Speaking of Audiobooks: December Releases

CovetAs I searched for December’s audiobook releases, I decided to take a peek at 2010 and get an idea of what the year has in store for us audiobook romance lovers.  Many of next year’s audio releases (for the most part we’re talking Jan-April) are not too surprising with authors such as Debbie Macomber and Nora Roberts offering numerous books, both old and new.  But there were a number of satisfying discoveries as well with such releases as Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer’s Wild Ride (March) and the “Untitled Historical” by Lisa Kleypas.

Sabrina Jeffries is arriving on the audio scene in a big way with three books in early 2010, (January), The Truth about Lord Stoneville (January), Never Seduce a Scoundrel (March), and Only a Duke Will Do (May).  Ms. Jeffries has two audiobooks to date – a short story, Gone But Not Forgotten, and an audio cassette version of A Dangerous Love from 2001.  Let’s hope the powers that be choose to give us some of her earliest titles as well (my favorites).

Julie Garwood’s historicals are once again appearing in audio format.  In the past, her historicals were offered in audio cassette and mostly (if not totally) in abridged format.  November, 2009 saw the release of The Bride followed by The Prize in December.  Gentle Warrior (March) and Rebellious Desire (August) are scheduled for 2010.  Possibly this means we will see more of her historicals released as the year progresses.

Another romance author we’ll be seeing more in 2010 is Christina Dodd as a number of her books, both old and new, are scheduled for release.  One of her older titles, Just the Way You Are will be released on November 29th followed by two more older titles, One Kiss from You and Scandalous Again (both in April).  Two of her new releases will also be offered in audio format, Almost Like Being in Love (January) and Close to You (March).  My favorite of Dodd’s books, Rules of Attraction, is available only in cassette tape format and sits in my audio library.

Linda Howard continues to release her backlist with Son of the Morning released in a few days (November 29th) followed by Kill and Tell (January) and her anthology Strangers in the Night (March).  Also scheduled for 2010 are two of her upcoming releases, Blood Born with Linda Jones (April) and Veil of Night (August).  I’m betting we’ll see more of Howard’s older books released in audio format during 2010.

And since the world of audiobooks carries with it the certainty of change and uncertainty, I am sure there are many, many other exciting releases out there for 2010.

Leftovers from November

Here are just a few of the gems you can find on our updated New Releases for November list:

Brockmann, Suzanne Kiss and Tell

Jenkins, Beverly Through the Storm

Mallery, Susan Holly and Mistletoe

Peterson, Tracie A Surrendered Heart

Showalter, Gena Playing with Fire

Audiobook Romances on Sale in December


Coulter, Catherine – Catherine Coulter FBI CD Collection 2: Point Blank, Double Take, TailSpin

Deveraux, Jude – Days of Gold: A Novel

Garwood, Julie – The Prize

Krentz, Jayne Ann – Running Hot

Robb, J.D. – J.D. Robb CD Collection 9: Creation in Death, Strangers in Death, Salvation in Death

Steele, Danielle – Danielle Steel CD Collection: Amazing Grace, Honor Thyself, Rogue

A Matter of Class audioUnabridged

Balogh, Mary – A Matter of Class

Garwood, Julie – The Prize

Garwood, Julie – Sizzle

Hamilton, Laurell K – Divine Misdemeanors

Hanover, Hevin – Total Eclipse of the Heart

Krentz, Jayne Ann – Fired Up

Macomber, Debbie – The Man You’ll Marry: The First Man You’ll Meet & The Man You’ll Marry

Macomber, Debbie – The Man You’ll Marry: A Selection from The Man You’ll Marry Collection

Quick, Amanda – Ravished

Roberts, Nora – Lessons Learned

Roberts, Nora – One Summer

Ward, J.R. – Covet: A Novel of the Fallen Angels

Whitney, Phyllis A – Amethyst Dreams

Whitney, Phyllis A – Woman Without a Past

Woods, Sherryl – Amazing Gracie

son of the morningRecent Additions to My Audio Library

Taking advantage of another great sale at Audible recently, I made a number of additions to my library at half price.

Gone Too Far – Suzanne Brockmann

I’ve read five of The Troubleshooters series and not in order.  But like everyone else, I waited for Sam and Alyssa’s story with great anticipation.  Now I find myself in a Brockmann mood and think it’s time to hear rather than read this dynamic couple’s story.

