Lisa Kleypas Winners

christmaseveThe giveaway is over and here are the winners:  socalgal51, LisaA, Kathy, elainec, Lynda X, Kim in Hawaii, Jessika, Jane O, marcela, and Debbie. Winners have been notified by email.

We thank Lisa Kleypas for taking the time and St. Martin’s for so generously donating the advance copies of Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor. Thanks as well to everyone who commented. The good news is that if you didn’t win, the wait is short.  Lisa Kleypas’ next book – and her last until 2012 – will be released on October 26th.

And stay tuned for more interviews and  giveaways.  We’ve got some great ones coming up soon.

- Sandy AAR

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3 Responses to Lisa Kleypas Winners

  1. Thanks for the contest! I shall enjoy reading the book on the beach!

  2. Lynda X says:

    Oh, I am SO pleased. I’m SO looking forward to receiving and reading this!

  3. elainec says:

    Thanks for Lisa’s book. I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it. Congratulations to the other winners.

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