Speaking of Audiobooks: September Releases

464803As I worked to compile this list for September releases, I also realized we are approaching the point where we have almost a constant discussion on our Speaking of Audiobooks column.  Although they are spaced approximately two weeks apart, discussions continue well after the original post and I want to encourage you to continue posting if you have something to add or another discussion point to make.  I continue to watch the columns and am up to talking about audiobooks at any time!

Also, the number of ideas for future audiobook columns (mostly from your discussions or suggestions) is increasing and I see some very interesting discussions in our future. As more audiobook fans discover this place to share their latest experiences with romance audiobooks, I anticipate an increased level of audiobook recommendations, as well as general discussion.  Gathering your thoughts together is a real pleasure for me and my “to be heard” pile is getting bigger every day!

Leftovers from August

My daily search on Audible continues to yield new audiobooks that failed to make our previous month’s new release list.  I am learning to live with the lack of “coming soon” announcements and passing on to you a few romance audiobooks that didn’t make our list last month but were certainly pleasant surprises that merit mentioning.

Brockmann, Suzanne – Otherwise Engaged

Donati, Sarah – Into the Wilderness, Wilderness Saga Book I

Joyce, Brenda – Dark Lover

Leigh, Tamara – Perfecting Kate

McIntyre, Amanda – Tortured

Novak, Brenda – The Perfect Couple

Peterson, Tracie – A Love to Last Forever


Audiobook Romances on Sale in September

Note: Included in the Unabridged list are those books with unknown formats


Graham, Heather – Unhallowed Ground

Jackson, Lisa – Shiver

Kleypas, Lisa – Tempt Me at Twilight

Kleypas, Lisa – Seduce Me at Sunrise

Macomber, Debbie – Debbie Macomber CD Collection: Susannah’s Garden, Back on Blossom Street, Twenty Wishes

Peterson, Tracie – Dawn’s Prelude

Quick, Amanda – Amanda Quick CD Collection 2: Second Sight, The River Knows, The Third Circle

Snelling, Lauraine – A Measure of Mercy

Wiggs, Susan – Lakeshore Christmas


Brunstetter, Wanda – A Cousin’s Prayer

Evanovich, Janet – Between the Plums

Evans, Pamela – Tea-blender’s Daughter

Graham, Heather – Unhallowed Ground

Jackson, Jane – Bonded Heart

Jordan, Penny – A Reason for Marriage

Kane, Andrea – Drawn in Blood

Kleypas, Lisa – Tempt Me at Twilight

Kleypas, Lisa – Seduce Me at Sunrise

Krentz, Jayne Ann – Shield’s Lady

Lindsey, Johanna – Heart of a Warrior

Macomber, Debbie – The Perfect Christmas

Michaels, Fern – Razor Sharp

Wiggs, Susan – Lakeshore Christmas

Please share with us other September romances audio releases you may know of.  We will add those books to this list prior to publishing it on AAR’s main site.  And since release dates change so frequently, please be forgiving if a book moves to a later month or magically appears.

465166Recent Additions to My Audio Library

Diana GabaldonDragonfly in Amber

Although I own DIA complete with its 27 cassettes, I repurchased in MP3 format for ease of listening on my iPod.  What a difference!

Lisa KleypasSugar Daddy

Loved the book and although I have no personal experience with narrator Rosalyn Landor, I liked what I heard on the sample.

Georgette Heyer– Black Sheep

A Heyer novice, I am starting to explore the world of Heyer through her audiobooks.  It feels like a rather large undertaking since many are unavailable, expensive, or hard to find.

Georgette HeyerThe Convenient Marriage

This signifies just how much I want to try certain Heyer books as I purchased this one used in audio cassette format!

Time for your thoughts:

What September releases are you looking forward to?

What audiobook(s) have you listened to lately and do you recommend it?

Do you have an idea for a future audio column?

Ending Notes

For those new to our Speaking of Audiobooks column, be sure to check out our audio archives for further recommendations and discussions.

The first week of November, our Speaking of Audiobooks column will be dedicated to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.  Many of us are now listening to part or all of that series in preparation for our discussion.  Please consider listening with us!

See you again in September.

- Lea Hensley

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26 Responses to Speaking of Audiobooks: September Releases

  1. Crymsyn says:

    Thanks for the list. Some of these sound really good. I’m only starting to get into audio books since my commute has gotten longer.

  2. katie bug says:

    I’m so happy we have this new column!!! I’m listening to “All I ever needed” by Jo Goodman and I’m enjoying it.

