It’s Hot Guy Friday!

I’ve had one stinking week, complete with jury duty and the kind of work stress it’s hard to even think about.  So, what better way to end a week than with our first annual celebration of Sandy’s Top 10 Hot Guys (November 2011 Edition)!

Seriously.  I just can’t even think about writing a serious blog at this point, so here goes:

jonJon Stewart because funny is always sexy and when you add a massive brain, his appeal is off the charts.

dennisDennis Haysbert because I really do fantasize sometimes about what it might be like to be in his good hands.

alexAlexander Skarsgard because he’s Eric.  ‘Nuff said.


Josh Dallas because he makes a perfect Prince Charming.

ralph,jpgRalph Fiennes because my memory is long.

alanAlan Rickman because of that voice.  And just because.

matthewMatthew Fox because, despite current evidence regarding an unsavory personal life, he played heroic Jack Shepard.  Perfectly.

RyanRyan Gosling because he is beautiful and talented and really should have been Sexiest Man Alive.

hughHugh Jackman because even though I’m not entirely convinced of his sexuality, he seems to be a great guy who loves his family and takes great joy in what he does.

And, finally, the perennial Hot Guy pick, the one, the only…

georgeGeorge Clooney. Because he is hot, of course, but also because he is smart and committed to doing good in the world.  What’s not to love?

So, I hope everyone enjoyed our frivolous little walk down Hot Guy Lane.  Do you agree with my choices?  Do any make you hurl?  Is there anybody I forgot that absolutely, positively needs to be on this list?

- Sandy AAR

P.S. I thought I set up this post so that each photo would be featured next to each guy, but, gosh, Word Press didn’t cooperate and I really don’t have the patience to try and fix it.  (See previous reference to hellacious week.) And, gee, who needs any help identifying these guys, anyway?

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41 Responses to It’s Hot Guy Friday!

  1. Wendy says:

    Sorry, but yes. Someone has to be bumped in favor of Chris Hemsworth, the guy who played Thor.

  2. Do you know, I never thought I’d say this, but:
    Bill Gates. yes, I know, but despite the pudding basin haircut and the Kermit voice, the man is an inspiration. If a man can be sexy because of a long and devoted marriage and the well thought out campaign to help people who really need it in the best possible way. And in an age when we have geek heroes, he is surely the ultimate geek!

    You want sexy? Okay, David Gandy. Do I need to say any more?

  3. missmarie says:

    Nice choices all but the only hot guy for me is Richard Armitage. That voice, those eyes; nothing but yum. He’s my Derek Craven. Romance Hero Heaven!

  4. Ell says:

    Oh honey, why stop at ten? Absolutely add Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downing, Jr, Johnny Depp, and Alex Pettyfer, Daniel Day Lewis, and Chris Evans – I know I’m forgetting more than I’m remembering, but they are all a very lovely group to think about….

  5. Lynn M says:

    Ooh, I like this. I’m going to submit my November 2011 Top 10 Hot Guy List:

    1. Taylor Kitsch – because Tim Riggins is always hot
    2. Timothy Olyphant – got to love a man who can rock a Stetson
    3. Ryan Gosling – who just recently made this list after his performance in Crazy Stupid Love when the light bulb came on
    4. Brian Williams – because I love a serious reporter man
    5. Jason Isaacs – have always had a fangirl crush
    6. Alan Rickman – Even as the greasy Snape Alan is tops
    7. Daniel Craig – who defines the phrase “ice blue eyes”
    8. Charlie Hunnam – if you don’t watch Sons of Anarchy, he’s a great reason
    9. Hugh Jackman – agree with the great family-man descriptive. Plus, he was the Drover, whom I will love forever.
    10. Matthew McConaughy – because he still reigns when it comes to shirtless torso movie scenes

    • Tee says:

      Sandy AAR:
      And, gee, who needs any help identifying these guys, anyway?

      Whoops—I guess I did. I only recognized 5 from the photos out of the 10. The names were familiar, though. IMO, I would add Bradley Cooper. I know he was just voted best blah, blah, blah. But I’ve liked him ever since I first saw him in the movie “I Want to Marry Ryan Banks” back in 2004, when he was practically an unknown.

