaking in that it allows any professionally published book, new or old, to become a professionally produced audiobook.  It provides authors and publishers access to talented actors/narrators and studio professionals who know how to deliver a well-produced audiobook.  There is even training for an author if one wishes to narrate their own book.

The possibilities are vast.  Publishers and authors with unused audiobook rights can utilize ACX to find just the right narrator.  Yes, authors can specify their preferences of such things as gender and a narrator’s ability to perform accents and voice types.  Am I hearing a few chants of “Yes, yes, yes!” from our listeners?  In turn, audio publishers, studios, and narrators can find books of interest and even audition online for those holding the audio rights to specific books.

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