Enter to Win One of Five $50 RedEnvelope Gift Cards (Contest Closed)

redenvelopeBelieve it or not, the holidays really are right around the corner.  And to help with your gift giving (or maybe you’re giving a little gift to yourself), we’ve got a terrific giveaway to kick off your week.

Just comment to this post by 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 28th to enter for your chance to win one of five $50 gift cards for RedEnvelope, a site for unique and personalized gifts.

RedEnvelope is all about indulging yourself or someone you love in a little bit of luxury and they offer everything from spa packages to silk pajamas to help you do just that. And, since presentation is part of the experience when you’re giving a gift (or an indulgence for yourself), everything comes packaged in the signature red gift box with ivory ribbon pictured on the left.  As someone who received a gift from RedEnvelope,  I can personally report that it’s lovely.

To make the giveaway even more fun, we’d love it if you’d tell us who is the toughest person on your gift list.  No need to name names, of course, but who leaves you scratching your head until the very last minute each and every year?  If you’d just prefer to comment, that’s okay, too.

Remember, this contest closes on 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 28th.  And a further note:  Each gift card is good for $50 at the RedEnvelope site and  expires on 12/31/2010. The cards were given to AAR for reader giveaways by RedEnvelope.

So, fess up:  Who stumps you every year?

- Sandy AAR

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114 Responses to Enter to Win One of Five $50 RedEnvelope Gift Cards (Contest Closed)

  1. Lisa Johns says:

    I would love to win one of these!

  2. It would have to be my husband. We’ve been together for 18 years, and he is truly a man with very distinct tastes and someone who has everything. If he doesn’t give me a wish list, I’m at a loss. Christmas 2008 was a nightmare.

  3. June says:

    Hope to win! It’s my mother, she needs nothing and wants nothing.

  4. Ann says:

    My best friend. I never know what to get her.

  5. Katie (kat) says:

    My sister – she lives in another state and there is always something on her list that I spend way too much time looking for that is not sold around here.

  6. Perrin says:

    What a wonderful prize. The person I have the most difficulty shopping for is my aunt. She is one of those people who already has everything she needs.

  7. Shanna says:

    This is a great prize! I think the worst person I have to give a gift is my mother and father-in-law. They have everything and my husband never has any good ideas. Every year I agonize over what to get them, individual gifts or a gift for both. Either way I go it ends up in a corner somewhere.

  8. Wendy says:

    I’ve found cool stuff here for my mom. It would be fun to win.

  9. Sotheara says:

    Wow, what a wonderful giveaway! RedEnvelope has some nifty gift ideas, so please put my name down for the gift card.

  10. Carrie says:

    My son-in-law! I love him dearly, but the young man pretty much buys what he wants when he wants it, and I’d never try to buy him clothes. So, my husband and I almost always end up giving him gift card. BORING!

    My in-laws are difficult because they don’t need or want anything. We usually end up getting them a bottle of wine and then give a charity donation in their name, such as Heifer, International. http://www.heifer.org BTW, this is a great way to gets kids involved in giving instead of just getting. What child doesn’t like the thought of giving a pig to someone!

  11. Jenny says:

    Cool! My father-in-law is pretty hard to shop for. A lot of the presents we’ve given him in the past have ended up in his garage unused.

  12. Kathy W says:

    Definitely my dad. He doesn’t really “want” anything…but he loves presents and guessing what’s inside the box!

  13. Stacy S says:

    My parents and in-laws. It’s hard to buy for them because they never need anything ( or have already bought )..

  14. Barbara Elness says:

    Wow, a unique giveaway, it sounds like a great idea.

  15. Cindy G says:

    My mother-in-law – for the past 18 years I have have gifted sweaters, framed pictures of the grandchildren, homemade projects, etc. For her birthday we are now reduced to tix to baseball games. This year I am in the clear – she called 2 hours ago with a request for more of her favorite perfume!!! My mom, on the other hand is easy – anything with a cat on it will be treasured forever…

  16. Manjari says:

    Thanks for the contest! My parents are the hardest to shop for – they have everything they need and no real hobbies. Every year strains my brain!

  17. Courtney says:

    My father is the most impossible person to buy for, every year, hands down. If only he’d take up a hobby!

  18. gumbybird says:

    Cool giveaway! I have loads of possible people in mind…

  19. SaraC says:

    My dad is inscrutable and impossible to shop for.

  20. Michele says:

    My mother is hard to buy for and I think she would love something from Red Box! She’s all about presentation and luxury. Something she can use to spoil herself with, given in a beautiful red box, would be the perfect thing for her.

  21. LisaCharlotte says:

    Im a fan of Red Envelope. My husband is the hardest to buy for since he always buys things when he wants them.

  22. hilly says:

    I’d be delighted to be gifted!

    Thank you for the offer!

