Books with Buzz: Susan Elizabeth Phillips Interview and Giveaway (Contest Closed)

callmeirresistible HC CIt’s been far too long since Susan Elizabeth Phillips graced the pages of AAR and I couldn’t be happier to report that, at last, she’s back.  One of the most beloved writers of contemporary romance, SEP marks the release of her latest (and thoroughly charming) new release, Call Me Irresistible, on  January 18th.  To celebrate we’ve got five copies to give away, courtesy of Harper Collins, and the first interview at AAR with SEP in over a decade.

To enter for your chance to win, just comment to this post by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, January 13th.  A few caveats apply:  Due to high postage costs, this giveaway is open only to readers in the U.S.and Canada.  Please comment only once and, if you review for another Web site or blog, please don’t enter.  Winners will be notified by email on Friday morning and will have 24 hours to respond.  A new winner will be selected on Saturday morning for any winner who hasn’t responded.  Good luck to everyone and, without further ado, let’s hear from SEP.

- Sandy AAR

Susan, first of all, thanks so much for giving us a little bit of your time.  You have a lot of fans here at AAR who are going to love hearing from you.  First of all, could you tell our readers a bit about the plot of Call Me Irresistible?

Love to!  Ever since I wrote Lady Be Good, readers have been after me to write Ted Beaudine’s story.  In Call Me Irresistible, Ted is Mr. Perfect, and Meg Koranda is Ms. Screw Up. Meg knows she’d done the right thing when she breaks up Ted’s wedding to Lucy Jorik, the daughter of the former President of the United States, but no one else agrees, and she quickly becomes the most hated woman in town. A town where she’s stuck with a broken down car, an empty wallet, and a very angry bridegroom… (Ted and Meg are a match made in heaven!)

Unlike a lot of writers, your fans are divided on what is their favorite book by you – something that’s a tribute to you as a writer since there is no overwhelming favorite.  For everyone who supports Nobody’s Baby But Mine, there’s someone else who loves Heaven, Texas (my favorite).   And, since you had a total of nine books placing in the Top 100 Romance Novels poll as voted by AAR readers, you’ve hit the ball out of the park (or kicked it right between the goal posts) a great many times.  As the author, do you have a favorite?

I love that there’s such diversity of opinion about my books.  And there’s not much of a pattern. I’ve lost count, for example, of how many readers have begged me to write another Chicago Stars book and then told me their favorite is Kiss An Angel, a book that doesn’t have a football player anywhere in sight. As for me… My favorite book has to be the one I’ve just finished or it doesn’t leave my desk.  (At the moment, I’m so in love with Ted Beaudine I can’t see straight.)

What type of hero and heroine are you favorite to write?  And do you have a favorite hero and heroine?

My good ol’ boy heroes are the easiest for me to write, but I love the brooding guys, too, like Ren Gage in Breathing Room and Bram Shepard in What I Did for Love. Also, see aforementioned comment about Ted Beaudine (Does this make me a skank? Please don’t answer that.)

Even though I was a football cheerleader back in the Medieval period, I don’t have the first clue about football, yet I love your Chicago Stars books.  Is it true, as SEP legend goes, that you were almost as clueless when you first began to write about your team?

I wasn’t clueless, just never all that interested in the game.  I doubt I watch four games year. I am, however, fascinated by the life of these players and their oversized egos, how they deal with both sudden wealth and celebrity. I also love all the front-office stuff that goes along with professional sports.

SEPIn What I Did for Love, your heroine Georgie’s circumstances certainly brought Jennifer Aniston to mind for a lot of readers.  And I have to admit that Mad Jack, the legendary rock star, of Natural Born Charmer made me think of Bruce Springsteen. Maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part since I am one of Bruce’s biggest fans, but I pictured the Boss as I read the book.  Am I way off base (especially on the second one since I don’t believe it’s widely speculated) or do you ever picture celebrities as you’re creating?   And, if so, any other “identities” you’d like to spill?

Re: Bruce…. Yes, Yes, Yes!  He was totally in my mind when I wrote Jack Patriot, and I hardly ever picture celebrities when I’m working.  As for the Jennifer Aniston thing… Celebrity love triangles have always fascinated us, and there have been lots of them over the years, but Georgie is definitely not Aniston.

I don’t usually picture celebrities as I read either and Bruce came through loud and clear for me. One of my favorite questions to ask authors is what kind of books they like to read in their leisure time.  And, while we’re on the subject, who are your favorite authors?

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction. Just going through one of those phases, I guess.  I loved A.J. Jacobs The Year of Living Biblically, Susan Casey’s The Wave. The Hunger Games trilogy was an amazing reading experience. As far as fiction, I’m a huge fan of well-done romance and non-depressing women’s fiction.

What’s next for SEP?  And any idea how long we’ll have to wait?

Anyone who reads Call Me Irresistible will have a good idea where I’m headed next. Lucy Jorik, the runaway bride, definitely deserves her own story, and I’ve already written about 300 pages of it.  With two book tours scheduled – one in the U.S. at the end of January and one in Germany at the end of May – I’m going to lose a fair amount of writing time, so I’m not sure when it’ll be done, but I can’t wait to see how Lucy’s story turns out!

Thanks to SEP for taking the time to answer my questions and to Harper Collins for the books to give away.  Remember, to enter to win, just comment to this post by Thursday, January 13th at 11:59 p.m. eastern time.

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209 Responses to Books with Buzz: Susan Elizabeth Phillips Interview and Giveaway (Contest Closed)

  1. laurie says:

    Sounds like a great read! Can’t wait to catch up on some SEP!

  2. Diane Sallans says:

    I’ve read all of Susan’s books and card hardly wait for a new one! She needs to be cloned so she can write more!

