Speaking of Audiobooks: January 2011 Releases

Then Came YouAll eyes are looking towards 2011 and here at Speaking of Audiobooks, we are no exception.  We are beginning the New Year with a bang as we launch our 2011 Listening Challenge in early January.  Whether you are new to   romance audio or a long time romance audio enthusiast, we’ll have something fun for you as well as a place to discuss your experience of expanding your audiobook preferences.

Another January happening is our Watch Party for the release of Karen Marie Moning’s final book of the Fever Series, Shadowfever, on January 18th.  The action starts this week with an informal group listen (or relisten) of the first four books in the series: Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, and Dreamfever. We hope you will join us.  Our goal is to complete our listen of these books by Shadowfever’s release date.  AAR is providing a place for our Fever discussions 24/7 (more details later).  Also, last but certainly not least – look for an interview with narrator Phil Gigante and a great Fever giveaway!

Later in the year, we’ll have a few group listens as well as a Top Romance Audiobooks poll.  I’m sure we’ll find more to do along the way.  It’s going to be a great year!

Leftovers from December

Here are just a few of those surprise audiobooks that failed to make last month’s new releases column.

Adrian, Lara – Ashes of Midnight Narrated by Hillary Huber

Anderson, Catherine – Indigo Blue Narrated by Ruth Ann Phimister

Ashley, Jennifer – Immortals: The Calling Narrated by Rebecca Cook

Beverley, Jo – The Secret Wedding Narrated by Jill Tanner

Dodd, Christina – Touch of Darkness Narrated by Richard Ferrone

Frost, Jeaniene – Destined for an Early Grave Narrated by Tavia Gilbert

Gibson, Rachel – True Love and Other Disasters Narrated by Susan Bennett

Medeiros, Teresa – Some Like it Wicked Narrated by Charlotte Parry

Rose, Karen – Silent Scream Narrated by Marguerite Gavin

Warren, Tracy Anne – The Husband Trap Narrated by Bianca Amato

Wilson, C.L. – Lord of the Fading Lands Narrated by Stephanie Riggio

Audiobook Romances on Sale in January

Includes new formats of existing audiobooks


Castle, Jayne – Jayne Castle CD Collection: Dark Light, Obsidian Prey Narrated by Joyce Bean

Coulter, Catherine – TailSpin Narrated by Joyce Bean & Paul Castanzo

Lindsey, Johanna – Johanna Lindsey CD Collection3: A Loving Scoundrel, Captive of My Desires, No Choice But Seduction Narrated by Laural Merlington

Michaels, Fern – Déjà Vu Laural Merlington

Michaels, Fern – Fern Michaels Collection 3: Vegas Rich, Vegas Heat, Vegas Sunrise Narrated by Laural Merlington

Michaels, Fern – Wish List Narrated by Renee Raudman

Robb, J.D. – J.D. Robb Collection 1: Naked in Death, Glory in Death, Immortal in Death Narrated by Susan Ericksen


Alexander, Victoria – The Perfect Mistress Narrated by Jennifer Dixon

Crusie, Jennifer – Charlie All Night Narrated by Aimee Jolson

Delinsky, Barbara – The Real Thing Narrated by Lauren Fortgang

Jeffries, Sabrina – How to Woo a Reluctant Lady Narrated by Sarah Coomes

Kleypas, Lisa – Dreaming of You Narrated by Rosalyn Landor

Kleypas, Lisa – Then Came You Narrated by Rosalyn Landor

London, Julia – The Book of Scandal Narrated by Anne Flosnik

Mallery, Susan – Delicious Narrated by Therese Plummer

Moning, Karen Marie – Shadowfever Narrated by Phil Gigante and Natalie Ross

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth – Call Me Irresistible Narrated by Shannon Cochran (link for audio unavailable)

Roberts, Nora – Dance of Dreams Narrated by Angela Dawe

Roberts, Nora – The Right Path Narrated by Gayle Hendrix

Wiggs, Susan – Marrying Daisy Bellamy Narrated by Joyce Bean

Recent Additions to my Audio Library

Sea Swept – Nora Roberts

Narrated by David Stuart

Last month a number of our listeners encouraged me to give Sea Swept (included in AAR’s Top 100 Romances Poll) a try.  I’ve read or listened to only five Nora Roberts books and I think it’s time to finally put some feet to my earlier declaration to explore her massive backlist.

