The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn Winners

And we have our winners!  Congratulations to:

Ali, Deanndra, Tinabelle, Veronica, Raegan, Janet W, Katherine M, xina, gumbybird, Sabena

Emails have already gone out to the winners and the books will go out as soon as the snowpocalypse releases me from captivity – with any luck, that will be on Monday.

Thanks to everyone who commented – I only wish we had more books to give away.  Thanks, as well, to Deanna for the great interview and Mira for the generous donation of the books.

- Sandy AAR

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7 Responses to The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn Winners

  1. xina says:

    I’m thrilled! I know it sounds like a cliche, but I really never win anything. **happy**

  2. Tinabelle says:

    I am thrilled, too! Couldn’t believe it when I saw the email from Sandy AAR. It really made my day. I look forward to getting my copy; I love Raybourn’s writing style and characterizations and this setting sounds really intriguing. Haven’t read a good Gothic in ages. Thank you AAR.

  3. AAR Sandy says:

    Post office is closed today due to the monster storm. Hope to get the books in the mail tomorrow. Sorry!

  4. xina says:

    Don’t worry about it Sandy. I understand weather, and you’ve had more than your share. ugh! too much snow.

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  7. Tracee says:

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