  3. Lea/AAR says:

    Crymsyn – you have a whole new world to discover. If this is your first time to read this column, please be sure to check our archives for many more recommendations.

    katie bug – I have had All I Ever Needed on my Audible Wish List for a while now. Please let me know what you think when you are done. Do you generally enjoy Goodman’s books? And I assume by your comment that the narrator is performing well? Although I see that she has narrated a good number of romances, I have yet to hear her.

  4. katyco says:

    Lea – I’m really interested in trying a Georgette Hyer book in audio but don’t know where to start. Out of the ones you’ve listened to, which do you recommend. Like you said, they’re hard to find and sometimes expensive, so I don’t want to just pick one.

    Can’t wait for the Outlander discussions. I love the audio version of this series even more than the books.

  5. GamaTST says:

    I am enjoying this column each and every time it comes out. I hope it continues to grow in popularity so it remains a staple here!

    I’m looking forward to Sheild’s Lady coming in Sept, it’s always a treat when an old favorite comes out in audio.

    I’m listening to Karen Marie Monings The Immortal Highlander. I didn’t think Phil Gigante could get better than his Scottish brogues but the Irish accent in this one is pure ear candy!

    Audible.com has 19 unabridged G. Heyer books at reasonable prices. Devil’s Cub, from what I’ve read, is a very popular book by Heyer to start with.

  6. Lea/AAR says:

    katyco – Since I am just beginning my adventure with Georgette Heyer audiobooks, I don’t have much to recommend personally yet besides Black Sheep which was a fun book but took a lot of effort to accustom myself to the narration (it is verryyy English). But I am of the opinion that if I want to explore Heyer’s audiobooks, it is necessary that I listen to and enjoy these very English narrations. Therefore Black Sheep was a success and I recommend it.

    I do have some recommendations from others who have helped with my first choices of Heyer audiobooks. Anne Stuart graciously provided me with her thoughts on a number of Heyer audiobooks and combined with Sandy Coleman’s recommendations of her favorite Heyer books (Sandy reads rather than listens so hers are not audio recommendations), I have made a list of my top choices based on availability as well as these recommendations. I just purchased The Convenient Marriage on cassette and A Civil Contract on Audible. I plan to purchase Frederica and The Nonesuch from Audible soon.

    I have been on the fence about Devil’s Cub. Over the past few months, I have listened to the sample on Audible twice and decided the narration was not for me each time. But recently fellow AAR reviewer Ellen commented on how much she enjoyed the audiobook and I think I am going to give it a try soon. It’s a case of listening to those very English accents and not allowing my ears to emasculate the hero just because I don’t usually picture my heroes speaking in that (probably very accurate) manner!

    GamaTST – You all probably are aware that I loved, loved Phil Gigante’s narration of Moning’s Highlander series and I agree with you totally about his abilities when it comes to portraying various accents. Here are a few of my comments from my personal review of the audio version of The Immortal Highlander:

    “A fairy with his background, personality, and talents – hmm, hmm, hmmmm. The heroine’s determination to not fall for this guy is very understandable. Although my interest lagged a little when I read The Immortal Highlander, I was never bored a minute as I listened to it. The audio version is excellent and the narrator’s voice for the hero is scrumptious!”

    I’m so pleased that many are enjoying the Speaking of Audiobooks column. We have every intention of continuing with this feature since AAR graciously allows me to write about something that is a passion for me and the fact that we are discovering that many of our readers are audiobook fans as well.

  7. katie bug says:

    Lea/ARR: I really like Jenny Sterlin’s narration of “All I Ever Needed”. Her male and female voices, her nuances you just have to hear her to know what I mean.I’m an avid reader of ARR and I just get excited when the audio column comes out. I’m really enjoying this audio book and I do like Jo Goodman’s writing.

  8. katyco says:

    I wanted to listen to Devils Cub since I just read These Old Shades this summer, but it’s $40 member price on Audible. So I was thinking about trying Frederica. This will be my first Georgette Heyer listen. I think a future column devoted to her would be great.

  9. GamaTST says:

    Lea, I went back a re-read your June 8th column and realized I had you to thank for my listening to KMM Highlander series from Kiss of the Highlander forward.

    I had read the first book in the series and disliked it. But with the recommendation to start with the 4th book, your glowing review and the enticing thought of Scottish brogues I had to try again. I’m so glad I did!

    With that said, it looks like I’m going to have to give Davina Porter a go with Outlander too. So many veteran audio book listeners can’t be wrong.

    I just saw that Magic On The Wind by Christine Feehan is out at audible.com this week, but not under romance.

  10. MarissaB says:

    Heyer from Audible.com:

    I really loved the following:

    These Old Shades – This was a better listen than a read. The narrator’s voice for Leonie brought the character to life the way my reading did not. Delightful in many ways.