True Love and Other Disasters – Rachel Gibson

Narrated by Susan Bennett

Although not a Gibson favorite for me in print, I couldn’t resist purchasing it in audio.  As a contemporary author I hold in high regard, a less than favorite Gibson usually performs better for me than most contemporaries.  Even if this proves to be an average narration (I’m unfamiliar with Bennett), I still expect to have a good time while listening.

Heart of the West – Penelope Williamson

Narrated by Amy Brenneman

Penelope Williamson’s romances are superbly written containing much more than just your usual romance (the four Williamson books I’ve read are all personal DIKs).  Narrator Amy Brenneman is an actress I admired in the TV series Judging Amy (more may know her as a cast member of Private Practice and NYPD Blue).  Combine Williamson with Brenneman and I expect a hit even in abridged format.  That abridgement is a full five hours which greatly enhances its probability of success.  Add to that the fact that an audio friend just made an MP3 copy for me from my cassette tape version (it’s a hard to find from 1995) and you can call me enthused!

Thigh High – Christina Dodd

Narrated by Natalie Ross

My experience with Dodd’s books is rather limited – I read two of her historicals ten years ago.  The synopsis of Thigh High (the third in her Fortune Hunter series) grabbed me so I’m hoping for a successful start in the middle of the series.

A Secret Affair – Mary Balogh

Narrated by Anne Flosnik

The final entry in the Huxtable series, I anxiously awaited A Secret Affair in audio only to waver over its purchase when confronted with the personal challenge of a Flosnik narration.  There was never any doubt I’d read or listen to Constantine’s story.  His character has fascinated me from the opening pages of the first in the series, First Comes Marriage.  I’m now crossing my fingers on the narration.

Tough CustomerTough Customer – Sandra Brown

Narrated by Victor Slezak

A sequel to Smash Cut (a hit for me), this is tough investigator Dodge’s story.  I must admit that the older hero (around 50) drew my attention but those reviews criticizing Tough Customer for being a romance finalized my decision to buy.  The combination of Sandra Brown, Victor Slezak, romance, and a recent release date usually means certain audio success.

Recent Listens

This Heart of Mine – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Narrated by Anna Fields

Another recent relisten of this beloved SEP audio provided me with hours of laughter and general good cheer.  With a sexy quarterback daring fate a little too often and a quiet children’s author busting at the seams to create some excitement in her life, SEP has created two vibrant characters who are perfect opposites.  When I call to mind This Heart of Mine, I can’t think of just one or two delicious scenes but rather a dozen or more.  Outstanding narration by Anna Fields along with excerpts from Molly’s children’s stories, an intriguing secondary romance, and numerous appearances by Dan and Phoebe from It Had to Be You make this one almost pure gold.

Devil in Winter – Lisa Kleypas

Narrated by Rosalyn Landor

Part of me hesitated to write this review since readers of this column already know I’m not favorably disposed towards Landor’s male characterizations.  On the other hand, those with listening tastes similar to my own are probably curious to know if, by chance, Landor pulled off a successful male performance in this treasured Kleypas romance (#3 in AAR’s Top 100 Romances Poll).  The third in the Wallflower series, Devil in Winter features the very shy heiress Evie who suffers from stuttering and the entirely rakish Sebastian.  I relish seeing an irredeemable hero gradually transform, in a believable manner, into a worthy hero (one must first read or listen to It Happened One Autumn to fully appreciate Sebastian’s character).  Landor is once again at her best providing a lovely general narrative and performing the various female characters.  I also applaud the excellent production quality and the rhythm of the storytelling but, unfortunately, my praise ends there.  Honestly?  Sebastian sounds like an insufferable bore thirty years older than his character.  I kept telling myself that I would get used to his voice if I concentrated on the gratifying story line rather than the all-important hero.  No such luck.  This personal DIK (A) in print rates no higher than a C in audio.

