How Do You Access AAR?

We’ve got some decisions to make at AAR and in order to help us make the right ones, we’d love to know  how you log onto the site.  We’d appreciate if you’d take the time to respond to the poll below by selecting the answers that are true for you. There’s no limit on the number of answers you may select – multiple choices certainly work for me.

And here’s another way you can help us:  If you experience any peculiarities on your Smart Phone  or on any specific Web browser, could you please let us know in the comments what you see and when you see it?


-Sandy AAR

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34 Responses to How Do You Access AAR?

  1. April Johnson says:

    On my iPhone I get the blog just fine but if I try to acess the
    website I get everything left centered and can only link through to those
    items in the box (new reviews, blog, after hours etc- no message
    boards or books for sale in month x).

  2. Tee says:

    For those people who access the Web strictly from their work computers and because they may have no access to one in their homes, this is a super slow week at work for some due to the holidays. In fact, many choose to take vacations during this time or the offices close down (schools and their personnel, for instance). I’m just saying this so that you realize there might be a segment of people out there who are not even seeing this poll due to lack of computer access. Maybe it could be left up past the holidays when the work force returns in full.

  3. Dawn says:

    I thought that I would mention that I generally always first see your posts through my Google Reader account. Your website is on there with 3-4 other romance book type sites. I love my Reader account, it is the easiest way to review posts from multiple websites all in one spot.

  4. cxw1065 says:

    I can’t access any of the fora via iphones, which means i can’t really use the site– am not sure if its because i live in the uk

  5. LinnieGayl says:

    I only access AAR once in awhile from my iPhone, mainly because it’s hard to get to that way. I get a long list of all of the possible entries in the drop-down menu on the left. If I scroll through that list, I then see the homepage more normally, and can click (just did) on the newsblog, and the things highlighted in the box on the first page, but can’t seem to click on a link (in the long left list) to the forums.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I read the blog posts through Google Reader but go straight to the site for new reviews. I used Chrome and on both Chrome and my my iPhone, the top row links is turned into a long list of text that I have to scroll through to read anything; also the links don’t work. But I love ARR so much that I use it that way anyway!

  7. Michele says:

    I can only access this site from home, because the firewall at school considers this an “R-rated” site. It really irritates me, as the information on this site is NOWHERE close to R-rated.

  8. AAR Sandy says:

    I know about the irritating iPhone problems. Used to work just fine, damn it, then suddenly went bad about six months ago. it’s not a do-able fix, though, since it would require an expensive database overhaul, according to the guy who created it. A mobile version of the site would solve the problem but would probably not have access to all site content, primarily reviews and blog posts.

  9. jenreads says:

    My Blackberry Bold lets me view the whole site. I simply zoom in since it’s a little small when it first loads.

  10. Judi says:

    With Twitter I now access the reviews from the link you post. Everything else I pretty much go to the website and search for whatever I am looking for (new releases, archived reviews etc)

  11. Echoing those who say that AAR is very hard to use on the iPhone, which is annoying when I’m in bookstores and trying to remember the name of That Book I read that great review about. The biggest problem is that the menus cease to work on the iPhone–even if you can’t fix everything, can you fix that?

  12. Danielle D says:

    I access this website at home on my laptop and at work when I can.

  13. Varda Fink says:

    I access frequently through my Blackberry Tour. The main problem with this is that the print is very small. When I magnify, then the print is too large to fit on the screen. When there is something I really want to read I switch over to a computer.

  14. willaful says:

    I use firefox and have tremendous difficulty getting comments to post here. They just load forever. Usually I have to just give up. No problems with any other site.

  15. Lisa C says:

    Same as others with iPhone links turned into long dead list. Annoying but I’ve gotten used to the long scroll.

  16. Judith Keating says:

    I access from home using Internet Explorer and have no trouble getting to AAR website.
    Just to let you know, AAR has some great reviewers and although I don’t always agree with their book rating, I still enjoy their viewpoint. The second favorite review site is Romantic Times.

  17. mdegraffen says:

    I most often access from work but I also access from home on weekends. At home I use a desktop with a high speed broadband connection and I also use a desktop with broadband at work. I only voted in one category – access from work, but I actually could vote in three. I’ll bet I’m not the only one. You might want to restructure your questions because they are not specific enough.

  18. mdegraffen says:

    And it would also help if I read the instructions above! That’s what I get for answering before coffee. I’m going back to vote a few more times.

