Books with Buzz: Connie Brockway Interview and 10-Book Giveaway (Contest Now Closed)

48395655On February 2nd, The Golden Season, Connie Brockway’s newest historical romance, will be released. But 10 lucky readers won’t have to wait that long. Read on for details.

I haven’t made any attempt to disguise my delight at Connie Brockway’s return to historical romance.  As her second historical novel following her return, my expectations were high when I turned the first page.  The author didn’t disappoint.  The Golden Season manages to be strike a perfect balance between light, funny, and charming, while also being moving and deeply emotional at the same time.  And that, fellow readers, isn’t easy.

The author took the time to answer a few of my questions (and I hope she will answer yours, too, in the comments section) about the book.  And, even better for 10 lucky readers, I’ve got 10 copies to give away to 10 lucky commenters.

All you need to do to enter is comment to this post by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, January 14th. The 10 winners will be randomly selected and posted here on Friday morning.  The usual caveats apply:  This contest is open only to readers in the U.S. and Canada and, since the purpose of the giveaway is to put early books into the hands of readers who wouldn’t  otherwise get them, if you review for another Web site or blog that receives advance copies, please don’t enter.

Ready to hear what Connie has to say about The Golden Season?

Connie, let’s start off with the Official Books with Buzz Kick Off Question.  Could you tell our readers a bit about your upcoming historical romance release, The Golden Season?

It’s about Lydia Eastlake, who truly, sincerely and unapologetically enjoys her wealth, beauty and status in society and then, through no real fault if her own other than a certain lack of attention, loses it all and, amazingly enough, discover she hates the idea of being poor.  I know. Gasp. Who’da thunk?

In order to rectify the situation, she decides to invest in her one remaining commodity: herself. Keeping her looming insolvency secret (because a woman who is obviously angling for a rich trout isn’t going to catch anything), she dolls up and goes husband hunting during one last golden season. She finds the perfect candidate in Ned Lockton handsome, dashing, wonderful and rich captain just returned from the wars with France and falls madly in love. And then discovers that Ned is doing exactly what she is, looking for a rich wife to drag his extended family from the brink of bankruptcy where they’ve landed themselves during his absence.

What’s a girl who’s never had to wash her own hair, let along clothing, to do? And how can a man saddled with a horde of beloved desperate family members going to choose his happiness over theirs?

What’s your absolute most favorite-ist thing about this one?

Oh, it’s Lydia. She loves her life. She enjoys her life. She doesn’t want to give it up. There’s no admirable or desperate reason she needs to be rich. As she says, she’s just “very, very good at it.” I love Ned, don’t get me wrong, but he’s just doing what he has to do. Lydia has a choice right from square one and she knows what she wants and she doesn’t apologize for that. Yet, by the end of the book, she’s become so much more adult and …evolved.

Connie, you are a total mistress of light and dark, but usually not so much in one book.  I’d venture that there is a definite tonal shift in this one from light to just a teensy bit darker. Not as dark as you have been in the past, but still.  It’s also represents a realistic character arc for Ned and Lydia who are both people who know how to skate through life, but feel far more deeply than anyone – maybe even themselves – suspect.  Thoughts?

Other than “thank you”?  I’ve probably done my career more harm than good with my inability to stick to one reliable tone. In The Golden Season I was able to mesh those tones more than I have before and I liked that. The lives most of us lead aren’t all lightness and froth or unremittingly dark and tragic. We experience both, sometimes at the same time.

I’ve never hidden the fact that All Through the Night is my absolute favorite historical romance and has been since the day that I first read it.  I know why I love it, but I’d be interested to know why the author thinks this book still resonates so strongly long after my first reading of it.

Bondage. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Nah, honestly, I haven’t any idea.

Does the author have a favorite from amongst the many splendors of the Connie Brockway booklist?

The Connie Brockway oeuvre? I like it.

Oh, I really like As You Desire and for one reason alone. It was fun to write from start to finish. And Harry will always be my guy, possibly because Harry and Doc Danger (a.k.a.  my DH)  share a lot of the same characteristics.