Play Dirty – Sandra Brown

Narrated by Victor Slezak

The operative word here is narration.  In print, I doubt I would have even read the last half of Play Dirty.  Featuring a former NFL star quarterback who served time in prison for throwing a game, a wealthy, slightly mad CEO confined to a wheelchair who wants said former NFL star to impregnate his wife the old fashioned way, a dirty cop determined to hurt that former NFL star in whatever way he can, and the CEO’s mostly likeable wife who is the calm in this whirling storm, this story falls firmly in the unrealistic category.  What surprised me in all of this is the fact that I didn’t get bored a minute or throw up my hands in romantic despair since Play Dirty’s romance is not really all that romantic.  Victor Slezak just flat out excels at his performance.  Although not up to the standards of my favorite Brown/Slezak collaboration, Envy, it still provided some good entertainment.

Speaking of Audiobooks at Goodreads

Our Speaking of Audiobooks group keeps growing and we’re finding a lot to talk about.  Come join us as and share your audiobook shelf with us.  Remember, it takes only one book to make a shelf.

Time for Your Thoughts

What new releases are you looking forward to?

Do you know of any January releases that failed to make this list?

What are the latest additions to your audio library?

And, as always, what are your latest audio successes or failures?

Ending Notes

I’m announcing new romance audiobook releases and other audio tidbits on Twitter – look for LeaAAR.

For those new to our Speaking of Audiobooks column, be sure to check out our audio archives for further recommendations and discussions.

I’ll be back again in early January.

- Lea Hensley

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45 Responses to Speaking of Audiobooks: January 2011 Releases

  1. Julie L says:

    Lea, how disappointing about Landor’s men’s voices! IIRC, I thought her voice for Alex Kincaid in The Bride was a bit high, but not bad, though I would have preferred a man doing his voice. In Mistress of the Art of Death, her men’s voices weren’t bad either, but that’s not a real romancey book. I like her a lot as a narrator and when I saw two more Lisa Kleypas books are coming out (Then Came You and Dreaming of You) I was excited! But with your review of Devil, now I’m not so sure particularly since it’s the voice of Derek Craven! Eep!

  2. Lea AAR says:

    Julie – I’ve asked another of our listeners to review the audio of Dreaming of You since I definitely want another opinion of Kleypas’ audiobooks out there for you all. You know how ears hear different things so possibly it might work for you. The sample at Audible does give a good sample of Sebastian’s voice.

    I was SO excited when I heard (early in 2010) of the release of Kleypas’ backlist in audio. Since Landor narrates all, I actually listened to an extra book for the sole purpose of “getting used to” her male characters! Hasn’t worked yet…

    I want to point out that Evie, in our last column, shared that she thought Devil in Winter was a quite satisfactory listen.

  3. LinnieGayl says:

    I’ve recently downloaded a number of audio books including JAK’s In Too Deep, Rendezvous by Amanda Quick (my favorite of her books), and Julie James’ Just the Sexiest Man Alive.

    Right now, though, I’m listening to Y.S. Lee’s A Spy in the House, the first in The Agency mystery series. This one is narrated by Justine Eyre, who I think is doing an excellent job with the book.

  4. kathy says:

    I’m listening to “The secret life of bees” and the narrator Jenna Lamia is WONDERFUL!! Before that “Devil in Winter” It was ok. Not my favorite narrator but one of my favorite heros.

  5. Lea AAR says:

    kathy – Wow – I thought The Secret Life of Bees was fantastic. Does she have an adolescent girl’s voice down or what? And when the narrator performed Lily singing? It sounded so truly southern with no exaggeration whatsoever.

    LinnieGayl – I’ve had Rendezvous in my to-be-listened-to pile for some time. I’m moving it closer to the top. And I’ll be interested in hearing what you thing of JTSMA.

  6. Carrie says:

    While I sometimes don’t like Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s characters, I love Anna Field’s narrations and always end up enjoying the books. Right now I’m listening to Natural Born Charmer.

    I’ve recently (late Nov) added Welcome to Temptation to my audio library. This is a book I didn’t finish in print, so I’m hoping for better things with the audio. I also recently added Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts, Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold, and Dream Man by Linda Howard. I’ve read Dream Man in print form, but heard it was also worth listening to.

    I’m about to buy the first of Feehan’s Ghostwalker series on audio since I found out they are narrated by Tom Stechschulte. I loved his narration of Carnal Innocence by Nora Roberts, and hope this is as good.