  19. mdegraffen says:

    Oh dear, unless you make all your choices when you vote initially you can’t vote again.

  20. I use my iPhone to access occasionally, but as someone else mentioned above, it’s clunky because of the navigation section.

  21. Tinabelle says:

    I access AAR exclusively from my home computer – a Mac with a highspeed internet connection. I use the Safari browser and have no problems.

  22. KristieJ says:

    I have it marked as a favourite both on my laptop and desk top computer at home. When I’m being a bad little worker bee at work and slipping in as unobtrusively as possible, I goggle it under “all about romance” – and if I’ve already snuck in earlier at work, I get here under history. And I use Firefox as the browser and have high speed.

  23. KYoung says:

    Until earlier this year, I downloaded the reviews at work and read them using AvantGo during my commute home. That company stopped supporting its mobile formatting program at the end of June :-(. Now I have to wait until there is a free moment on our home computer. We have a Mac w/ a high speed connection. I use Safari and have had no problems.

  24. marcella says:

    I also use Firefox, no problems.

  25. rami says:

    I access this site on my kindle 2. I use AAR to find
    reviews of books I am thinking of purchasing on my
    Kindle2. I also daily read the new reviews.

  26. adwa says:

    I use both my laptop and my blackberry curve to access AAR. I use my blackberry to check the new reviews but for everything else (esp power searches) I use my laptop. Its a lot easier to do some things from an actual computer. On my phone many of the items on the webpage are not centered correctly. This doesn’t really bother me because I’m still getting the information I’m looking for, everything is still coherent. Also, I can post comments like this from my phone (which I’m doing now). For the most part AAR is one of the best sites to go to from my phone because of its speed in loading and its format.

    Hope this helps.

  27. JeanneTops says:


    In addition to my desktop and laptop, I also use an IPhone to access AAR on occasion. I use it to read the reviews when choosing a book at the library, my favorite UBS and at the chain bookstores. I have the same problems with the navigation.

    I don’t see anything wrong with developing a simple mobile site that, to begin with, just provides access to the reviews. It could easily include a link to the full site for those whose smart phones display the site correctly.

    I’m an independent website developer. I don’t want to bore people with techie talk here but there might be some less extensive ways to fix the iPhone problem. I’ve given you my business email address and I’d be happy to be a volunteer advisor on the technical issues, if needed.

  28. Rebecca says:

    I use my home computer. I’ve tried it on my iphone but it never works right although I can’t explain it properly in technical termonology.

  29. Anne Gilbert says:

    I access AAR generally from my laptop, at home. Now that my laptop is fixed and working(I had computer problems and a virus I didn’t know about for a while), I can also access anywhere there is a wireless setup, for example, at a branch of my local library or at my local espresso outlet that has free wi-fi. Also, my ISP recently upgraded itself and sent us all new modems and a gadget that apparently allows very fast connections, so I have no trouble, so far, accessing this site.

  30. Tee says:

    I’m curious regarding the disparity in numbers between–

    Home-based Computer (Laptop, desktop, or netbook) (96%, 531 Votes)
    High Speed Connection (56%, 313 Votes)
    Dial-up (-95%, 8 Votes)

    Not unless people just voted on the type of computer and didn’t bother voting on the kind of connection. I was hoping for fairly accurate figures here because I’m really interested in how households connect these days. Obviously, high speed reigns, though. Not that many years ago, that wasn’t the case at all.

  31. Anne Gilbert says:

    Interesting, but not surprising, results. I know exactly one person who says that if they had to actually pay for the connection themselves, they’d just use dialup. The logic here is, the person claims not to use the Internet very much. I had dialup for a long time, until chance allowed me to get a high speed connection. I was so happy with the increased download speed, I never looked back. But then, I use the Internet a lot, doing research for various writing-related things.
    Anne G

  32. RfP says:

    Sorry, Tee. I didn’t realize it was multiple-answer until I’d submitted. I would have picked High Speed Connection.

    FWIW, I read the posts via a feed reader, which works on either computer or smartphone.

  33. Tee says:

    Thanks, RfP. That’s what I kind of figured happened with those missing 200+ votes regarding the type of connection people use from their home computers. They probably submitted quickly without realizing that it could be multiple answers. Sandy made that very clear in her post, but often we skim quickly thru things when on the Net because of time.

    I’ve had high speed for many years and would give up my computer first, I think, before I went to slower speeds. But when I was working and had computers available both at work and at home, I only had dial-up at home because I used the computer more at work during the day than I did at home.

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