Enter to Win a New Kindle 3 from AAR (Contest Closed)

Kindle3We’ve got a brand new Kindle 3 Wi-Fi to give away this week to one lucky reader, courtesy of AAR.

The Kindle is the most popular product in Amazon’s history and, as someone who loves her Kindle 3, it’s easy to see why.  So, if you’ve been wanting a Kindle 3, but find yourself not quite ready to shell out the bucks, this is your chance.

Entering is easy.  All you need to do comment to this post by 11:59 pm on Thursday, January 6th.

A few caveats apply:  Please comment only once.  Due to high postage costs, this giveaway is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. The winner will be chosen at random and notified by email on Friday morning January 7th.  The winner will have 24 hours to respond to the notification email and claim the prize.  After that on Saturday, January 8th a new winner will be chosen.  That winner will also have 24 hours – and so it will go until we have a winner. So, if you enter, please remember to check your email on Friday morning.

Good luck to all!

– Sandy AAR

508 thoughts on “Enter to Win a New Kindle 3 from AAR (Contest Closed)

  1. I’m an avid reader and would love an easier way to have books with me wherever I’m at!

  2. What a great giveaway! Anyone would be a lucky reader to be the winner of this prize.

  3. Winning a Kindle would be fantastic! As a long-time romance reader, I have relied upon AAR’s Upcoming Book List for years. Although my preference will always lean towards paper books that you can hold, I realize that the future lies with eReaders. In fact, I recently discovered that there are a fair number of stories out there that are for eReaders only and that are not offered in print. I would really appreciate having a Kindle to give me the opportunity to access those stories.

  4. Great contest! There are a couple of Maya Banks’ books that are only available as ebooks at the moment – and I want to read them now.

  5. I’d absolutely love a Kindle! I’ve been having a lot of car issues lately and it would be awesome if I just had a Kindle with me in the waiting area instead of having to pack two or three books to get me through my visit.

  6. A Kindle was the only thing I asked for for Christmas/my birthday (Jan2), but didn’t get, so to win one would be more than awesome.

  7. Everyone I know has a kindle. Think its about time I joined the group. Hope I win. Good luck everyone !

  8. I would like a kindle too. I love to read, and I plan on being a writer when I grow up. But I need books so I can understand how I’m going to write it, and come up with nice ideas. I would always want a kindle, cause well the first thing I’ll probably ask for. The books give me a life, one that I probably might not be able to live in, but to read it and then get into it! It’s like I’m already living it! Yes, my life is boring. But when reading I feel my life change into another world, a completely different person. So yes I would LOVE a kindle so I can get into more books

  9. I would love to have a kindle to read on while my 2 year old has confiscated my phone to play games. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I would love a Kindle. My closet is getting filled up with boxes and more boxes of books! Pretty soon I’ll have to rent a storage unit! PLEASE help me! :)

  11. I’ve lusted after one of these forEVER. Please help me declutter my house by giving me one of these~.

  12. If I win the kindle I will donate it to All Star Pet Rescue’s 2nd Annual Winetasting & Tricky Tray Auction!

  13. I notice people reading them in restaurants, doctor’s offices and buses. It would be great to win a Kindle.

  14. I’ve played with the Kindle at my local library and would love to own one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Wow, that is a lot of comments. A Kindle 3 would be a great start to the year. Not as great as $350 million dollars, but who expects that?

  16. Would so love to win a Kindle! Thanks for the contest and giving us the chance.

  17. How extraordinary my life would be if I could tote my library around with me…I would love to own an e-reader and it seems the Kindle is the way to go…Blessings to All!

  18. I love this site and have been coming to it since 2003
    and I think it would be great to win a Kindle

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