  7. MaryK says:

    I just finished listening to Jayne Castle’s Silver Master. The story itself is enjoyable and I like the way her worldbuilding keeps expanding . . . BUT. As the fourth book in a series, the info dumps were super annoying. If I were reading, I’d skim over those sections, but in audio, it’s too much trouble. Instead, I find myself pushed out of the story and mentally editing it. It’ll be a good while before I listen to the next one. I have to have time to forget some of the info before it gets dumped on me again.

  8. TSTBren says:

    December was the month for my first re-listen of Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series, ie: books 4 -7 featuring the MacKelter’s, in preparation for January being my month to re-listen to the Fever series, in prep for Shadowfever.

    My number one reaction – I waited too long to do this re-listen! Books 4-7 of the Highlander’s, and especially the narration of them, take you from laughter, to tears, to pure heat…. Personal favorite, The Dark Highlander, but I love them all.

    Being on a Phil Gigante kick I started Blood Brother’s by Nora Roberts and I’m loving it. I had initially shied away from this book because of the “Horror” classification in 2007. But my recent (18 months) addiction to PNR opened me up to another great NR book, why did I doubt? I’m loving the story and the narration.

    Recent additions to my library due to some great sales ($5.00 to $10.00) at Audible. J Frosts First Drop of Crimson and the fourth Cat and Bones, Destined for an Early Grave. Venetia by Heyer and JD Robbs latest novella.

    Most recent addition, Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan, Tom Stechshulte “makes” this series for me. Each book has expanded the plot and made the “Ghostwalker” experience better IMO. And yes, I still fast forward uncomfortable to me spots!

    Ravished and Rendezvous both worked well for me, despite Flosnick’s hero voices.

    Carrie your going to LOVE Curse of Chalion!

    MaryK I’ve never noticed the JC info dumps, thank goodness! I love all the Ghosthunter books. The dust bunnies are priceless! :)

    Listening to Darkfever as I keep on schedule for Shadowfever! My ‘break’ book is going to be JAK’s In Too Deep, can’t wait to hear Fallon’s story.

    Last but not least is the hope that Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Consort, with the fabulous Justine Eyre narrating, will be released on audio along with the paperback at the end of January.

    I may not be over Shadowfever by then, but I’ll know I have a good listen in the wings when I do recover from it. :)

  9. Diane says:

    I’m glad to see Audible finally has at least one of C.L. Wilson’s books. I love her books. I’m ready for the Fever re-listen or first listen in my case. I do have all 4 of the books but I’ve never listened to them. Thanks to the recent Audible sale I was able to get them all. :)

  10. PatF says:

    Are any of Loretta Chase’s books offered on CD? I can’t find anything on Amazon.

  11. TSTBren says:

    Sadly PatF there have never been any Loretta Chase books done in audio. It’s a question often raised between her popularity and her consistent placings in the Top 100 Romances poll??

    Someone (Lea) needs to send Brilliance those poll results. :)

    Diane I was waiting for the last book to come out in the C.L. Wilson Tarin series before reading it. I didn’t want to go through another Fever episode of withdrawl and unanswered questions!

    Then I saw the audio versions starting to trickle out and thought I might wait for those? Have you tried the first one? I’m not familiar with Stephanie Riggo as a narrator.

  12. TSTBren says:

    I guess I should preface my Loretta Chase comment on no audio books with the words: No professionally produced audiobooks.

    A few years back I did some intense internet searching and somewhere I found a library card number for an abridged copy (2 cassettes I think) of Lord of Scoundrels.

    If memory serves it had been done “in house” by the Utah State Prison system for distribution within the state prison system.

    It would be a very interesting find if it ever became public. :)

  13. TSTBren says:

    Found the info again, it’s 3 cassettes. Not even Lord of Scoundrels could entice me to prison… :P)

    Author: Chase, Loretta Lynda, 1949-
    Title: Lord of scoundrels [sound recording] / Loretta
    Published: Utah State Library, 1997. (Utah State Prison,
    recording agency)
    Description: 3 sound cassettes (C-90) : analog, 15/16 ips, 4
    track, mono.
    Series: Avon romantic treasure
    Avon historical romance
    Book Number: U-BPH (RCU 6232)
    Dewey No.: 813.54
    Notes: Availability restricted to those meeting the
    eligibility criteria of the holding agency.
    Narrated by Tim Edwards.
    Male narrator. NLS/BPH
    Reproduced from: New York : Avon Books, c1995.
    Subjects: Romance. local
    Other authors: Edwards, Tim, narrator.
    Location: U-BPH RCU 6232 Locally produced book of the Utah
    Regional Library.
    Control No.: 196931