Breaking Point – Suzanne Brockmann

Max and Gina hold their own as the primary love interest here but it is the continuing story of the secondary romance between Jones and Molly (from Out of Control) that most drew me to Breaking Point.  Listening to the sound sample, I’m not crazy about the narrator’s interpretation of Max’s character but I’m willing to go with it and hope he sounds more like the Max in my head as the story continues.

Cry No More – Linda Howard

The most moving of Howard’s books (Death Angel is a close second), I clearly recall this story and the various nuances of the lead characters years after my first listen – an unusual feat for me.  I considered this an outstanding audio presentation five years ago and I’m ready to experience it all over again.

Delicious – Sherry Thomas

Although it’s not my favorite Thomas book, I still enjoyed Delicious in print.  Narrator Virginia Leishman received an A from me with her narration of Private Arrangements.  Let’s hope she does it again.

To Die For - Linda Howard

Listening to To Die For, one of my favorite contemporary romances, was difficult the first time around since I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around narrator Franette Liebow’s very southern interpretation of heroine Blaire.  But I’ve developed a sort of indifferent acceptance of Blaire’s drawl and this now ranks as a comfort listen which means I wanted it on my MP3 player.

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Linda Howard

The sequel to To Die For, it’s more of Blair and Wyatt who, in my book, rate as one of the most entertaining couples in contemporary romance.  Narrator Joyce Bean’s Blair is much easier on the ear than the Blair as performed by Liebow in the prequel

My two Audible credits this month are reserved for two yet-to-be released November audiobooks, Son of the Morning by Linda Howard and The Bride by Julie Garwood.  I’ve been looking forward to both of these audiobooks for months.

Now for your thoughts

What new releases are you looking forward to?

Do you know of other 2010 upcoming audiobooks?

Do you know of any December releases that failed to make this list?

What are the latest additions to your audio library?

What are your latest audio successes or failures?

Ending Notes

For those new to our Speaking of Audiobooks column, be sure to check out our audio archives for further recommendations and discussions.

See you again in December.

- Lea Hensley

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9 Responses to Speaking of Audiobooks: December Releases

  1. MarissaB says:

    Yo Lea. I can’t imagine how much work goes into putting this list together. Thanks so much for your diligence in researching it for us.

    I am really looking forward to Amanda Quick’s Ravished, which is my favorite of her books. Something about the big, strong, vulnerable hero being defended by the spunky heroine just does it for me. I enjoyed the written work and I have liked Anne Flosnik’s performance of other books.

    I am also a big fan of Linda Howard, so I will probably get Cry No More next. It has been recommended by many and I have had the paperback sitting on my TBR pile for the longest time. Now I will be able to listen instead, which is great for all the holiday chores coming up.

    I have read and listened to both Blair Mallory books – To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous. I liked the written version of TDR better than DDG, but liked the audio versio of DDG better. The narrator really does matter.

    I have still not gotten over Simon Prebble’ performance of Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens. That’s been my most current comfort listen this month. Whenever I want to tune life out, but can’t really pay attention to the book, I put it on and, voila, time passes, work gets done, and my mood stays mellow.

    I am currently listening to Honey Moon by SEP, read by Anna Fields. After the first 15 minutes, I was hooked by both the performance and the character of Honey. I just love her. I made the mistake of listening to the book while trying to sleep last night, and ended up staying awake until 3 AM! I am half way done and Honey has married her love, but it’s too soon for an HEA. Too soon! I just know something bad is going to happen, and it’s all I can do not to read the AAR review or google for some other spoilers. I don’t think any other SEP book I have read/listened to so far has affected me quite this way.

    Now, if only I had the Annual Platinum Membership at Audible, I could get all of Linda Howard’s and both of Sherry Thomas’ books at once. Sigh. That would be too big a temptation, I fear. I would probably be renewing more than 2x a year. It’d be too easy to download and listen on a whim.

    Have a good Thanksgiving Everyone!

  2. katie bug says:

    I can’t find “The Bride” by Garwood in Audiobooks. Are they going to get it?

  3. Lea AAR says:

    MarissaB – looks like we feel exactly the same about To Die For/DDG. I enjoy reading TDF more than listening but it’s one I’ll take either way so I have listened to it probably two times to my one time reading.

