Orlando from My Perspective

I discovered that Blythe is peppy and energetic in the morning.  When I opened my eyes at 7:15, she was already dressed and ready to go for her morning workout.

I also discovered that Lynn is w-a-a-a-a-y more calm than I am about snakes, since she reported without emotion that she had seen two snakes – one reassuringly (and harmlessly) black and another of a undetermined multi-color variety (gulp) – while on her morning walk.

Important things to learn about both, eh?

I don’t have much to add to Blythe’s report about the literacy signing.  I sought out my faves – including Deanne Raybourn and Elizabeth Hoyt – while Blythe and Lynn visited theirs.  It was a good turnout, though about average from what I’ve seen in the past six years.  Then we went to the blogger bash where I got to meet some of my online favorites, including Super Wendy (who is still incredible even though she doesn’t wear a cape) and Magdalen.  Also enjoyed chatting with Kristy J once again.  There were a lot of people there and it was kind of tough to meet everyone without taking on the bar’s stratospheric decibel level – so my apologies to everyone I didn’t mention.

The first official day of the conference kicked off with an Official AAR Publisher Breakfast.  Okay, so not so Official, but it is still fun to talk in person and realize anew that we are on the same page with regards to the site.  Team spirit, we has it.

We then went to the opening luncheon featuring Nora Roberts as the keynote.  A freshening breath of reality is always welcome and Ms. Roberts wanted today’s bellyachers to know that, yes, it was just as hard when she got her start and if you don’t dive in the pool, it ain’t gonna happen.

As I write this on Thursday afternoon, we are in the lull before meeting Mary Blayney , Lavinia Kent, and friends in the bar and then on to dinner with the Harlequin folks.  There is also a party following, though it escapes me at the moment who is the sponsor.

Friday dawns early for me with breakfast with Sherry Thomas. (Yes, I know, there goes Sandy taking one for the team again.)  We’re then meeting with several authors and then on to the Friday night publisher parties – always my favorite night of the conference.  And, as always, What Happens at the Harlequin Party Stays at the Harlequin Party.

Saturday for the AAR crew and friends:  It’s Epcot Day!  Then the Ritas on Saturday night.

It is always so much fun at the conference to have my love of romance refreshed every year from good times and good conversations with others who love the genre as much as I do.

That’s the great part.  The not so great part?  It is unbelievably hot here.  And muggy.  But the clear nights we’re having mean that Blythe and I have a great view of the Disney fireworks every night.  And you’ve just gotta love that, right?

- Sandy AAR

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5 Responses to Orlando from My Perspective

  1. Tee says:

    Even though I probably would never end up attending a conference like this, I’m enjoying all of the attendees’ reports of it. I think the thing that surprises me the most is when it’s mentioned that all three of you met in person for the first time. Somehow, after being involved with this site over the many years, I picture a room where all of you gather for some hours during the day with computers in front of you. I forget that cyberspace means just that and anyone could be anywhere in the world and probably are.

    You all sound as though you’re having fun and meeting the people you enjoy. What could be better than that?

  2. Karenmc says:

    Breakfast with Sherry Thomas and fireworks at night – what a great way to spend a few days : )

    Like Tee, I’m really enjoying all the updates from people in Orlando. I get to participate in a limited way, without the humidity.

  3. LeeB. says:

    I would have been freaking about the snakes but would have been up early. Vacation means pack in as much as possible to me. ;)

  4. Wendy says:

    So great to see you, Blythe and Lynn this year! I had a fabulous conference, but man, I’m glad to be home, sleeping in my own bed again….

  5. AAR Lynn says:

    I’m not sure I’d describe my reaction to the snakes as calm. You just didn’t get to see me jumping up and down on the path. :-)

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