  14. Diane says:

    TSTBren, no I haven’t listened to the first book yet. I’m waiting until I get my next credit which won’t be until the 23rd. I’ve got one left and I’m hanging onto it for Shadowfever. :) I’ve not heard or heard of Stephanie Riggo so I’m no help there either. I can tell you, now that the last book is out, that she did a bang up job finishing up the story. I really love these books and am happy to see Audible finally starting to get them. Hopefully the rest will soon follow.

  15. Lea AAR says:

    This cracked me up!

    And I wonder who wrote the abridgement since you know 3 tapes can’t be the entire book.

  16. Lea AAR says:

    Okay – the whole message didn’t transmit…

    TSTBren said, “Found the info again, it’s 3 cassettes. Not even Lord of Scoundrels could entice me to prison…”

    This cracked me up!

    And I wonder who wrote the abridgement since you know 3 tapes can’t be the entire book.

  17. PatF says:

    Thanks, TSTBren. It probably has had a very limited circulation!

  18. TSTBren says:

    Diane I see the audio of Lord of the Fading Lands is getting positive reviews but no direct comment on the narration. The sample could lead you either way? I am glad to hear that the series wraps up satisfactorily though, so thanks for that. :)

    Lea LOL …. the only way that version of Lord of Scoundrels could be unabridged is if those are the old double sided tapes, and even then??

    Yes Pat, I’d say limited circulation for sure. Although my initial thought that it was only for the prison system has changed.

    I looked further into the narrator and he has narrated a variety of 30 + books through the Utah State Prison, Recording Agency. They are all listed through NLS. Which is the National Library Service for the Blind.

    Raises more questions but ultimately I don’t see a way of getting our hands on the audiobook. :(

  19. BevL says:

    TSTBren, I’ll pass on the abridged prison tape, too. But I also regularly hope that someone, somewhere will realize that the Chase backlog would sell like sweet tea in July.

    Even though I’ve been reading romances for decades- EGADS, well over half a century! (o_O), I have never read Lord of Scoundrels. Since it seems to be near the top of every romance reader’s list that I know of, I feel like I’m missing something. However, I now prefer to listen to all historic romances in audio format because it just adds so much to the stories. So, bottom line is that I don’t buy ANY historicals in print or ebook anymore and I WILL hold out for LoS in audio, dammit! Do you hear me Brillance Audio?! What about you Recorded Books?!

    Oh, btw, Lea, I actually dropped in to tell you that I’ve kinda-sorta converted my never-read-a-book-in-his-life husband to an audio book fan. We recently drove from Ohio to Florida (and back) over the holidays (yes, I know we’re gluttens for punishment). Well, I started him off with Shit My Dad Says by Justin Halpern, narrated by Sean Schemmel. It was the perfect starter audio book because it’s relatively short and it’s laugh out loud funny.

    Once he saw how the drive seemed shorter when listening to a story, I moved onto thrillers (okay, after a brief try at a historical romance which went over like a lead balloon). We listened to Black Monday by R. Scott Reiss and narrated by Dick Hill. This book alone added up to over 12 hours of engrossing listening! Extreme kudos for Hill’s performance.

    I bought Life by Keith Richards, too using a 40% off coupon from Borders for the CDS. Unfortunately, my MomMobile’s CD player ate the 1st 4 CDs and won’t play them or give them back, so I’m on our library’s waiting list for the download so we can listen to it on our next trip. I thought I’d also try my hubby on the two most recent Catherine Coultier FBI series books. She’s been writing less smexxin’ and luvy-dovey and more suspense so I’m hoping he might like her. But just in case, I’m already on the waiting list for a few more guy-friendly thrillers.

  20. Lea AAR says:

    BevL – Fantastic! People have such preconceptions about audiobooks – particularly men (IMHO). I have really been tempted on Keith Richards’ book and, now that you mention it, that is a book both my husband and I would enjoy. That has trip potential.

