Avon Wants a Piece of Your Mind…

Have you ever wanted to give a publisher a piece of your mind? Well, Avon is asking for one. They have a fairly extensive survey for romance readers on facebook. They want to know how you read, how much you read, whether you listen to audiobooks, where you get your book recommendations, which websites you like (you know, like ours)…

There is a place to comment at the end with any other feedback you’d like to give. Since they really want to know what you think, you might as well tell them! You can find the survey here.

- Blythe Barnhill

7 thoughts on “Avon Wants a Piece of Your Mind…

  1. Thanks for the heads up Blythe!! There are many, MANY things I’ve been wanting to say to Avon for a long time now – from many of their horrid covers to the genericness and lack of diversity to their ridiculous and nonsensical pricing for electronic books. They almost always seem to charge $3 MORE for an ebook then they do for a print copy of the same book.

    Going on Facebook is a big no, no at work (probably is here too ;-) but this is one of the first places I’ll drop by once I get home and can go where I wanna go and do what I wanna do on my computer.

  2. I also filled out the survey and like Kristie(J) I was blunt about their agency pricing and lack of originality.

  3. I did go once I got home and filled it out. Lets just say they got a fail from me as a reader and a more recently a reader of ebooks. And yep – they asked. And good for you too Leigh!

  4. I’ve been tired of their covers FOREVER, as well as the branding (sameness) of their type of stories. But since I’m not on Facebook, would some kind soul mind mentioning their noticeable lack of commitment to quality by preventing so many mistakes–not just missing words but awful grammar mistakes, as well as changing eye colors, etc? Thank you if you feel you can.

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