  3. Mary Beth Elgass says:

    Susan Elizabeth Phillips remains one of my favorite authors. Her stories are as thoughtful as they are fun to read.

  4. Kim says:

    Like most everyone here, I’ve read every SEP book out there and can’t wait for the next one. I think I may need to re-read Lady Be Good before this one. :-)

  5. Bernie says:

    I love SEP! So excited for a new book!

  6. karen says:

    looking forward to reading the new SEP book

  7. Lynn says:

    I’m counting the days until the new book comes out!

  8. Melany says:

    wowwww! i seriously cant wait for this one. SEP is the best!!!

  9. Georgie says:

    I was a late bloomer when it comes to SEP. Can you believe I didn’t pick up one of her books until 2008? Now I’m an addict. I’ve read all of her books, most of them more than once. I was especially excited to see another Georgie in “What I did for Love” (although my real name is Georgie, not a nickname). Can’t wait to read this one too!!

  10. Eileeeeen says:

    Looking forward to reading the new SEP

  11. Sharon says:

    Looking forward to reading your new book!

  12. Amy Fugman says:

    Can’t wait to read (and re-read!!) this book! SEP is always a keeper and all of her books are comfort books — you can’t help but love the characters. Just finished Natural Born Charmer and thinking I should revisit Phoebe and Dan in It Had to Be You. :)

  13. Megan says:

    Call me I-cannot-resist. Too sad Anna Fields can’t narrate the audiobook

  14. LisaSF says:

    Wow! So many responses, so few books. Good luck to all.

  15. Tammie Chocklett says:

    Great interview. I always look forward to a new Susan Elizabeth Phillips book!

  16. Deepa says:

    Looking forward to this book!

  17. Karen H in NC says:

    Susan is a new-to-me author. After reading her interview today, I believe I am becoming a convert! But hey, that’s good, right?

  18. Sarah says:

    I love SEP and am really looking forword to the new book!

  19. I love all your books and i would love to win this package deal. If I don’t win I’ll go out looking forCall Me Irresitible. Can’t wait to read it!

  20. I’d really want to red this book! I love all her other ones.

  21. Cate52 says:

    To Karen H — you are going to be soooooo glad to have ‘found’ SEP! Her books are Always Entertaining! Welcome to the SEP readers !!

  22. Bells says:

    I have heard great things about SEP and I need to read her books ASAP!

  23. Subette says:

    I am a big fan of SEP and would love to win a copy. Thanks.

  24. Cassandra McCraw says:

    I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips and have read every novel she has written. :) I can’t wait for the new one!

  25. Cindy McBrady says:

    I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips and anxiously await all of her new books. Have the 18th marked on my calendar.

  26. Tiffany says:

    I can’t wait for Teddy’s book. Yay!

  27. Syd says:

    Yes please.

  28. Jebe says:

    I must say I’m feeling the irresistible pull of SEP. My favs are THOM, MMIYC and NBC, but I’m always open to others. So put my name in, I’d love to win a copy!

  29. Anne Fescharek says:

    Now that “Call Me Irresistible” is oout I can safely read “What I Did for Love” since I keep the last book of a favorite author hermetically sealed until the next one comes out, rather like a squirrel stores its nuts. If I don’t, I will go rabid waiting for the next book. There was quite a long wait from “Natural Born Charmer’ to “What I Did..”
    Anyway, I cannot wait to read the next book with the usual SEP unique and vivid characters. Please enter me in this giveaway. Thanks.


  30. Michele says:

    I think I’ll reread Nobody’s Baby But Mine while I wait for the new release. (The Lucky Charms scene slays me every time!) Here’s to winning a copy of Call Me Irresistible! Fingers crossed…

  31. Joni says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway. I’ve love ALL of SEP’s books

  32. Teresa Kleeman says:

    Wow this was a really great interview. I loved how you and her use the reference of Bruce Springstein. Please enter me in the contest, I would love to win this book.


  33. socalgal51 says:

    I LOVE SEP’s books. Hooray for another one!

  34. Wendy L says:

    Jan 18th has got to get here more quickly. I’m perishing from impatience!

  35. April says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading Call Me Irresistible!

  36. Thea says:

    I LOVE Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ books and I can’t wait to read her new one.

  37. Well, this makes January SO much better now! I am excited to get my hands on this book. It can snow all it wants to after I do. LOL

  38. Jackie says:

    Can’t wait for new SEP!

  39. Sarah U. says:

    Sounds like a great read!

  40. Leslie says:

    Thank you for the wonderful and insightful interview. Like so many other readers I have been looking forward to Ted and Meg’s story. I’m anticipating a lot of laughs and “awe” moments.

  41. Johanna Jochum says:

    I can’t wait to read this book! Looks wonderful! Thanks for the great post!

  42. Anna L H says:

    Can’t wait to read this!

  43. Sheila says:

    I can’t wait to read it either.

  44. Julie says:

    I’m looking forward to finally reading Ted’s story!

  45. Vi says:

    Hope I win!

  46. EC says:

    I can’t wait for the next book!

  47. Amelie says:

    Sounds like a great read!

    Can’t wait!

  48. Michelle says:

    I’m doing a little catching up on my SEP–a little over halfway through “Glitter Baby” for the first time, and loving it.

    Looking forward to the new book!

  49. KC says:

    SEP is my favorite! I am SO looking forward to this book!

  50. Debra Thomas says:

    I love SEP! My blog is new. My goal on it is to do book reviews, but I am in the learning process. I am writing some and having my family give me input on what else to do or not do. I am looking forward to reviewing your books. I am anxious to read the new book.

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