    I noticed that you are choosing the titles. I still want to hover protectively over DH when he is buying his next audiobook. He’s doing a pretty good job and he still listens to my recommendations sometimes. I noticed that through audio, he is expanding his reading preferences. He’s listening to a Tom Clancy (one of my fave non-romance authors) right now – something he wouldn’t consider back when I was on my Tom Clancy gloom. Probably just a case of me being too exuberant.

  21. BevL says:

    Your DH buys his OWN audio books, Lea?!! Geez, the only books my DH has EVER had an interest in (forced reading in school doesn’t count) is the repair and parts manuals for his 1969 GTO. Although, he doesn’t DARE moan about my book buying costs since his hobby is WAY more expensive than mine.

    I don’t know if I’d ever let him pick an audio book for us to listen to together. He’s probably pick some dry political book by some boring ol’ talking head. I mean, I follow politics, but when the DH’s head isn’t in his GTO’s engine, he’s watching talking heads on the various news networks. Blech, no thanks, I’ll just allow myself to feel magnanimous by forgoing romance to seek out stories that we BOTH will like. Ah, the sacrifices we make for those we love. (-_O)

  22. BevL says:

    Oh, I meant to add that I’ll also be looking at some Tom Clancy and John Grisham for an upcoming trip. Maybe some Michael Crichton later on when I think his mind is open to it.

  23. Carrie says:

    I guess I’m fortunate to have a hubby that reads all the time. He reads lots of sci-fi, fantasy and urban fantasy, so our book reading does cross every so often. He reads a few sci-fi rom and PNR series, and I read some of the urban fantasy series, so we get to talk about those.

    He doesn’t listen to audiobooks much, although he’ll listen when we travel. Mostly our kids are with us, though, so we’ve always stuck to JF, YA, or “books of general interest” like P. G. Wodehouse or Jane Austen.

  24. Lea AAR says:

    My poor husband doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to staying away from audiobooks. One of the wonderful things about writing this column is that I have an OFFICIAL reason to be so wrapped up in it all! I think he started listening to his own books as sort of a defense mechanism – hehe. I try to not spend a lot of time listening in his presence but he still picked up on the fact that I have a great time with it all and decided to give it a try. And fortunately for me, he is a reader so it wasn’t a gigantic stretch.

    My latest recommendation to him? Something narrated by Phil Gigante. I just interviewed Phil G for our column later in January and he narrates a good number of books that I believe DH would find enjoyable. I sort of doubt he will actually choose one but he did take a look. He does make an effort to stay involved in my life.

  25. Vic says:

    Actually audible has the first 2 in C.L. Wilson’s Tauren Soul series. I actually bought my copies from the publisher as an audio only download for $7.95. The production on these audiobooks aren’t the best. There were times when the scene was switching and in the book you’d get that space break if it wasn’t a new chapter. In the audio, there was no pause or anything in the transition and so it would throw me when listening and take me out of the story as I felt I was struggling to figure out what had just happened. (that could be just me though!) It’s been a while since I’ve listened to these 2 but IIRC, the reader was OK.

    Tantor Media has been releasing more of the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur (PNR) read by Angela Dawe. Believe book 7 is being released in Jan from publisher.

  26. Just listened to Con’s story, A Secret Affair by Mary Balogh and while I liked the story, I did not care for Flosnik’s narration. But I’ve been waiting for his story, so I stuck with it.

  27. moriah says:

    it looks like harper audio is planning on releasing a variety of titles from suzanne enochs backlist starting in february and continuing over at least the next several months.

  28. Priscilla says:

    The narrator makes so much difference and when you have listened to Simon Prebble and Davina Porter you are spoiled for some of the others. I am tempted to get Jo Beverly’s Secret Wedding as Tanner is not a bad narrator. Flosnick is really a failure as far as I am concerned although I have purchased some of Julie Garwood’s historical narrated by her just because I love the stories.

  29. Anne Stuart says:

    If you want books put into audio you don’t necessarily go to Brilliance. They tend to make the major deals for audio with big name authors, but if you listen to some of the lesser ones you’ll find other names. My current deal is with Tantor Media, and if you look at their catalogue they have all the major narrators and lots of books. Also, Audible buys some direct. I think they all have their own recording setups.
    I expect Harper Audio does Harper books, etc. And apparently Tantor thinks paranormal/angels/vampires aren’t big in audio, which is, in my experience, wrong, but then, they see the numbers.
    Anyway, listen to the opening or closing credits on the audio books to find out various companies and ask them for (sigh) Loretta Chase, Mary Stewart, Laura Kinsale, etc.