I have to admit to dancing a completely undignified jig when I learned that you planned to return to historical romance after writing two contemporaries – both of which I totally enjoyed.  Are you planning to venture into contemporary waters again?

Definitely! I’m working on three books concurrently; one’s a odd, Victorian mystery. One’s a very dark, very angsty historical romance with a very difficult heroine and an even more difficult hero –if you liked All Through the Night, this is in the same style. Dark, darker and darkest—and a contemporary black-comedy women’s fiction set in a fly-in fishing camp in Alaska.

And now for the official Books with Buzz Wrap-up:  What’s next for Connie Brockway?

I have two anthology stories out in the next year. The one in Cupid Cats, from NAL in July, is a soft tear jerker with paranormal elements. Katie MacAlister headlines along with Vicki Lewis Thompson. And the other is in The List, a Regency of interconnected stories with Eloisa James and Julia Quinn. It’s Eloisa’s baby and a brilliant idea—a man is given a list of potential brides by his sister and told to choose one by the end of her house party.

Thanks, Sandy!

And thank you, Connie!  Remember, to enter for your chance to win one of the 10 copies of The Golden Season all you need to do is comment to this post by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, January 14th.

- Sandy AAR

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174 Responses to Books with Buzz: Connie Brockway Interview and 10-Book Giveaway (Contest Now Closed)

  1. Catherine says:

    I have never read a Connie Brockway book, but I’ll have to go out and remedy that. :) Thanks for the interview.

  2. Prudence Brown says:

    I look forward to all your coming books. I like dark themes mixed with romance.

  3. Elaine L. says:

    Looking forward to Connie Brockway’s new historical. “As You Desire” is also one of my personal favorites by this author.l

  4. Kim says:

    I enjoy both your contemporary and historical books. I look forward to the new one.

  5. Kim T says:

    Love Connie Brockway and can’t wait to read this one!

  6. kelly scheck says:

    looking forward ive read her before

  7. Susan/DC says:

    I just reread the comments in my reading journal for Ms. Brockway’s historicals, and I don’t think a single one scored less than a B (most were A’s). Loved watching straightlaced Eliot come apart once Letty entered his life in “Bridal Season” (“We’ve had sex, now we’ll make love.”). Adored Harry and his speech comparing Dizzy to Egypt. Thought the last line of “All Through the Night” was the perfect ending to the book. Laughed at the letters that opened “My Favorite Enemy”. If I win a free copy of her new book I will be happy, but when one of my favorite authors has a new book out, I’m happy just to know I have some very good reading ahead.

    Question for Ms. Brockway: There was a secondary character in both “Promise Me Heaven” and “All Through the Night” who almost, but not quite, won the heroine. Have the rights to these characters reverted to you and, if so, will he ever get his HEA?

  8. Isabel says:

    Count me in, longtime Brockway fan here.

  9. Sue Brandes says:

    Please cont me in. Looking forward to reading this book.

  10. Debra says:

    A big fan of Ms Brockway’s work – I love both the light and the dark books and am looking forward to reading the Golden Season!

  11. ValerieL says:

    Welcome back to historicals!!! Hooray!!! Connie Brockway historicals are always autobuys for me. Thank you for coming back to us.

  12. Kelly says:

    Huge fan of Connie Brockway. So glad a new book is coming out.

  13. Quilt Lady says:

    I would love to win this book! I have never read Connie’s books before but have heard a lot about them!

  14. Maura says:

    All Through the Night is also my favorite romance novel EVER. I am so excited to read her new historical!

  15. mindy says:

    this looks wonderful thanks for the giveaway

  16. Corinna says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever read a Connie Brockway novel, but the description of this one has me interested. A plot where both the hero and the heroine are without riches is kind of rare, at least in this type of story. Looking forward to checking it out!

  17. Janette says:

    Really looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for the giveaway

  18. Karenmc says:

    All Through the Night was a wonderful introduction to what’s possible in romance writing. I so look forward to The Golden Season.

  19. Jenny says:

    Sounds like a great book! Count me in for the contest!

  20. Shannon says:

    Plase add my name, Can wait to read The Golden Season.

