Speaking of Audiobooks: Narrators Forum Coming Monday

On Monday, November 14th, we’ll be hosting our first live Narrators Forum.  It’s a time for audiobook narrators to come together and not only give us a look into their world but also discuss pertinent issues among themselves.

Six narrators are joining us to kick off our forum and I couldn’t be more enthused about those participating!

Justine Eyre

Phil Gigante

Tavia Gilbert

Renee Raudman

Xe Sands

Karen White

Speaking of Audiobooks will go live early Monday morning as usual.  We’ll provide you with a list of the discussion questions so you can know the direction of the dialogue.  However, the questions are only a framework and we expect (and hope) our participants will feel free to expand as they want.

At 11:00 a.m. eastern time, the live forum will begin through the column’s discussion area.  I know Karen, Xe, Renee, Tavia, Phil, and Justine are all eager to talk with one another, as well as provide our listeners with food for thought.  We ask all of our listeners/readers to refrain from posting until the forum is complete. At that time, I’ll announce that the discussion is open for all.  We hope that many will join in at that time with their thoughts as well.

For those promoting this forum, please use this link.

Please mark your calendars for Monday morning.  We look forward to seeing you there!

- Lea Hensley

17 thoughts on “Speaking of Audiobooks: Narrators Forum Coming Monday

  1. So how did Phil get to be the only guy amongst all those wonderful women? If I get enough done over the weekend I’ll be there!

    • Simon: So how did Phil get to be the only guy amongst all those wonderful women? If I get enough done over the weekend I’ll be there!

      Sigh! I love hearing your voice in my ears! (a squeeee!! fangrrl moment)

  2. I’ll be at work while the fun part is going on, but really look forward to reading what everyone says when I get home.

  3. If some can’t be around for the actual forum, it will be in the discussion area of the column to read in its entirety. I’ll also have a transcript available the following week.

    Looking forward to it!

  4. Did you know you’ve chosen some of my favorite narrators? THANK YOU for this amazing event!

  5. So looking forward to this conversation. Delighted to be invited to participate. It will be lovely to connect with everyone. I might even be REALLY crazy and go out to a cafe with wifi so that I can truly feel social. That’s a rarity for someone who spends some much time in the booth alone!

  6. oh wow, this sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to connect. Tavia, you are my go-to narrator, btw. I am completely enamored with your interpretation of Cat and Bones (and Ian and Spade and the rest of course). scuze me while i go indulge in some fangirl squeeing. lol

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