If You Like…Jo Beverley

A few months ago, I promised I would be updating the If You Like lists at AAR.  I asked for help from pollsters Lee Brewer and Cindy Smith, and they provided me with input.  Now I’m going to go to the readers.  This week’s author will be an addition to the list as it now appears – Jo Beverley.  Here are the authors we have as our recommendations for ones that you may enjoy if you like Jo Beverley:

Joanna Bourne

Jane Feather

Jo Goodman

Elizabeth Hoyt

Bettina Krahn

Josie Litton

Julie Anne Long

Barbara Metzger

Karen Ranney

Melody Thomas

Katherine Sutcliffe

Elizabeth Thornton

Recommending new authors is a tricky process.  You might like an author because of the genre they write in, or the time period they set their books in, or because of their unique prose.  One reader may love Jo Beverley and hate, say, Karen Ranney, while another reader would agree that these two are a good match for like stories.  I’d like to open this for discussion from our well read readers.

  • Do you think the above authors are good matches for Jo Beverley?
  • What about Jo Beverley’s writing do you find unique or specifically enjoyable?  For Beverley’s fans – what makes you search out her books?
  • Is anyone missing from the above list?

After our readers have weighed in, I will update our existing page an link it to this discussion so that others may profit from the experience of AAR’s readership.  I hope to update or add to our pages in this way so that they are more useful and dynamic.

So please comment!  We await your romance reading wisdom!  Thank you.

- Rachel Potter

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19 Responses to If You Like…Jo Beverley

  1. mdegraffen says:

    Yes! Those authors are right on the money for Jo Beverly. I’m just now getting into her backlist and most of the others you have listed are authors I read regularly as well.

    Thanks again for this service. I’ve used your lists more than once to find a new author I might like when I’m in the midst of a reading draught.

  2. RobinB says:

    I would add Mary Jo Putney to the list; she and Jo Beverley have contributed stories to a couple of anthologies that I’ve read, and while each has her own writing style, they are definitely compatible.

    I also appreciate the “If You Like. . .” lists–they’re very helpful in my visits to the used book store! :-)

  3. Dagmar says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure that I would include Julie Ann Long to this list. Don’t get me wrong – I like her books, but I find them to be “lighter” than Jo Beverly. (I’d say she’s comparable to Lisa Kleypas and Jacquie D’Alessandro). I would add Liz Carlyle to this list – I find her books comparable to Jo Beverly.

  4. Maryann says:

    I would add Mary Balogh to the list. Theiy are both excellent writers, although their styles are a bit different. I read them both because they create authentic, likable characters in believable settings.

  5. Karenmc says:

    I just finished Beverley’s The Shattered Rose Last night and was struck by the hero’s introspection (especially since it’s a medieval). I was reminded of Madeline Hunter’s best work. Both authors create very specific, individual characters.

  6. Jan L. says:

    The “if you like list” is a wonderful idea! That’s how I got exposed to these wonderful writers. I have read a few of her books and I like Beverly because the historial details in her books really take you to that time period, especially the vocabulary. I find myself looking up words with her books which excites me to no end… then walk around saying them in fake British accent.

  7. willaful says:

    Now *I* thought Long was one of the best choices on the list, because both write such quality prose. It’s always intriguing to see how people make make associations between authors.

  8. Shinjinee says:

    It really depends on which of her works you like. If you love her medievals, I would vote for Madeline Hunter as the closest – just like Karenmc. Difficult and complex characters, plenty of historical background. Also some Elizabeth Chadwick works, if you want even more historical detail. I really wouldn’t put Putney in the same category, although she is a great category. For me, her medieval period feels rather more artificial. Not medieval-lite, but just a bit off.

    If you love Beverley’s Georgians (the Mallorens), then I can’t think of anyone who is exactly like her. There are and were authors who write Georgian, but few match her level of detail in the background. I’m reading the first few Malloren books, and am struck by how cleverly she weaves small historical details e.g. D’Eon into her story.