  30. MaryK says:

    The Mary Stewart’s were recorded years ago with excellent narrators (Davina Porter, for one). I don’t know how easy they are to find nowadays, but I collected most of them on audio cassette over the years. The copies I have are from G.K. Hall, Recorded Books, and Chivers Audio. Maybe if we all petition Audible to acquire them . . .

  31. Nina says:

    Happy New Year to all!

    I just finished Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan and loved it. I agree that Tom Stechschulte does a fabulous job and I love this series. It is my favorite series by Feehan. Also listened to Dark Peril over the holidays.

    Before that I listened to Devil in Winter and concur that (for me) Sebastian’s voice wasn’t masculine enough – but Devil In Winter is one of my favorite Kleypas books. I already have Suddenly You in my library but haven’t listened to it in a long time (origninally had it in cassette format and replaced it with audible but haven’t relistened to it). I’ll be purchasing Dreaming of You and Then Came You in the next few days.

    Before I can begin my Fever glom I have to finish Halfway To The Grave (a new series for me). I bought this series during Audibles 1/2 off sale last month. Not too crazy about the way that Tavia Gilbert performs Bones’ voice but I’m only about 2 hours into it and hopefully it will get better or I’ll just get used to it. Her rendition of him seems to cockneyish for me…is he supposed to be refined or working class? To me refined british voices always are Simon Prebble. But I no nothing about this series except it has really good reviews on Audible.

    I had no idea that Nalini Singh had a new audio fror the Archangel series coming out (Feb 28) but that will be on my list, too. I also noticed yesterday that Suzanne Brockmann will have another Troubleshooter book out on March 22.

    My husband has also become an audio book fan. Got him originally hooked when he lost a bet to me and listened to Outlander. From there he went on to listen to the entire series! The I got him to listen to Steig Larsson’s Lizbeth Salander series and several Dan Brown Books.

    My purchases for January are Shadowfever (I will start relistening to the Fever series later this week) Dreaming of You, Then Came You and Shades of Midnight which came out on January 3 and currently is only offered through Brilliance but will eventually (I assume) be available on Audible. And, Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Consort – I wish they would also record her PsyChangling series.

    I also long for Loretta Chase, Laura Kinsale and the early Bridgerton series of Julia Quinn.

    My Audible membership is renewed this month and that’s 24 new credits to parcel out over the year!

    • Vic says:

      While browsing Tantor’s coming soon lists, I saw Nalini’s Archangel’s Consort listed for audio release 2/28. :( I’ve pre-ordered the paperback but this was definitely a blow since the paperback is releasing 1/25! I actually e-mailed Nalini’s assistant about any information regarding Psy/Changling being released in audio but haven’t heard back. Will post info if/when I do hear something.

      I also did Ruthless Game and really enjoyed it. I’m also one of the ones who will skip over some of the Feehan love scenes… otherwise other parts of my anatomy clenches! I really loved seeing one of the Ghostwalker babies!

      • TSTBren says:

        Vic:I also did Ruthless Game and really enjoyed it. I’m also one of the ones who will skip over some of the Feehan love scenes… otherwise other parts of my anatomy clenches!I really loved seeing one of the Ghostwalker babies!

        Ah Vic, you had me ROTFLOL with this one! I LOVE the
        Ghostwalkers, but all the “clenching” makes my eyes do an auto roll to the back of my head now.

        I too was hoping for a simultaneous release of Archangel’s Consort, bummer!

        Psy/Changeling, with the right narrator, heaven on audio!!

        I’m very interested to hear Susan Erickson narrating Anne Stuart’s Ruthless! I did a quick check, it will be her first historical romance narration from what I found.

  32. Carrie says:

    Nina~ Bones was working class before being turned, so the cockney accent is probably right. You find out more about his background as the series unfolds, but he was definitely hardscrabble, not refined.