  6. DabneyAAR says:

    I often think of hot guy moments. So, I think about Jeff Bridges when he’s unwrapping Michelle Pfieffer from her dress in The Fabulous Baker Boys, Dennis Quaid telling Ellen Barkin her luck’s about to change in The Big Easy, David Boreanaz kissing Sarah Michelle Geller in any number of episodes of Buffy, Ryan Gosling pushing Rachael McAdams up against the wall and kissing her in The Notebook, Viggo making love to Diane Lane under a waterfall in A Walk across the Moon, James Marsters with Sarah Michelle Geller literally making love so hard they literally brought down the house around them in the Buffy episode “Smashed,” and Jamie Bamber with Katie Sackhoff making love in the desert in the terribly sad “Unfinished Business” from season three of Battlestar Galactica.

  7. RobinB says:

    First, may I say that I like Sandy’s “Hot Guy Friday” concept much more than People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”! Every year, when People puts out their SMA issue, I ask myself if last year’s nominee either died or took ugly pills! Especially when you have men like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp who have won the SMA title twice!!

    I’ve had a list of hot guys going back to when I was ten years old and saw Paul Newman in “Exodus” (and until he died, Newman was always a hot guy to me!). As for contemporary hotties, Hugh Jackman is number one for me–such a versatile performer and by all accounts, a very nice guy! I saw him in “The Boy From Oz” and believe me, he’s as gorgeous in person as he is on the screen!

    Others who rock my boat: Daniel Craig (a worthy successor to Sean Connery as James Bond), Timothy Olyphant (can’t wait until “Justified” returns in January!), Liam Neeson (also as gorgeous in person as he is on screen), and Joe Manganiello (the very lovely Alcide on “True Blood”!).

  8. alicet says:

    I would like to add Benedict Cumberbatch to the list who is amazing in the BBC series Sherlock. IMHO Sherlock is even better than the Sherlock Holmes movies on screen. ANd of course the sexy Michael Fassbender who was great in Jane Eyre and who will probably figure in my fantasies as a stand-in for my favorite romance heroes.

  9. maryann says:

    Many of my favorites are on the list or mentioned in the responses, but I must add Robert Redford and Colin Firth.

  10. Maria D. says:

    Sandy… sorry you had a hellacious week at work…I know what that’s like:)……jury duty is sadly ….a pain too but at least you survived it and didn’t get stuck in a case that went on for months where you had to be sequestered. As far as the yummy guys…good choices…I do kind of want to hurl with Matthew Fox, not so much because of his life choices but just because I’ve never cared for him. Everyone else needs to stay though:)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Blythe says:

    Daniel Craig! Daniel Craig! That is all. Okay, maybe Matt Damon too.

  12. Thanks for the eye candy! Ryan Gosling rules the world with LARS AND THE REAL GIRL.

  13. JFTEE-Auburn says:

    Hugh Jackman will always always be Leopold (Kate and Leopold). Thanks, Lynn for your brainy is sexy! A gorgeous physique can be great eye candy, and there is nothing wrong with that, but add an independent thinking brain with complex layers and it will turn my toes every time. Call me crazy, but I thought Steve Jobs was great. Also Richard Branson, Greg Norman, Sean Connery.

    Love the whimsy post. Great way to end the week.

    For you George Clooney fans that haven’t see his Norwegian bank commercial enjoy this:

  14. Eggletina says:

    Okay, I’ll play. Some additions to the hot guy list:
    *Ioan Gruffudd
    *Nathan Fillion
    *Max Minghella (shows potential anyway)
    *Andy Whitfield (although this is sad, b/c he died not long ago)
    *Kit Harington (another that shows potential)

    I know I’m forgetting someone…

  15. Eggletina says:

    Now I remember who I wanted to add (not sure I can edit my post):
    *Emile Hirsch

  16. melody burns says:

    That George Clooney commercial was brilliant! Thanks!

  17. Janet says:

    Oh thanks for this – a great Friday feature!!!!

  18. Diana says:

    Add Kevin McKidd! And what the heck, Kevin Bacon, too. And cool old rocker dudes Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, and Bruce.

  19. HeatherS AAR says:

    I love this post! Worthy choices, all. (Even though I had to Google several of the names mentioned that certainly was not wasted effort. Yeeeeowww.)

    To add to the hotness of this column I shall submit a few of my personal favorites. Jason Stathem (of the Transporter movie franchise), Lenny Kravitz (2 words: Rock. Star.) David Boreanaz (now on Bones), Eddie Cahill and Hill Harper (from CSI:NY. Eddie ’cause he looks like my boyfriend. Hill because, well, yum!)

