Author Interviews: Who’d You Like to Hear From?

I’m busy planning ahead in this month of January.  (Yes, actually planning.  Not flying by the seat of my pants or anything.)  I’d like to deliver some of the interviews you’re looking for this year.

In the past, we’ve focused on established authors and would like to stay primarily in that vein.  Newbies or debut author interviews are extremely rare.  I’ve been rebuffed only once in all the years I’ve been doing interviews for AAR – Kresley Cole had her assistant turn me down and I won’t ask again – so most everyone will respond favorably to an AAR interview request.  The sky is (almost) the limit.

We’ve got an interview with Lisa Kleypas coming shortly, but that’s all I’ve got formally scheduled for the year.  So, here’s my question:  Who would you like to see interviewed at AAR?

- Sandy AAR

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52 Responses to Author Interviews: Who’d You Like to Hear From?

  1. Fri says:

    Shana Abe!! Has she fallen off the face of the earth??? Does anyone know -anything- about a new book? It’s been over a year and a half!!

    I second Castillo and Julia Spencer-Fleming, and Deanna Raybourn.


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