Who’s Your Favorite Vampire?

vampirekiss With the premiere of New Moon looming, suddenly everyone’s talking about vampires. The diehard Twilight fans I know never entirely stop talking about it, but the chatter grows ever louder. I’ve read all the books and I suspect I’ll end up seeing all the movies, but there is so much more to read once you’ve run through Bella and Edward (and Jacob)’s story. If you’re hooked on vampires, there are a ton of good books out there.

If you haven’t read the original Dracula, I highly recommend it. There’s so much more going on in there besides the vampire story. In addition, if it’s romance you’re after, there are tons of vampire romances out there and most of us have probably tried at least a few of them. So, here’s a poll – and probably something that will end up growing the TBR mountains we all seem to have:

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-Lynn Spencer

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37 Responses to Who’s Your Favorite Vampire?

  1. SandyH says:

    My favorite vampire series is Lynn Viehl’s Darkyn series. How could you not be tempted to read a book with a title like If Angels Burn. That hooked me from the beginning. Tight very-well written books.

  2. Annemarie says:

    The Vampire Diaries have done it to me for close to 20 years. I’m not a fan of the TV series but I adore the books – was thrilled when Smith booted up a new sequel.

  3. Kim T says:

    My favorite vampire series was Colleen Gleason’s Gardella Vampire Chronicles, especially because there was a beginning and end and the plot was so well wrapped up. I also enjoy Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series and like the Ward and Harris series as well.

  4. Karen Ranney says:

    The Riley Jensen Guardian series by Keri Arthur. I confess to not reading ANY paranormals until I downloaded the first book of the series free on my Kindle. Then, I was just fascinated. She’s part vampire, part werewolf and, despite myself (because I really don’t like paranormals), I was hooked.

  5. Katja says:

    Sunshine by Robin McKinley, because it’s so very, very different.
    Not a series though and likely never will be, because Ms. McKinley doesn’t write sequels.

  6. Nathalie says:

    My favorite vampire is Mircea from the Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance. He is elegant, smart, powerful and a good match for Cassie.

  7. MaryK says:

    I voted for The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. I also really like Susan Sizemore’s Laws of the Blood series.

  8. Claudia says:

    I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood but if you are looking for another good read I highly recommend Alexandra Ivy’s “Guardians of Eternity” (“Embrace the Darkness” hooked me in)!

  9. Lynn Spencer says:

    @Kim T and Karen Ranney – I really like the Gardellas and the Riley Jensen books, too! With Gardellas, I keep hoping there will be more books set in that world because I’d like to know more about some of the earlier Gardellas hinted at in the series. Also, I think the main couple would have some fabulous children!

    @Katja – I know. I keep hoping the author will make an exception and do a sequel just this once because that book just cries out for one, doesn’t it?

  10. Sarah says:

    Hands down the best vampire series is the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Rose and Dimitri totally kick ass, and are very interesting to read about. The world is very engrossing, and I think Mead has done something unique with the Vampire genre.

  11. bungluna says:

    I love the Harris series, but there are other good vampire series out there that haven’t gotten a mention. I love Tanya Huff’s Victoria Nelson series especialy because it’s not the typical vampire romance.

  12. Pat says:

    I have to add Jeanine Frost’s Night Huntress Novels. just because Cat is a unique character.

  13. Belle says:

    Chelsea Quinn Yarbough–San Germaine

    Great on history–a very compassionate vampire

  14. Sue S says:

    I’ll second St. Germaine (his name and spelling change appropriately based on when and where he is in any given book) — but skip Night Blooming which is deep in history and such — but NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. sigh.

    Nevertheless, an amazing series.

  15. Sarah says:

    I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood they’re all Alpha-males, and who doesn’t love that? Also, the Vampire Acadmey series by Richelle Mead are good for a non-tradtional YA.

  16. Olya says:

    Another vote for “Sunshine” :)

    C.S. Friedman’s “The Madness Season” is an interesting take on the vampire story, too.

  17. Larie says:

    I don’t read vampire stories as they’ve simply never interested me. However, based upon a review here of Joey Hill’s “Beloved Vampire” I decided to expand my horizons and take the plunge. Loved it, loved it, loved it. So I would nominate Lord Mason as my favorite vampire (okay he’s the only vampire I know LOL). Wonderfully sensitive, totally Alpha male. I also then read the two previous books in the series – didn’t think they were as good as Beloved Vampire but I enjoyed them. I’m somewhat curious about the Sookie Stackhouse series. Maybe one day I’ll give it a go.

  18. Kim says:

    Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. I love all of the characters, Cat, Bones, Spade, Ian, Vlad, Mencheres….. all of them! The stories are great, funny, sad… everything.

  19. Jillian says:

    I have read A LOT of really good vampire books, most of them romances. But my all time favorites are still Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, especially the first 7 books. Armond, from that series, is my all time favorite.