  33. Gail says:

    I too can’t stand Rosalyn Landor’s version of the Kleypas novels. I discovered, however, that if you alter the pitch of the audio file up (make her voice slightly higher) by about four percent they are actually quite enjoyable. She’s a good voice-over artist when it comes to timing and enunciation. She even does a good job of distinguishing between characters. I just can’t seem to get used to her normal voice.

    • MaryK says:

      Gail: I discovered, however, that if you alter the pitch of the audio file up (make her voice slightly higher) by about four percent they are actually quite enjoyable.

      That’s interesting. Has anybody tried speeding up Flosnick? One of my problems with her was her very slow deliberate pace. (Go figure!) I think I’ll give it a try if I can figure out how.

  34. BevL says:

    OOOO, Gail, how might one go about altering an audio book file? Seriously, no matter how intrigued I am by a book blurb, if I see Stephen Rudnicki’s name as narrator I stay clear of it because he.narrates.so.slow.and.methodically. I can pretty much get past most any other narration fault, but slow.and.steady just makes me lose patience and irritates the snot out of me. Sounds like MaryK feels the same about Flosnick.

    So can you share how you’ve managed to alter your audio book playback? Although I suspect it’s proabably an Apple thing and isn’t available in Windows Media Player.

  35. Nina says:

    Carrie – Thanks for the info…I guess if I’d been more patient I would have found out about his background! Last night I got to the part where he tells Cat about part of his past life. I wasn’t sure about this series (I’m about vampired out these days) but I do like it so far and the narration is growing on me. The accent she gave Bones just suurpised me…I guess I can’t think of too many books where the hero is “hardscrabble”-I like that classification. One of the few I can think of was Judith Ivory’s The Proposition where Mich was a rat catcher?(I think – I seem to remember he had a ferret he kept in his pocket).

    BevL – I know you can change the speed on your iPod if you listen with one. On my nano it’s under settings/playback/Audiobooks and you have 3 options -normal, faster, slower. I don’t use the faster or slower option but my husband often does. I know when he was listening to Outlander he would go faster when “Claire starts going into too much detail about the medical stuff”. Hope this helps.

    Gail – I’d be interested in how you change the pitch as well.

  36. Pingback: Stumbling Over Chaos :: Linkity, plus 2010 Reading Year in Review

  37. Lea AAR says:

    Tracey – do you think you would have enjoyed A Secret Affair more if you had read it in print? I have in audio and am determined to listen to Flosnik but I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just discover Con’s story in print.

    Priscilla – I really enjoy Jill Tanner’s narrations and often will choose books because she IS the narrator. Will you let us know if you listen to Beverley’s Secret Wedding? It sounds like we have similar listening tastes.

    Ms. Anne Stuart! Thanks you for the insider details. You better believe I’ll be listening to those opening and closing credits.

    Nina – I’m going to suggest a group listen/relisten of Singh’s Archangel series prior to the release of Archangel’s Consort. Hope you can be a part of that. And glad you’re another one listening to the Fever series. Next week will be so much fun!

    Gail – So glad I’m not alone with the Kleypas and Landor combo. And, yes – many of us are calling out to you about 4% change in pitch.

  38. Diane says:

    I’m currently listening to the new Tom Clancy “Dead or Alive”. I’m really liking Lou Diamond Phillips narration. I SHOULD finish it tomorrow and then will be able to start listening to the Fever books. :)

  39. Gail says:

    Modifying any type of audio file is possible if you have the right sound mixing programs. Personally, I use Audacity.

  40. Lea-
    I think I would have enjoyed “A Secret Affair” more in print. I love Mary Balogh and have really enjoyed this Huxtable series. And I was looking forward to Con’s story. If you have the time to read it, then that would be my suggestion. But listening to the audio is better than missing out on the story entirely.

  41. Vic says:

    Oops, also meant to list new Anne Stuart release from Tantor for Ruthless read by Susan Ericksen is being release 1/31. They are listing Reckless for a 3/7 audio release. Be sure to request these on audible! I’ve been requesting the Riley Jensen series but still waiting for book 5 on audible. Books 7-9 will be out over next 2 months I believe.

    Also, about publishers, if you shop audible, they list the print publisher and date as well as the audio publisher and date for each book on the description page.

  42. Lea AAR says:

    Tracey – I also have it on my Kindle. I think that ‘s the way I’ll go. Thanks!

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