    Devil’s Cub – Vidal is the son of Alistair and Leonie from These Old Shades. The voices of his love interests really defined their characters. I really liked Michael Drew’s performance in this one. English should sound English, right?

    The Unfinished Clue– Hilariously well performed. You’ll love the Mexican cabaret dancer’s accent when compared to the pompous English voices. A convoluted whodunit. Very enjoyable.

    The Nonesuch – Well performed with lovable characters. This narrator can make a spoiled brat sound truly abhorrent. I loved the main characters – they deserved their HEA.

    Beauvallet – Think swash buckling Errol Flynn and you’ve got the hero’s character down. Very entertaining. A better listen than a read considering the hard English accents – you know, the type you labor to read and understand. Listening was much easier.

    Bath Tangle – Well performed. You could picture the characters just from their voices. An excellent and fulfilling last chapter.

  11. Lea/AAR says:

    I am traveling so apologize for my delay in responding.

    MarissaB – thank you for your wonderful Heyer mini reviews! I may be using some of your thoughts when I write that Heyer column at some point in the future (I wonder how long it will take to prepare when so many of her classics are difficult to obtain in audio format).

    GamaTST – Hope you will join us for the Outlander discussion scheduled for the first week of November.

    katyco – right now Devil’s Cub is available for $7.49 on Audible to new members. Maybe you should check out their membership plans. Audible’s platinum membership serves as my primary method of purchasing audiobooks. You can cancel at any time.

    katie bug – All I Ever Needed just moved way up on my Wish List.

  12. Catherine says:

    Speaking of Diana Gabaldon and September releases, the seventh book is scheduled to be released on Sept 22, according to Recorded Books’ web site.

  13. Katie Mack says:

    Right now I’m listening to Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery. I read the book in print format when it first came out, and I liked it enough to want a re-read. I’m only about an hour into the audiobook, but so far I’m really liking the narrator’s voices and pacing.

  14. Diana says:

    Another opinion on All I Ever Needed. I didn’t much care for the narrator. She read the hero as very snide, which was fine because he was snide for a good part of the book. But I thought the intonation should have changed when he warmed up and the newer more vulnerable hero should not still sound snide. Bothered me. There’s a beautifully written scene where he finally opens up…ruined for me because there was no softening in his tone. Seemed like the reader wasn’t grasping the sea change in his revealing of his feelings.

    I’m trying to think of something positive to say, but I haven’t had good luck with my listens this month. Brockmann’s Bodyguard not so hot. Listened to Manhunting by Crusie again and laughed out loud. Going to see if A Breath of Snow and Ashes is available.

  15. Diana says:

    Okay, see that Dreamfever is up with Phil G AND Natalie Ross! Love Natalie and Phil when he sticks to his own manly gender. I read the first book in this series and was underwhelmed. Can I skip to the fourth book? Anybody?

  16. Lea/AAR says:

    Catherine – thanks for the heads-up on Echo in the Bone. Last time I checked, it was November. I’ll add it to our September list.

  17. Kaetrin says:

    I’ve just finished listening to Outlander – OMG!! What an amazing story! I’m so in love with Jamie Fraser now. I have become a total SQUEEing fangirl now.

    I am looking forward to the Outlander discussion coming up. I’m just about to start Dragonfly in Amber. Would it be better to stay away from the post though, given that I haven’t read/heard the whole series yet? I’m trying to stay away from spoilers (even though I’m desperate to know that there is a happy ending after all!). I loved the ending of Outlander – I had been a bit scared that it would all go horribly wrong – in which case my iPod would have been permanently damaged from being forcefully thrown against a brick wall…

    Davina Porter is such an amazing narrator. I went and bought the paper book (I’ve done the same with DinA in anticipation) just so I could “re-read” my favourite parts and see how things were spelt as opposed to pronounced etc (OMG, I’m so anal!! someone help me!) and I totally heard all her character voices. It’s such an enriching reading experience.

    The other thing I noticed, with this one especially, but with audiobooks in general, is that you can’t “skim” or “race ahead” – you are forced to hear all the glorious deliciousness (in the case of Outlander) or the horrid torturousness of it (in the case of some other book – I don’t know which because I’ve had great success so far). I tend to race ahead when I’m really into a paper/ebook and I do miss the “savouring”.

    @ Lea – I did manage to get hold of Hot Ice by Nora Roberts – I bought a gift certificate from Books on Board and then used that to pay and that seemed to get over the geographical/territorial issues. I’d better not say more in case I get into trouble!

