More Special Title Listings in the Works

list Last August we announced we were going to re-open the Special Title Listings again and asked for your help in a post here. We asked you to list in the comments section of that post up to ten of your favorite Special Title Lists that you wanted to see updated first.

We’ve followed through with your initial suggestions. Since August, we’ve updated the 14 lists that you indicated were your favorites and most deserving of being updated first. We took a brief break from working on the Lists to do the Annual Poll in January and February, but would like to get started again with the Special Title Listing updating process – after all, there are still over 50 lists that need attention.

We enjoy working in tandem with our readers and decided to ask for your help again. Your favorite lists have new titles added and now we’d like you to take another look at all of the Special Title Listings that haven’t been updated. From those we’d like to know which lists you would now like to see updated. You can see all of the Special Title Listings here. Just scroll through the page and any list that hasn’t been updated since 2010 or earlier is now a candidate for updating (the date each list was last updated is listed below the name of the list).

Just as the first time, we would like you to list up to ten of the remaining categories that you would like to see updated first, in numbered order of your preference, in the comments section below. We’ll give you one week to list your preferences. After that point, we’ll tabulate the results and begin opening up the lists for new title suggestions in March, starting with your remaining favorites.

We look forward to your responses and are excited to team up with you again to revitalize the Special Title Listings.

– LinnieGayl Kimmel and Cindy Smith

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19 Responses to More Special Title Listings in the Works

  1. Yulie says:

    I’d like to make a suggestion that has nothing to do with updating the contents of the list, but rather with the title of one of them: “Less than Perfect”. I have no doubt that this was well-meant when the list was created, but the title strikes me now as unfortunate and ableist, as though people with disabilities or other issues, while deserving of love, are somehow “less than” able-bodied people. I would also like to see that list split between mental health issues and physical disabilities, mainly to make it more manageable.

    As for lists, the two experienced women lists (experienced heroines / courtesans) would be good candidates for an update, as would sports romances, bluestockings/feminists and YA (which should be YA/NA).

  2. Ash says:

    1-Rakes and Rouges
    2 Best Enemies
    3-Heroes in Pursuit
    5-Opposites attract
    6-Blue Stocking
    7-Beauty is In The Eyes
    8- Governess
    9-Fairy tale Romances
    10-Cross Dressing

  3. TerryS says:

    1. May – December, December- May
    2. Two Hanky Reads
    3. Virginal Heroes
    4. Opposites Attract
    5. Spies, P.I.’s & Warriors
    6. Beauty is in the Eye
    7. Courtesans, Mistresses & Prostitutes
    8. Point of View
    9. Best Enemies
    10. Unrequited Love

  4. nana says:

    This has been such an amazing few years for Young Adult. I would desperately love to see this list updated. The Hunger Games isn’t even on it!

    The list format is also hard to navigate, with the separated-section for the individual lists by different kids.

    A special sub-section for “Dystopian” (vs. alternate reality) would be useful, since there’s a huge market for those.

  5. Karat says:

    1 Cons, Burglars & Pickpockets
    2 Courtroom Dramas
    3 The Limelight
    4 (Not Your Usual) Conflict
    5 Addiction Romances
    6 Amnesia. . . Or Not?
    7 Opposites Attract
    8 Sports Romances
    9 Two-Hanky Reads
    10 Unusual Professions

  6. Eliza says:

    1. Beauty Is in the Eye (cap I for Is–a verb)
    2. Less Than Perfect (cap T for Than–not being used as a preposition)
    3. Opposites Attract
    4. Unrequited Love
    5. Friendships
    6. Heroes in Pursuit
    7. Rakes & Rogues
    8. Virginal Heroes
    9. Time Travel
    10. Scots & Irish

  7. Judy says:

    1. Depraved Mistresses
    2. Hidden Pregnancies
    3. Hero/Heroine Amnesia
    4. Runaway Bride/Groom

  8. Mervi says:

    1. May-Dec/Dec-May
    2. Unreguiter Love
    3. Virginal Heroes
    4. Beauty Is in the Eye
    5. Pirates, Sheiks & Vikings
    6. Opposites attract
    7. All in the Family
    8. Rakes &Rogues
    9. Unusual professions
    10. Opposites attract

  9. pwnn says:

    1.Older Couples
    2.History 101
    3.Not Your usual Conflict
    4.Unusual Professions
    5.Best Enemies
    9.Experienced Heroines & Femmes Fatales
    10.Unrequited Love

  10. Sadie says:

    1. Nerds, Geeks, & Other Absent Minded Professors
    2. Unrequited Love
    3. Two-Hanky Reads
    4. Point of View
    5. (Not Your Usual) Conflict
    6. Opposites Attract
    7. Amnesia or Not?
    8. Older Couples
    9. Unusual Professions
    10. Beauty is in the Eye

  11. Gale says:

    1. Spies, P.I.’s & Warriors
    2. Cons, Burglars & Pickpockets
    3. Unusual Professions
    4. Cross Dressing
    5. Time Travel
    6. Scots & Irish
    7. Not Your usual Conflict
    8. Nerds, Geeks, & Other Absent Minded Professors
    9. Suspense & Mystery
    10.Alternate Reality

  12. Thank you for doing such a thorough job on the project proposal. When I presented the proposal to the board, they could all understand exactly what we were proposing.

  13. Lindsay says:

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this! My picks:

    1. Time Travel
    2. (Not Your Usual) Conflict
    3. Heroes in Pursuit
    4. Adventure Romances
    5. Held Captive
    6. Alternate Reality
    7. Young Adult Fiction
    8. Point of View
    9. Rakes and Rogues
    10. Scots and Irish Romances

    Also — I realize you aren’t asking for suggestions for more lists at this time, but for future reference: I would really love to see a list for romance series that feature the same couple in multiple books (such as those by JD Robb, Diana Gabaldon, Jeannine Frost, Deanna Raybourn, etc.)

    Thanks again!

  14. LinnieGayl says:

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, everyone! We’re going to add them up, make some decisions, and should be back in the next couple weeks with some more Special Titles Lists open for additions.

  15. Becky says:

    Do you ever have a catagory for Paranormal Romance. I love those sexy vampires and werewolves

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