If You Like… Susan Elizabeth Phillips

We are now in process of  periodically updating the If You Like lists at AAR.  Pollsters Lee Brewer and Cindy Smith have given me suggestions for updates to the lists as they appear now.  We also would like to hear what our readers have to say.  This week’s author writes contemporary romance in quite a different style than the historical author we profiled last.  It’s Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  Here are the authors we have as our recommendations for ones that you may enjoy if you like Susan Elizabeth Phillips:

Susan Andersen

Elizabeth Bevarly

Jennifer Crusie

Susan Donovan

Rachel Gibson

Jane Graves

Jennifer Greene

Christie Ridgway

Recommending new authors is a tricky process.  You might like an author because of the genre they write in, or the time period they set their books in, or because of their unique prose.  One reader may love SEP and hate, say, Jennifer Crusie, while another reader would agree that these two are a good match for like stories.  I’d like to open this for discussion from our well read readers.

  • Do you think the above authors are good matches for Susan Elizabeth Phillips?
  • What about Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s writing do you find unique or specifically enjoyable?  For Phillips’s fans – what makes you search out her books?
  • Is anyone missing from the above list?

After our readers have weighed in, I will update our existing page an link it to this discussion so that others may profit from the experience of AAR’s readership.  I hope to update or add to our pages in this way so that they are more useful and dynamic.

If you have trouble explaining exactly what it is that you love about Susan Elizabeth Phillips, might I suggest you start here?

Please comment – we await your romance reading wisdom!  Thank you.

- Rachel Potter

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69 Responses to If You Like… Susan Elizabeth Phillips

  1. viv says:

    Have just discovered a new author I like is Pamela Clare. Have just read her I-TEAM Series and really enjoyed. Must say didnt think too much of the first book in the series but loved “Unlawful Contact”, Hard Evidence and Breaking Point. Give her a try.

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  3. angeLove says:

    victoria dahl was uh-maxing, I’m out of books to read again. :( didn’t like pamela clare much. someone help with authors, pleaseee, tara janzen is a good author i’ve read recently

  4. viv says:



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  8. angeLove says:

    have already read those :( have absolutely no idea what to read next. :(

    • Carol Marques says:

      Try Darynda Jones. Although she falls under Paranormal, (not romance like SEP) her writing is hilarious and concept brilliant. Her “Grave” series with Charley Davidson is what you should start with. I got her first book from a friend and only read it because I had NOTHING else to read as I am not normally a paranormal fan – this hooked me from the first page,

  9. viv says:

    just read “playing for keeps” by R. L. Matthewson. Thought it was a good book and will try more. Are you sure you have tried Kristen Ashley as not many have and she is now my favorite author even better than SEP for me.

  10. Cole says:

    I’m huge Christie Ridgway fan if you have not tried her, I would strongly encourage you to. I’m in the same boat however and will be take some of you suggestions. Thanks!

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  12. angeLove says:

    I’ll probably read that :) viv: Kirsten Ashley isn’t one of my favourites though…try lori wilde, (mission: irresistible was great), anyone has more suggestion? Please help!

  13. NBLibGirl says:

    Julie James and Kristan Higgins are two current, newer writers who remind me of SEP. I can generally count on great dialogue and at least one (if not several) laugh-out-loud moments from all three writers. Each is able to bring back or include characters from other books in new titles in interesting ways. Kristan Higgins also creates wonderful, quirky characters ala SEP.

  14. Cole says:

    I have found a couple of new(to me) authors that I am on pins and needles waiting for their next releases. These are Jaci Burton inparticular the series starting with The Perfect Play, Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor novel series. Great writing. Give them a try, they won’t disappoint.

  15. Tobie Vos says:

    Thanks to the update! I’ll give her your Twitter handle.

  16. viv says:

    a new favorite author for me is Ruthie Knox. She only has two books out at the moment but I recommend you give them a go. My favorite “Ride with Me”. Also recommend people try Sarah Mayberry, Candy Halliday and Shannon Stacey.

  17. Melissa says:

    I would also add Dierdre Martin to this list :)

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