  18. Lea/AAR says:

    Kaetrin – I’m thrilled you so completely enjoyed Outlander! If you are asking about the current Outlander discussion on the Let’s Talk forum, there are some big spoilers and I guess it depends on your tolerance level for spoilers. I am listening to DIA right now (it’s been a few years) and I almost wish I had stayed away from that particular discussion as a number of surprises are revealed to even me as a re-reader. And DIA is full of surprises from the first chapter on.

    Excellent point about having to endure unpleasant scenes. This particular point will be a part of our Outlander discussion in November but now that I think about it, that subject is probably worthy of a discussion all its own sometime in the future.

    Great news about Hot Ice. Hmmm – I may have to get more details from you later since I am sure others will eventually encounter the same problem. Let us know what you think of Hot Ice.

    Diana – did you ever get feedback on Dreamfever as far as skipping books 2 and 3? I am listening to Gigante narrate Julia Quinn’s When He Was Wicked (alternating with DIA) and thinking your thoughts about him teamed with a female narrator. But I have read none in this series and dare I hope Dreamfever might function as a stand-alone?

  19. Kaetrin says:

    @ Lea
    I was referring to the speaking about audiobooks thingy coming up in November – I didn’t know there was a thread on Let’s Talk (I’m fairly new to AAR – we’ve recently changed ISP’s and for some reason ?? my old one couldn’t connect to this site) but I will avoid that thread now so thanks for the heads up.

    I’ve been lucky not to have listened to any “duds” so far on audio – I think it would be pretty torturous to have to put up with that. As to the difficult scenes in Outlander, I didn’t find them unpleasant to listen to as such – the whole thing was delicious in its intensity. I found myself so totally wrapped up in the story that I was reacting as if I was listening to non fiction – I had the increased heart rate, the choked sensation in my throat and (of course!) the urge to comfort Jamie all by myself!! That is the mark of the best of books for me. If I’ve been immersed and come out feeling like this world is not the real one. It doesn’t happen all that often but its pure gold when it does.

    Re Hot Ice, please feel free to email me and I will give you the deets.

  20. Lea/AAR says:

    Kaetrin – I thought you may have been referring to our November discussion. Let me tell you the plan (and I’ll explain it at the beginning of that discussion as well). I plan to only discuss the first four books in the series for a couple of reasons – first, I haven’t read (listened to) the fifth in the series (The Fiery Cross) and second, I imagine many will have the same problem I do in obtaining the unabridged version.

    The discussion will center on the audio aspects of the series and although I am sure we will enter spoiler territory at times, I hope we can all make good use of spoiler warnings when we discuss actual events in books 2-4. I do envision, however, an open discussion of Outlander. For instance (spoiler here if you haven’t read Outlander), how can we discuss our reactions to listening to Jamie’s torture if we don’t acknowledge it was there?

    I am hoping that by waiting until November, it will allow time for anyone, who so desires, to listen to the first four books. But it will be structured to enable someone who has listened only to Outlander to enjoy the discussion as much as someone who has listened to every book in the Outlander series.

    Very good point, by the way. I hadn’t yet thought to provide those details of the discussion and will make a point to do so in the upcoming column.

    Also, I may know why you are having difficulty accessing AAR. We changed servers about two months ago and if you are attempting to enter the site with bookmarks from, say, May – they won’t work. I’ll be emailing you soon about Hot Ice but feel free to email me as well if you need help with general access to AAR.

  21. Kaetrin says:

    Lea – did you manage to get an unabridged copy of The Fiery Cross? I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find it. Audible only seems to have the abridged version. I’ve just started DinA and have Voyager and the next one on my Audible wish list (they are all the unabridged versions) but I’m having trouble locating the 5th book… (not that I need it right now, but, you know, just being prepared!)

  22. Lea AAR says:

    Kaetrin – The Fiery Cross is available somewhere in unabridged and I’m almost positive it’s narrated by Davina Porter as well. But the used copies I have found are well over $200.00 and it’s not available through my local library system either so it’s one audiobook I’ve yet to hear. That’s why the discussion will concentrate on books 1-4. I know a few of our readers have been fortunate enough to listen to them all and I believe they obtained the copies of books 5 & 6 through their library.

  23. Lea AAR says:

    One other thought – Have you looked online for audio rentals? I looked recently with no luck but would love to know if you locate a rental copy. With 47 CDs in this one book, let’s hope their rental policy is flexible!

  24. Cathy says:

    Oh, go talk to your local librarian and see if they will purchase / interloan a copy of Fiery Cross for you! It doesn’t hurt to let them know if they 1) own the rest of the series 2) that there’s a new title is coming out that’s sure to hit the bestseller lists 3) that the reviews of the series on audio are excellent.

    Recorded Books has the unabridged audiobook rights to all the Gabaldons: http://www.recordedbooks.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=rb.show_auth&auth_id=8621

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