Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas Five-Book Giveaway (Giveaway Closed)

LKSummer is 2/3 over and it’s a perfect time to relax with a great book – even better when it’s a highly anticipated book by a much-loved author.  Thanks to the generosity of Lisa and her publisher, I’ve got five copies of Dream Lake to giveaway to five lucky readers.

Honesty alert: I’m in the middle of this one now and I’m loving it.  The third in the author’s series of books set on Washington state’s San Juan Island, this one is Nolan brother Alex’s story.  Here’s what the publisher has to say about the book:

Dream Lake takes readers once again to the exquisite setting of Friday Harbor, and tells the story of Zoe Hoffman, an innkeeper who has all but given up on love. She’s a gentle, romantic soul, but has been so hurt in the past that she dare not trust her heart with anyone. Especially not Alex Nolan. Alex is the most haunted of all the Nolan brothers. He drinks to keep his demons at bay and not only has he given up on love, he has never, ever believed in it. Zoe and Alex are oil and water, fire and ice, sunshine and shadow. But sometimes, it takes only a glimmer of light to chase away the dark. Dream Lake is classic Lisa Kleypas: romantic, powerful, emotional, and magical.”

Sounds intriguing, yes?

I didn’t get my butt in gear in enough time to do another interview with Lisa, so my apologies for that.  But, even though she’s on vacation with her family at the moment, she promised to pop in and out of the comments, so if you have a question or comment for her, bring it on!

To enter to win one of five copies of Dream Lake, simply post a comment by Thursday, August 9th at 11:59 p.m. eastern.  The usual caveats apply:  This giveaway is only open to readers in the U.S. and Canada.  If you review for another Web site or blog and have access to review copies, please don’t enter.  You may comment multiple times, but only your first entry will count. Winners will be contacted on Friday morning and will have 24 hours to respond.  If we don’t hear from a winner within that period, another will be chosen.

Good luck to everyone!

- Sandy AAR

99 thoughts on “Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas Five-Book Giveaway (Giveaway Closed)

  1. I noticed somewhere that it runs tangent to Rainshadow Road, not after it. Which means I’m going to have to do some re-reading first.

    If I don’t win a copy, it is on my “list of books to buy in August”. Shall I admit I won the Christmas Eve on goodreads, and Rainshadow Road here :)

    I have also gone back and read most of her contemps and have enjoyed them. They are “different” in tone from most which made them interesting. I haven’t read the historicals solely b/c I can’t seem to get back into the genre. I find them annoying… especially the heroines. It’s just a personal reading preference, yet once upon a time I read nothing but regencies and other historicals.

  2. Oooh, I’ve been wanting to try her contemporaries. I love some of her historicals (Dreaming of You) and have mixed feelings about others. But she has a great voice and I’d like to see if she’s more suited to contemporary.

  3. Dream Lake is on by “to buy” list – so I would love to win a copy. Lisa Kleypas is an automatic buy for me – whether it’s contemporary or historical.

  4. I loved Rainshadow Road! This one sounds just as awesome. :-) Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Would love to read this. I need to read her contemporaries. I have read every historical she ever wrote! Thanks!

  6. I love her contemporaries, but I have to confess that I miss her historicals! Hopefully she’ll be writing more of both in the near future!

  7. I have never entered a contest to win a book..this is the first time. Thanks for the opportunity. I have enjoyed Lisa Kleypas historical books and have her RainShadow Road book on reserve at our local public library. Waiting for my turn.

  8. I’m going to re-read Rainshadow Road while I’m in traffic court this morning. I’m so looking forward to Dream Lake.

  9. Lisa Kleypas is on of my favs. My family moved from Seattle to LA a few years ago and I miss the Northwest like crazy. Rainshadow Road was such a gift, just like a soft rainy day after a long hot drought!

  10. Loved RAINSHADOW ROAD and know DREAM LAKE will be just as good. Thanks for the contest!!

  11. Lisa is an Auto-buy for me….both the historicals and contemporaries; although I must admit that her historicals are my favorites. I’m looking forward to the continuation of the Nolan brothers’ saga with Alex’s story. Sign me up for the drawing and as a HUGE Kleypas fan.

