The AAR Annual Poll: It’s Coming Soon

If you’re a longtime visitor to AAR, you know what’s coming later this month. But if you’re new to AAR, let us give you a heads-up now, because on Monday morning, January 24th, the AAR Annual Reader Poll will begin.

The Annual Reader Poll has a long tradition at AAR, and is one of the highlights of the year here. It seems hard to believe, but this will be the 15th AAR Annual Reader Poll. The first was conducted back in 1997 for 1996 releases. This one will be for new releases from 2010.  Just like last year, the poll will be open for just two weeks, with voting closing at midnight on Sunday, February 6.

We’ve made two changes to the categories for this year’s poll. We weren’t able to announce results last year for either the Erotica category or the Worst Romance category because both of these categories received too few votes spread across too many titles. Based on reader feedback, we’ve changed the Erotica category to Best Romantica/Erotica. As Blythe posted here recently, we’ve changed the Worst Romance to Most Disappointing Romance. We hope that these changes will be successful.

We know many of you keep reading charts as that helps to keep track of such things as books read, personal grades, and special notes for categories.  If you haven’t kept a reading chart (and there are just as many readers who don’t), you can always use the Power Search function at AAR to search for reviews for the 2010 reading year.

Please don’t let the number of categories stop you from voting. While this year’s poll will include 21 different categories (see below), you only have to vote in six categories for your ballot to count. Based on our experiences the past few years, we can say that it’s a very rare reader indeed who votes in all of the categories. We receive many ballots with just six categories filled in, while the average reader votes in about ten categories.

We’re very excited about the Annual Poll, and look forward to reading all of your ballots. So, get reading!

Categories for Upcoming Annual Poll for 2010 Romance Novels:

Best Romance

Best Contemporary Romance

Best Romantic Suspense

Best Paranormal Romance

Best Historical Romance set in the U.K.

Best Historical Romance Not set in the U.K.

Funniest Romance

Biggest Tearjerker

Best Love Scenes (in a Mainstream Romance)

Best Debut Author

Best Series Romance

Best Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction

Best Romantica/Erotica

Best Romance Short Story

Guiltiest Pleasure Romance

Most Disappointing Romance

Best 2010 Characters in Romance Novels

Best Romance Hero

Best Romance Heroine

Tortured Hero

Kick-Ass Heroine

Best Romance Couple

So, remember to check back here on Monday, January 24th.  We can’t wait.


- Cindy, Lee, and LinnieGayl

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9 Responses to The AAR Annual Poll: It’s Coming Soon

  1. Tee says:

    To Cindy, Lee and LinnieGayl—

    Are you all ready for another busy and crazy February tabulating results? Well, at least if you live in a cold climate, the month should move by quickly. Thanks ahead of time for all the work you do with this project annually. Even though only one or two of my books place, it’s always fun to see the pulse of the AAR lurkers and posters.

  2. maggie b. says:

    I am in awe of what you ladies accomplish each year. I can barely handle keeping track of my own reading, much less the favorites of so many people!

    I look forward to seeing what people list every year. They rarely agree with min but it is still fun to compare what others liked with what you did.

    maggie b.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Might you consider a return of the Inspirational Romance category? There have been a ton of new inspy authors in recent years who have pushed the boundaries, and perhaps garnered some new readers. I never considered reading an inspirational romance until LLB turned me on to Kristen Heitzman. I am always looking for new authors in this category. Maybe this category will get more votes, as sales of the genre have grown drastically in the last couple of years.

    Also….. terrific decision to change worst romance to “Most Disappointing.” Even bad JR Ward is better than most…..but I’ve been really disappoited by the turn she has taken lately.

    Thanks for doing this annual poll! I always add a ton of books to my shopping cart after the results come out.

  4. LinnieGayl says:

    Thanks, Tee, MaggieB, and Dorothy. I really enjoy doing the Annual Poll for some of the reasons you’ve mentioned. It always gives me some new books to pick up and read.

    Dorothy, I’ll definitely put your suggestion in my file for things to consider for next year. We’re really trying to keep down the number of categories, but we also review all of the reader comments each year.

  5. Rosario says:

    I like the change from worst to most disappointing. I have absolutely no objection to the idea of voting for a worst book, but I don’t really finish books bad enough that I’d want to vote for them in that category. For most disappointing, though, I can come up with a few candidates!

  6. Fay says:

    Rosario, I agree with you. I guard my reading time jealously so that I only read what others have already raved about – therefore, I’m not qualified to give a “worst book” rating. However, this year there was one book that I had to stop reading after page 91 when she sneaks into his room while he’s sleeping to peak under the covers and see if he’s “been damaged by the war”. OMG, I just couldn’t get past that and I expect I may even see that book among the best of 2010! Ha!Ha!

  7. JML says:

    Well, I have my Most Disappointing Romance entry ready (but with high hopes that the author doesn’t repeat that trend in the coming year).

    I always have the hardest time with the Guiltiest Pleasure Romance category and end up skipping it. I often feel guilty if I like a story that isn’t politically correct or has an idiot hero or heroine that I love, or worse, if the story has no redeeming value other than the pleasure of reading. Those are the books that often become favorites for that year. And I should feel guilty. But I don’t. So I skip that entry.

    Thanks so much for the poll, it’s always interesting to see what other readers consider their best reads of the past year and it’s a great way to find books that I’ve missed.

    • Tee says:

      JML: I always have the hardest time with the Guiltiest Pleasure Romance category and end up skipping it. I often feel guilty if I like a story that isn’t politically correct or has an idiot hero or heroine that I love, or worse, if the story has no redeeming value other than the pleasure of reading. Those are the books that often become favorites for that year.And I should feel guilty. But I don’t.

      I’ve come to that conclusion also. If I like a book, it doesn’t matter anymore what others may think about it. No more guilt. I can unequivocally say, “No guilt here.” LOL. Therefore, I have no contestants in the Guilty Pleasure category either.

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