  21. Trish says:

    I’m a newbie to Connie Brockway and am really looking forward to reading THE GOLDEN SEASON. It sounds fantastic!

  22. Jane says:

    I’m looking forward to reading Connie’s new book.

  23. Rena says:

    I LOVE Connie Brockway! I’m so excited for this book.

  24. Jane O says:

    I’m always glad to see a new historical on the way, and I’ve heard great things about Connie Brockway.

  25. MaryK says:

    “As You Desire” is one of my favorite romances. I just love Harry.

  26. Kelley says:

    Sign me up too!

  27. Fay says:

    Anyone who has not read “As You Desire” should remedy that defect in their life ASAP, but be sure you have nothing important planned the next day, because you will stay up all night to finish it! It was SOOOOO good!
    I would love to win “The Golden Season” – put me in!

  28. Tracy says:

    Pick me!!!

  29. Hi! I’m back! ( Though I almost died on the tennis court. Kept begging them to find me an oxygen tent but my opponent was heartless. She also won. )
    Thanks so much, all of you, for the kind words. I’m feeling the love (along with my poor knees)

    Anyway, Susan. Exciting possibility is that, yes, I do own the rights to ONE of those books. Should I ever get the rights back to the other, or should I work for that publisher again, I do indeed have a happily ever after waiting for Giles Strand.

  30. Carina Sommers says:

    Looking forward to reading this book.

  31. Wendy says:

    Can’t wait to read this book, Connie Brockway is always an auto buy for me. I’ve enjoyed all her books but, “As You Desire It” is one of my very favorites.

  32. mingqi says:

    whoa! I’ve been so out of the loop that I hadn’t even realized Connie Brockway’s new book is coming out. What a great surprise! I would love to win a copy of this book! I love her books and I often pick up Bridal Favors when I feel down or need a fun distraction.

  33. SK says:

    Love all your historicals–thanks for keeping them coming! Can’t wait to read this one.

  34. Sarah McG says:

    SO excited about the new release!

  35. Raina says:

    I’m so excited for a new release from Connie Brockway!

  36. Maureen says:

    I have loved Connie Brockway’s books for years. “All through the Night” is a great book, but I have to say that my favorite book of hers is “My Dearest Enemy” with “As you Desire” coming in a very close second. I like dark, angsty books and “All through the nigh” is definitely one of those. I am excited – a new Brockway book!!

  37. Kate K says:

    My Dearest Enemy almost makes me cry sometimes, and Bridal Favors makes me laugh way too hard. No other author does this to me, I love her books!

  38. Jennifer says:

    Connie, i’m sooooo excited about your new book. I’ve only read one of your previous books (The Bridal Season), but it completely swept me away. I’m yours for good now. All the best.

  39. JulieJV says:

    “As You Desire” is one of my all time favorites. Your new book sounds really interesting. Count me in the contest.

  40. Karen Brightman says:

    Connie Brockway is a must buy. I can’t even describe the joy I have received reading Connie’s novels. I’m looking forward to this new story and am very pleased that she is continuing to write historicals.

  41. Michelle B. says:

    My favorite Brockway title is “All Through the Night.” I love the dark side.

  42. Alice says:

    As you desire is one of my faves!

  43. LinnieGayl says:

    Okay, not eligible as an AAR staff member, but just have to say As You Desire is my absolute favorite historical romance. I vote for Harry and Dizzy any time we do a poll in which they might qualify.

  44. M. Leigh says:

    Love connie’s books

  45. Moriah says:

    huge fan of all her books

  46. Victoria S says:

    “MY Dearest Enemy” has been re-read so many times, it’s coming apart and I’ll probably have to hunt down another copy soon.

  47. oceanpoem says:

    Please enter me to the contest. Thank you!

  48. Sarah says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I LOVE Connie Brockway! And I love ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT too (seriously). Pick me! Pick ME!

  49. Barbara Elness says:

    The Golden Season sounds wonderful, and the upcoming projects are very exciting. More fabulous Connie to come, I can’t wait.

  50. Pam U says:

    New to Connie B. Would love to give her books.

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