Vote for the Next AAR Book Club Selection

three_women_delightComing up with a list of six – three historicals and three contemporaries – wasn’t easy, but, hey, I’m up to the challenge.

Each of the books in the poll has achieved “classic” status, though we all seem to define it differently.  Each would spark good discussion.  Each is easily available and currently in print.  And, lastly, each was either suggested by multiple readers on the message board (thanks to everyone for their comments) or came about through discussions amongst Lea, Heather, and me.

With regards to the currently in print requirement that more than one reader seemed to find limiting, we are certainly willing to do an out of print book when sufficient notice is given for readers to get their hands on a copy.  Right now, however, our goal is to get the book club up and running, so choosing a book readers don’t have to jump through hoops to get seems like a no-brainer.  In the future, if there is interest, then we will do it.  Promise.

Lea and Heather and everybody at AAR is looking forward to the discussion – whichever book you pick.  The poll will be open through the weekend and the winner announced Monday.  Date and time for the next book club is still TBD, but will most likely take place in late September.

Thanks for voting – and don’t forget to look for the announcement here on Monday morning.

-Sandy AAR

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11 Responses to Vote for the Next AAR Book Club Selection

  1. MarissaB says:

    There are lots out there that have never read Heyer. This would be a good book to start with.

  2. katyco says:

    I’ve voted for Lord of Scoundrels, one of my favorite books. Any of these books would make a good discussion. I’m one of the few who did not like Welcome to Temptation, but it would be interesting to hear why other people do.

  3. Janet W says:

    Maybe MarissaB has a point — spread the Heyer love. I’ve read all these books and the only one I don’t own is Black Silk so I ordered a copy in case it’s the one chosen.

    My best gf doesn’t like Welcome to Temptation either — her only flaw LOL :) so I too would be interested in why someone didn’t like it.

  4. AAR Sandy says:

    I am not a fan of Nobody’s Baby But Mine. Good discussion fodder, though. WTT is my favorite contemporary. Ever. I voted for Black Silk.

  5. LinnieGayl says:

    I voted for Nobody’s Baby But Mine, one of my favorite contemporaries. But, I would be happy with pretty much any other choice except Black Silk…it just didn’t work for me, which I supposed would make for a good discussion.

  6. Katie Mack says:

    I voted for Nobody’s Baby But Mine, which I loved back when I read it, but I know readers’ opinions are all over the place on this one, so great book for discussion. It’s been a while since I reread it, so I’d also like to see if my feelings have changed. Plus, I’d like to see a contemporary as the next feature since we did a historical the first time around.

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  8. Terese says:

    I absolutely adore Lord of Scoundrels. The characterizations were excellent. I could understand the motivation of every character. That being said, I voted for the Grand Sophie.

  9. Victoria S says:

    Wow! Do you ladies play rough or what!? Lord of Scoundrels is hands down my favorite romance. With that said Cry No More is a book that so lends itself to a book club discussion group. Since ya can’t do both :) I gotta go with Lord of Scoundrels my fave

  10. tjf says:

    I’m probably one of a small number of people who didn’t love Lord of Scoundrels. I didn’t hate it, but by the time I finished it I was glad to close the book on Dane and Jessica. I much preferred The Last Hellion.

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