  20. xina says:

    I loved Sunshine, but I have to vote for the Sookie series. Love it. Love Sookie’s personality and her buddies. I am a loyal fan of the books and the HBO series, which is in a way…2 different animals. :)

  21. Karen W. says:

    I loved SUNSHINE too, and I also really enjoy the Morganville Vamps series by Rachel Caine, the Blue Blood series by Melissa de la Cruz, and the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast. (All YA)

    However, my all-time favorite vampire is Angel. Mmm.. Angel… :)

  22. JBHunt says:

    Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series (vampires + werewolves + valkyries)

  23. Anne says:

    While I enjoy and voted for Sookie and her friends, the vamire series I rate number one are the Rogue Hunter books by Lynsay Sands. I love her combination of a vampire family, suspense and humor. ;-)

  24. Sandy C. says:

    I voted for the Brothers! J.R. may have her moments, but I really love those books. :)

    The first vampire series I ever read was by Lori Herter. There were four books: “Obsession”, “Possession”, “Confession”, and “Eternity”. I still like them, but having read other vampire books this series isn’t so amazing. This author was breaking new ground back then, though; these were written in the early 90s. (I know, Anne Rice had been around for a while, but she wasn’t writing vampire romance novels.)

    I might have picked LKH’s Anita Blake series if it hadn’t gone so far astray in the last few years. I still have the first few books up to “Blue Moon”.

  25. Tara says:

    Thomas Raith from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.He’s a White Court vampire and feeds off his victims’ life energy, usually via sex.He’s blessed with the kind of good looks that ‘fathers of teen-age daughters would shoot him on sight.’

    Read more about him at


  26. carolcardona says:

    I love Sookie and Bill, no one else in that series holds my attention. But, equal to that pairing I have to say is Cat and Bones, of Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. I have read and reread these books numerous times. They cover the gamut of emotions. They make me laugh out loud, so much so they could almost be listed in the comedy section. I have cried repeatedly over the valleys of their relationship, and smiled like a Cheshire Cat when things come together in a positive way. And, certainly not to be forgotten are the mind-boggling love scenes. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to not be jealous of Cat. She owns the heart, mind and body of Bones, and I’m telling you that is a fine prize. I can’t get enough of these characters, I wait with painful anticipation for her next book, and am already sad at the thought of the series ending, even though that is three books away.

  27. Susan/DC says:

    It’s a YA book and a standalone, but the only vampire book I’ve truly loved and the only one which continues to haunt me is Annette Curtis Krause’s “The Silver Kiss”. The all-too-human issues of a real life teenage girl are skillfully blended with those of a teenage vampire boy. The two of them are so touching in the ways in which they help each other find the strength to face their challenges. I teared up at the end, which is both fitting yet poignant, and I definitely recommend this book.

  28. Rowena says:

    I really like the Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko. The books in the series are: Night Watch, Day Watch, Twilight Watch and The Final Watch. They are not romances – definitely more Horror/Fantasy and Vampires are only one of the inhabitants of the books. One of the things I really enjoy about the books is that the series begins in Moscow and most of the characters are Russian. It is a real change from most of the other vampire or paranormals that I’ve read.

  29. Vivi Anna says:

    Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series.

    Morgainville Vampires by Rachel Caine

    Sonja Blue series by Nancy A Collins

  30. Cherie says:

    What about the House of Night series by P.C. Cast. Pretty good books.
    Has a totally different take on vampires. I have read most of the above series. I think my favorites are the Twilight series and Sookie Stackhouse series but the House of Night was great too. I just don’t know. Hard to choose.

  31. Char cathell says:


  32. Goosie says:

    Vayl from Jennifer Rardin’s Jaz Parks series

  33. Vanesse says:

    Voted for The Brotherhood, but I’d also give Lynsay Sands a hands up, as well as Rachel Caine. YA-wise I definitely give LJ Smith (she of the Vampire Diaries), bc she would win any (literary) fight against s meyer any day. [disclaimer being I really didn't get all the hype about Twilight.]

  34. Mary Skelton says:

    Lestat (after Interview With a Vampire – wasn’t thrilled with the 1st book). My favorites are Memnoch the Devil and the final book: Blackwood Farm.

  35. An says:

    I’ll say Jeaniene Frost as well, I love Bones and Cat, and the side characters are fantastic (I love me some Vlad ;)

  36. WildChild1954 says:

    Oh yes, the best vampire out there has to be Bones!! Jeaniene Frost writes a wonderful story that makes these characters so real that you feel you should be able to just call them up and talk. Both Cat and Bones have really good points and really bad flaws and that makes them real. And the side characters are to die for as well! She keeps on slipping in historical figures and waiting to see if we figure out who they are.

  37. Jacqueline says:

    My absolute favorite “vamp” series is Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series, for a TON of reasons, but primarily because she gives true creativity in her stories and new spins on paranormal characters, including Vampires.

    My second vote is, of course, Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood!

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