  23. Pamela says:

    My father is by far the hardest person to buy for. Not only will he go out to get for himself what he wants, he lives a more minimalist lifestyle and many presents fall into the category of “waste of money.” Aaah.

    I’ve been getting him various electronic gadgets over the past few years but I’m quickly running out of ideas.

    Thanks so much for the contest.

  24. KC says:

    My father – no hobbies, doesn’t like clothes, has all the tools/gadgets he needs — arghhhh! Anyway, thanks for the opportunity.

  25. Julia says:

    Hmmm. I’m going to say my dad.

  26. Pam P says:

    One particular sister, who wants everything but when she gets it, makes a face, changing her mind or saying I didn’t want that. Her husband and kids don’t go too crazy anymore, they figure, she’s just going to change it anyway, lol.

  27. Trish Johnson says:

    Love to win the prize. My hubby is soo hard to buy for. He hates anything “useful” like clothes and he already has his “toys”. I usually go for something off the wall just to make him laugh!

  28. Andrea2 says:

    I would love to win this prize, Red Envelope is one of my favorite catalogs to look at and dream about.

    My hardest person on the list – my brother-in-law. I generally give him a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble, but it would be nice to be more creative and I haven’t had much luck.

  29. Collie says:

    Like so many other people, my dad is the hardest person to shop for. In the past cologne, coffee, and electronics have been our picks, but this year I think I’ll try for something different.

  30. Dagmar says:

    Looks like a wonderful website. I’d love to win this prize!

  31. Cindy says:

    My mom! My mom! My mom! She’s a shopper extradinaire and buys herself pretty much anything that catches her fancy. Something like this would make a perfectly unique gift.

  32. Susan/DC says:

    The hardest ones to buy for are my sons. They are still students and not yet settled in life, so “stuff” doesn’t work for them — the number of times can you ask your friends to help you move is inversely proportional to the number of boxes of stuff you didn’t unpack since the last move. Gift certificates are perfect.

  33. Wilma P says:

    I really like Red Envelope. They have really nice things and so I would love to win this one. My grown son is the one hard to buy for.

  34. Vorpaks says:

    My Dad is the hardest to shop for. The only hobby he really has is his Harley… and there are only so many Harley-related products you can get someone. :) Not only that but his birthday is the 21st of December so I have to come up with two creative gifts (because combining the two just brings back bitter memories of is childhood, lol).

    I usually end up with a gift card… sigh.

    Thank you for the chance to win the Red Envelope gift!

  35. Pam says:

    What a nice giveaway!

  36. Anna says:

    My mother-in-law. I want to make sure she loves her gift.

  37. Pam U says:

    My husband. So I don’t gift him any more. He’s on his own.

  38. Kathy says:

    My husband is the most difficult… he’ll tell me what he wants and then goes and buys it himself because he can’t wait. Drives me crazy!

  39. Catherine says:

    My dad is toughest. I love him, but I never know what to do for presents for him.

  40. Angie G says:

    My dad is the hardest too! I never know what to get him. It’s a pain every year.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. What a great prize!

  41. Vinny says:

    My mother, hands down. My dad is easy – my cousin and I, hockey tickets, done :D bonding time! But my mums?! Can never settle on a perfume, has extremely different taste in clothes than I do, doesn’t really like going to the spa, and has no real hobbies except reading, and she buys books all the time on her own. I love her though, and this would be awesome :D

  42. Trice D. says:

    To be perfectly honest it was my mom but since she died I haven’t really had a family Christmas. But for the last couple Christmases, I have been lucky to hang out at a friend’s place on that day. For her, her DH, MIL and UIL, I can buy whatever I can afford and they’re just happy I’m there. :-)

  43. Beret says:

    I have the worst hard time buying gifts for my brother! He loves everything electronic but makes way more money than I do and he buys everything for himself before the rest of us get a chance. I always end up doing the gift certificate thing! BTW – I say a gift certificate cash in commercial where they give you the cash and take the certificates! How fun is that?!?!?

  44. Carina Sommers says:

    Both parents are so difficult because they do not need or want anything. But if they do happen to mention something…they always end up buying it themselves right away.

  45. cheryl c. says:

    My parents are in their 80′s, and they say they don’t want or need anything. I usually am able to find something for them, though.

  46. C. Kuczynski says:

    My father hands down as his default answer is always “socks,” “underwear,” or “nothing.”

  47. Eva M says:

    One of my aunts is very particular and hard to please, so every year is a struggle to find just the right gift for her.

  48. JMBaja says:

    My sister-in-law stumps me every year. She is a shopaholic, so she buys everything she wants and then buys more. My gifts for her are hit or miss. Some years she really likes the gift and other years I can tell it’s not a gift that excited her, even though she is polite and says all the right things.

    I will definitely look into a RedEnvelope gift this year. Maybe this year will be a hit instead of a miss :-).

  49. Susan R says:

    Red Envelope is so cool. This is great!

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