AAR Annual Reader Poll Begins Today

voting_m-300x225It’s here, the day many AAR readers and staff have been looking forward to for nearly a year. Yes, we are pleased to announce that voting begins today for AAR’s Annual Reader Poll for books published in 2009. As we announced earlier, this will be a shorter voting period than you’re used to. This year, you will have just two weeks to get your ballots in, with voting ending at midnight on Sunday, January 31, 2010.

Back by popular demand, are two reader favorite categories, Tortured Hero and Kick-ass Heroine. We deleted two little-used categories from last year, but hope that overall, you’ll be happy with the remaining categories. As always, we’re interested in your feedback, and will take any comments you make into consideration for next year’s poll.

The basic rules remain the same as in previous years. You can only vote once, and for your ballot to count, you must vote in at least six categories. This doesn’t mean you have to vote for six different books. For example, if you only read three books published in 2009, you might vote for Favorite Hero and Heroine from one book, Tortured Hero and Kick-ass Heroine from the second book, and Favorite Romance and Best Contemporary Romance from the third book.

If this is your first time voting, or you don’t keep records of your reading, you can make use of the Power Search feature here at AAR to help jog your memory by selecting all books with a 2009 publication date to find a list of eligible titles. Whether you vote in six categories, or all of the categories, we are happy to have you prepare a ballot and participate in the poll.

Because there will be three of us tabulating the results, we hope to finish within a week or so after the January 31st  deadline. Look for the results to be posted at AAR in February.

Good luck, and have fun!  And vote!

- LinnieGayl AAR

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3 Responses to AAR Annual Reader Poll Begins Today

  1. Karen W. says:

    Will you be posting interim results as AAR usually does? Seeing those helps jog my memory for voting!

  2. JML says:

    I always envy/pity those of you who do the tabulating, so thank you!
    I also always look forward to this poll and the final results generally steer me toward some new books.

  3. Victoria S says:

    This was my first time voting AND I don’t keep track of books I have read during the year ( because I am a HUGE re-reader), so I have trouble knowing what year a book was published. The Power Search Feature was a tremendous help to me, and I was finally able to keep my dates straight to vote. Thanks for the tip! AAR Rocks:)

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