  12. Count me in! I am #33 in line on my library’s list, but I’m not sure I have the patience to wait for library processing time, etc. It would be great to win this one. Thank you!

  13. Thanks for the chance to win a book from the writer who started me back on the road reading romance!! Yay!!

  14. I’m a hugh Lisa Kleypas fan and would love to win Dream Lake.

    farmwifetwo – try Dreaming of You, I promise you’ll never forget Derek Craven!!!

  15. My question for Lisa Kleypas is what’s she working on next? Any plans for another historical? Thanks.

    • Hi Kayne! (and other friends!)

      Right now I’m working on the last Friday Harbor book, titled “Crystal Cove,” about a young woman, Justine Hoffman, a young witch who discovers that she has been cursed never to fall in love . . . but all of that changes when she meets a mysterious dark-haired stranger named Jason Black! After that, I’m really hoping to write a contemporary novel featuring Joe Travis (but I have to talk to my editor about it first) and then I’m not sure what to write! I definitely want to take my readers opinions into consideration :-)

  16. Love her contemporaries. Not a big historical reader. I just can’t relate to them. Would LOVE to win a copy of Dream Lake. Thanks for the giveaway. My.question to Lisa would be which is harder to write, historicals or contemporary. The historicals probably require more research.

    • Hi Trish! I’m so glad to read that you enjoy my contemporaries! When I started writing contemps, I was surprised to discover that they take just as much research as historicals, it’s just a different kind. For example, the hero of my work-in-progress is a wealthy videogame producer and designer, but I know so little about that business . . . . so I had to do a lot of research about that. And of course my 16 year son was thrilled to enlighten me, and tried to get me hooked on Skyrim *g*.

      • If you want a video game, then try Assassin’s Creed. History AND killing people (and even some romance, too!)

        Or at least tell your son to play it (if he hasn’t already.) *G*

        /is a college student who should really try to do things other than read and play video games

  17. Can’t wait for Alex’s story! He was so interesting in Rainshadow Road. All of Lisa’s stories are wonderful!

  18. I love Lisa Kleypas! I’ve been dying for Alex and Zoe’s story. Although I already pre-ordered this book, I would love to win this for a friend :)

  19. I love reading Lisa Kleylas. Rainshadow Road was great and I can’t wait to read Dream Lake! For those who haven’t read her other contemporaries need to do so ASAP! Sugar Daddy is one of my favorite books ever. I love to recommend that to new readers. It’s my “hook book” to get them hooked on reading romance! :)

  20. I would love to win this book. I have read Raindshadow Road and would love to see the next brother’s book.

  21. Lisa Kleypas is one of my first choices among both contemporary and historical authors, and I can’t wait to read Dream Lake! I grabbed Rainshadow Road and have looked forward to this one since I read it’s last page.

  22. So looking forward tot his book! Thanks for sharing 5 copies with lucky readers – and I hope I’m one of them!! :D

  23. I love the Friday Harbor series and cannot wait to read Dream Lake. My fingers are crossed! :)

  24. I’ve been reading Lisa’s books for years! I’m never disappointed. Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. I have been looking forward to this book based on the glimpses of these characters in the earlier books. I would love to win and would really love if a new historical would come out soon. Loved the Hathaway series!

  26. Thank you for another great giveaway! Looking forward to reading Alex and Zoe’s story. Can you tell us anymore about what you are working on next?

    Thank you again, Carol

    • Thank you Carol!!! I’m working on “Crystal Cove” right now . . . I just gave some details about it further up the thread in response to Kayne :-) It is turning out to be a fun and sexy book, I think!

  27. I can hardly wait to get my hands on this book. Of course, I feel that way about all her books.

  28. Oh boy – another Friday Harbor story! Loved the others and am so looking forward to reading Dream Lake! Thanks for the giveaway

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