    If you enjoy her Company of Rogues and her other Regencies, there are far more options.

    Current read: Jo Beverley’s Forbidden Magic. Flawed but enjoyable.

  9. MB says:

    I second Mary Balogh, especially the ‘Slightly’ series. Although the time periods are different, they ‘feel’ like the Malloren series to me. I often mix them up in my head (sad, I know).

    How about Loretta Chase? Especially her earliest ones.

  10. Jill B says:

    I agree that Mary Balogh and Mary Jo Putney should both be on the list. I found Jo Bev from a friend who read the two Marys. I also agree with the Liz Carlyle suggestion, but I have to say no to Josie Litton. I can’t really call them similar.

  11. Kaetrin says:

    I agree with Mary Jo Putney (her earlier, historicals anyway), Mary Balogh (although her voice is quite different – unique I think) and I’d add maybe Gaelen Foley to the list. Possibly also Sherry Thomas.

  12. Marleen says:

    I like – no, make that love- Jo Beverley, but from the authors on your list I didn’t care much for those I’ve read (with the exception of Elizabeth Hoyt’s Princes trilogy, but her newer spy stuff is not for me).

    I think it has to do with the fact that both Beverley and the authors on your list I’ve read, write action-packed books full of spies, highway robberies, poisonings et cetera. The type of book I normally don’t like much, but apparently Beverley is the exception. Her books I love more in spite of than because of the spies, robberies et cetera though.

    So, which authors are comparable to her in style and atmosphere, but less plot-driven? I’d suggest Liz Carlyle as a good match, and further authors I can think of are Meredith Duran and Victoria Dahl (her historicals of course, not her contemporaries). They all share this hint of blackness, lurking evil and decay in the background.

  13. SueW says:

    I really love these “If you like” lists and also have to say that Jo Beverley is without doubt one of my all time favourites and someone who really got me in to reading romance. I absolutely would put both Mary Balogh and Mary Jo Putney into this list as I think they all create really complex and challenging relationships which I find really resonate with me.
    I don’t agree with Bettina Krahn, Julie Ann Long or Barbara Metzger, agreeing with an earlier poster that these seem lighter writers to me. I do agree with Liz Carlyle and Jo Goodman , who are also two of my favourites and would like to add Julia Ross.

  14. Chris says:

    The atmosphere and historical settings in Jo Beverleys books are so engrossing that it is like entering another world for an hour or two. I have just finished “Forbidden Magic” and feel like an english regency romantic now.

    Liz Carlyle for me is similar to the emotions she evokes in me when I read her books.

    Chris Weston,
    Webmaster: diy for the girls – Paslode Framing Nailer

  15. Katie Smith says:

    “Recommending new authors is a tricky process. ”

    Each and every person has their own preferences about which author and genre to read. Personally I don’t stick with one author and most of the time I choose books that has a great plot that suits my interests at the moment. So, I don’t really have any favourite authors. But I say that your list is nice and keep up the good work.

  16. Lea Myers says:

    I just love your list. I may not know the other authors that you have mentioned but i”ll surely check them out to see if I will be interested with their works. But Jo Beverley is awesome.

    Lea Myers
    My last blog post: Alfani Shoes for men

  17. Thank you so much for this list, my other half is really into these books and now i can actually buy her something for her birthday! If i was to pick a romantic book it would be something like Angels and Demons!

    Thank you again!

    - Nigel

  18. Steve says:

    Great list, my sister has been an avid fan of most of these authors and has been harping on about reading Home for Peculiar Children. I must admit the most engrossing read I have ever had. It is a must read…

  19. Pat says:

    I’ve not read Jo Beverley but I do enjoy many of the authors that are
    listed, I think that Virginia Henley writes a great story, My favorite’s
    have been Woodiwiss, Feather, Devereaux and Putney, I will definately
    try many other authors from you list. Many I have already read and
    enjoyed and I am always looking for new authors. Thanks for your suggestions

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