Since So Many of You Have Asked…

As many of you already know, Lisa Valdez’ newsletter came out this weekend with an announcement that her long-promised book, Patience,
would be released on April 6, 2010. Over the weekend, I received more emails than I can answer from readers wanting to know if this release date was the real thing or not. I checked with the publisher, and it has been confirmed by Lisa Valdez’ editor that this book is indeed currently scheduled for release on April 6, 2010. For her fans, it appears their patience may have paid off!

-Lynn Spencer

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6 Responses to Since So Many of You Have Asked…

  1. xina says:

    I am a reader who is very happy to hear this. yay!

  2. AMD says:

    I’m kinda bored with all this will-it-won’t-it rumours. Possibly this is the real thing, but I’ve no patience for Patience at this stage.
    I can’t see myself buying it come April. The passion I had for Passion 3 years ago has well and truly burnt out!

  3. Nicole M. says:

    Wow, I can’t believe it! I was so excited to read this book after I found “Passion.” I’ll have to go re-read the excerpts from “Patience” to build up the anticipation again :)

    I’m glad she finally finished it–not only for me, but for her, as well. It must’ve been a pain to have that sitting around unfinished for so long.

  4. Trish says:

    I hope she’s prepared for the “I-waited-three-years-for-this?” reaction from some. The anticipation and expectations are just so high that I doubt any book could hold up to it. I’m trying to keep my expectations firmly down to earth on this one, but I am looking forward to finally reading Matthew and Patience’s story.

  5. SQ says:

    You mean “Patience” isn’t some urban legend? I thought Elvis was reading that book with Bigfoot?

  6. Tracy says:

    I wonder how Patience has fared these three years tied to a bed post?

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