    Although I am a huge SEP fan, I have yet to read/listen to Honey Moon. I’ve been afraid it would be a little too women’s fiction for me. Not that I don’t read women’s fiction but I expect great romance from SEP so I’m afraid that may lead to disappointment. What do you think?

    You will not be sorry about Cry No More. I think it is more of a listening type of book for me. I’ve not read in print.

    katie bug – The Bride will be released on Nov. 28th at Amazon and I just checked Barnes & Noble and saw it available for immediate shipping. I don’t know if it will be available on Audible but I’m betting it will be. Let’s just say I’ll be real disappointed if it’s not!

  4. Peggy P says:

    Lea, thanks for all the hot tips … I downloaded To Die For this morning from Audible and have been listening all day – got alot of work done too! I’m really enjoying it though the narrator does take some getting used to. I’m catching up on Linda Howard’s backlist and am looking forward to Son of the Morning, I’m not sure why or how I missed these originally in print.

    Thanks for the Dec. list – I’m going to check out The Bride for sure, love a good medieval!

    MarissaB – I keep thinking of the Platinum plan too, I’d feel so “rich” with all those credits but I know I’d gobble them up too quickly…and then what? I’m probably better off a the monthly plan – it limits me and that’s not a bad thing!

  5. Anne Stuart says:

    the problem with the platinum membership is you can’t take advantage of some of their sales. I got a Crusie, a Quick, an Elizabeth Lowell, and maybe 6 others at their $4.95 sale. And I’ve been buying a lot during the current one (it was either half price or $9.99). I’m lucky, because these are tax deductible for me, so I can indulge myself, though with 60-some books on my ipod I’d probably better behave myself.
    Comfort listens tend to be SUNSHINE by Robin McKinley, MINE TILL MIDNIGHT by Lisa Kleypas, BEAST by Judith Ivory. God, so many good books!
    And of course I’m quite besotted with my own (great narrators — I hated my earlier ones). I just wish they’d start doing my historicals.

  6. MarissaB says:

    Lea, Honey Moon is really more women’s fiction than a romance. There is romance in it, but it is more a girl-to-woman coming of age story about Honey. I do like SEPs romances, but she is a very good writer, and her talent shows in Honey Moon. I am in no way disappointed. In fact, now that I have passed the “bad thing” I knew was coming up, I am more hooked than ever. Honey is just so intriguing. I got to know her so well that I can’t wait to see how she will move on with her life. She is one strong character.

    Yikes! I just saw on Audible that this is a 2-credit book. My! I forgot that I had to wait to get this one because I hated “spending” both my credits in one month for just one book. I am really glad I did, though, because this one is certainly a keeper.

    I did ask Audible Customer Support why some books were worth 2 credits. I thought it had something to do with the length of the book, with longer deserving of the “higher price”. Not so. It wasn’t explained very well to me, but it has to do with the contract/agreement reached with the publisher. If they decide on 2-credit price tag, then Audible has to comply. Not sure why a publisher would do that, though. Anyone has any ideas?

    Anne, tax deductible books? Awesome. I could really cut our taxes down with that one! =D

  7. Goosie says:

    I just listened to Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson, which I ended up really liking. I do data entry at work, so I can just slip on some headphones and listen all day, which actually makes the time go by significantly faster.

    Now I’m listening to Dark Lover by J.R. Ward and absolutely loving it! I really enjoy the reader’s voice and the story is really intriguing (I love love Butch and feel really bad for Marissa).

    I’ve also realized that I don’t particularly care for female narrators. When they try to portray male voices, it never really works for me. The interesting about male narrators (I’ve listened to A Jo Beverley book…the name is slipping from my head and now Dark Love) is that, in my experience, they don’t try to alter their voices for female characters, which is nice.

  8. M says:

    Excellent blog, i will keep visiting this blog very often. I need some time to think about this

  9. Lea AAR says:

    Goosie – I’m encouraged to hear that you are really enjoying Dark Lover. I loved the first four in this series and was so excited to find it on audio but I couldn’t get past the pure reading by the narrator without characterizations. I think I need to change my expectations and try again because I certainly enjoy rereading this series.

    M – so glad you found us! Have you checked our Speaking of Audiobooks archives? There is a link in the final paragraph of this column under Ending Notes.

    Anne – WE wish they would start doing your historicals!

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