    Special mention to Patrick Swayze, may he rest in peace. I will always remember going to the movies to see Dirty Dancing. This was a turning point in my young twelve year old life. Suddenly boys were no longer “yucky.”

  20. Melanie says:

    One of my current hot guys is Joe Flannigan ( and my constant is Vin Diesel – his voice! My goodness!

  21. LeeB. says:

    Another vote for Richard Armitage.

  22. Corie says:

    Michael Fassbender and Richard Armitage…Bring on the SMOLDER!!!!…I’m feeling hot already… ;D

  23. Susan/DC says:

    I like most of the suggestions and have to add:

    Goran Visnjic, even if I can’t pronounce his last name. Definitely smoldered as Luka on ER and was both scary and heartbreaking in “The Deep End”.

    Sean Bean as Sharpe (be still my beating heart) and even as Boromir, despite the lack of hair care products in Middle Earth. He also makes an incredibly scary villain.

  24. Shanna says:

    Love all these guys but I have to second Melanie’s choice of Joe Flanigan. I thought I was the only one who knew about him. I’ll add one more to this list, Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii Five-0. Him shirtless in paradise, I couldn’t ask for more.

  25. AAR Sandy says:

    Thanks, everyone, for the comments! Many good suggestions here — some I agree with and some I don’t, but isn’t it great we all have our own personal versions of eye candy?

  26. PatH says:

    Okay, a late-coming entry — There’s nobody like Thor (the original one in Adventures in Babysitting — Vince D’Onofrio) who rose from the depths of the body shop! (And he was great in Mystic Pizza too. Oh, yeah, and then there’s that TV show. LOL)

    I’m loving everyone’s entries. We DO know how to pick ‘em here!

  27. sue from england says:

    Richard Armitage all the way and Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn! Definitely Alan Rickman and Jason Isaacs too!

  28. Kim says:

    I have to second the Colin Firth mention…he has absolutely done it for me since P&P. Another Austen portrayal and perhaps a bit of a dark horse but Jeremy Northam was HOT as Knightley in the Gwynneth Paltrow version of Emma.

    Finally, I loved Richard Armitage in North and South…YUM!

  29. xina says:

    I’ve been out of the loop for a few days. Here is my vote,,,

    1.Alexander Skarsgaard…the only reason I watch True Blood.
    2.Jonathan Rhys Meyers…I know he comes with a boatload of personal problems, but those blue eyes.
    3.Johnny Depp..I wasn’t a fan before…do not watch the Pirate movies, but the guy in interviews is very sexy.
    4.Ryan Gosling. enough said
    5.Josh Holloway. Not a fan of Lost, but who cares.
    6.Ewan McGregor…seems like a bad boy.
    7.Bradley Cooper…once again..those blue eyes.
    8.George Clooney…The older he gets, the better he looks. Why is that???
    9.John Stewart…funny and smart. My ideal man. :) and cute too.
    10.Matt Lauer…I watch the Today Show every morning in the early hours, and I think he is sexy. Must be the caffeine surge or something, but there it is. :)

  30. renee says:

    George Clooney, Sandy. Enough said, LOL.

  31. Ann says:

    I know I am showing my age but- Paul McCartney. He was always a hottie!!
    and Colin Firth.

  32. Jen Tullis says:

    George Clooney video is awesome. I would love to wake up next to him.

  33. library addict says:

    My top 10:
    Richard Armitage
    Marton Csokas
    Brett Cullen
    Colin Firth
    Cole Hauser
    Jason Isaacs
    Hugh Jackman
    Liam Neeson
    James Read
    Alan Rickman
    Jon Tenney

    Okay, so that’s 11. I obviously can’t count.

  34. library addict says:

    I could also add
    Simon Baker
    Thomas Gibson
    Sean Maher
    James Read


  35. Corinna says:

    What??!? Nobody has mentioned Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki? They are only THE hottest guys on television right now. Jared’s smile could melt a glacier, and Jensen has the most expressive eyes you’ve ever seen. Two totally beautiful male actors. And they both have the added attraction of having real acting talent.

    And since I’ve seen a few kudos to men who are no longer with us, I’ve gotta put in my vote for Michael Landon. He didn’t seem to be aging quite as well by the time he did Highway to Heaven, but he was one sexy Pa in Little House on the Prairie, and as Little Joe Cartwright in Bonanza, the man simply OOZED sex appeal.

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