Speaking of Audiobooks: A Merry Audio Holiday

Pride and PrejudiceOur holiday season in Oklahoma is in full swing and I’m finding myself busy with gift buying, decorating, and planning several trips to see family from Christmas through New Year’s.  Ours will be an old fashioned Christmas celebration, complete with country cooking and Southern style cornbread dressing.  Traveling to and from our family get-togethers, I’ll be armed with my iPod and yet another entertaining audiobook.  Sitting next to me in the car will be my husband with his iPod listening to an audiobook of his choice as well.  Yes, I have made a true convert of my husband and he is now a certified audiobook listener.  However, we don’t share the same tastes in books and, therefore, don’t have any joint listening sessions.  What a sight we are.  Thoroughly modern grandparents on the way to see their new grandbabies, both with iPods playing and wearing earphones!

AAR’s Top 100 Poll – Audio Style

Last week AAR published the results of their 2010 Top 100 Romances poll.  The poll is conducted every three years and hundreds of readers submitted their Top 100 reads which were then painstakingly tallied by LinnieGayl, CindyS, and Lee B.  As I looked over the list I started wondering, “Just how many of our readers’ top 100 romances are available in audio as well?”  I was shocked to find 61!

Of course, as audiobook enthusiasts, we know well that just because a book is a favorite in print does not mean it translates well to audio.  And the reverse is true as well.  A book that may not make your Top 100 ballot may very well be one of your favorites in audio.

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The AAR Top 100 Poll: October Is Just Around the Corner

voting_m-300x225Get ready…it’s coming!  Yes, we’re going to be updating the All About Romance Top 100 Romances Poll this coming October.  To refresh your memory, here are the reigning Top 100.

It’s been three years since we last polled for your top 100 romances in October  2007, and it’s time for an update. So, from October 1 through October 31, 2010, we’ll be polling for your favorite romances.

Why are we giving you so much warning? Well honestly, it takes most people a fair amount of time to prepare their ballots. While we had a number of ballots on the first few days of voting back in 2007, we were literally swamped with ballots in the last few days.

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