Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About this Book?

39985940I’m currently under the influence of my very first book series addiction.  I don’t like it.  It’s what I think about constantly; just like an obsession.  I wonder if it’s normal and if others experience this feeling.  I actually know the publication date of the next book and I’m counting down the days.  I really am beginning to question whether or not I can take the wait.  There have been other series books I’ve enjoyed and continued, but never anticipated to this degree.

The book that I’m so eagerly awaiting is Karen Marie Moning’s Dreamfever, the fourth installment in her Fever series. I reviewed Faefever last year and while I enjoyed it, the ending gave me fits – I literally threw what I refer to as a book temper tantrum.  However, Faefever is one of those books that just stuck with me for some reason. I couldn’t get it out of my head and have reread it several times.

When Amazon offered a free Kindle download of Moning’s Darkfever, the first in the Fever series, I jumped on the offer and consumed it in less than a day and was left with so many more questions than answers.  I immediately tried to download Bloodfever, the second in the series, but was unable to due to a lack of whisper net service where I was visiting at the time.  I didn’t know such places existed, but now I do and needless to say I threw another tempter tantrum (we get so used to instant gratification – such a shame).  It’s my favorite of the series because the sexual tension between Barrons and Mac is amped up and there’s some jealously issues between Barrons and V’lane that make me quite happy.  And of course, I had to follow Bloodfever by yet another reading of Faefever.

I love these books because of the mystery and the characters.  The colliding of the Fae world and the human world and the interaction and tension between Mac, Barrons, and V’lane is intense.  At first, I didn’t like Mac, but her tenacity and grit grew on me.  I like that Jericho Barrons isn’t a nice guy hero and the fact I question whether he’s a hero at all.  I like that he’s jealous of the other men that vey for Mac’s attention.  Though I complain, I like that I can end a book with more questions than I had at the beginning.  I like that there’s a whole lot of sexual tension and very little sex.   I enjoy that the foreshadowing makes me question everything.

Now I have so many questions running through my mind and I can barely stand the wait.  Who is Jericho Barrons? What is the Lord Master?  Will Mac and Barrons ever get together?  What about V’lane and Christian MacKeltar?  Who killed Mac’s sister?  Who killed the detective? Who is the person behind the IYD number? Why did Faefever have to end the way it did?  Why can’t we have a preview of Dreamfever?  Can Mac really trust Barrons?

When I went of Moning’s website, I discovered many more aspects of the series to question and very few answers.  I also discovered the message boards and the fan base referred to as the Moning Maniacs.  I now know that I’m not alone in my obsession, though I still question the rationality of the whole thing.   All I can tell you for sure it that my nerves and pocketbook can’t take another addiction!

Do you ever become “obsessed” with book series? If so, which ones and why?

-Heather AAR

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36 Responses to Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About this Book?

  1. Shanna says:

    I was in the midst of a book reading slump this summer. Nothing was getting my attention and I didn’t like anything out there. I took a chance on the first book in the black dagger brotherhood series because it always seemed to get good reviews. Now I can’t put the series down, I’m on the fifth book and haven’t come up for air yet. I just have to see what happens next, just one more page, and dreading when I finish the last book in the series and have to wait until the next one.

  2. Katie Mack says:

    I am in the midst of a book series addiction, and eagerly awaiting the Oct. 27th release date of the next book — which happens to be my birthday. A sign? I think so. The series is the Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne series by Julia Spencer-Fleming, and I’m completely, totally hooked. I started the series in early June, and didn’t come up for air until I’d read all 6 books — which, since I tore through them, took about 10 days. Now I’m eagerly awaiting book 7, and I’ll probably be at the bookstore when it opens that day to buy it.

  3. Lynda X says:

    Ending a book with a cliff hanger when it’ll take maybe–what, five YEARS–before everything is resolved is just plain WRONG! It’s sadistic, IMO! That’s why, as much as I would undoubtedly like or even love this series, I won’t be reading it. For men, when I have to wait a year in a series, I forget the characters’ names, etc.

  4. Goosie says:

    UMM. The IN DEATH SERIES. I’ve read all of the books in the last month or so. They’re wonderful! I’ve just started the Outlander series and I really like it. After that I plan on either reading the Lymond Chronicles or Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooter series. Yep. It’s gonna be a good summer!

  5. U is for Undertow, Sue Grafton’s next Kinsey Millhone book isn’t due out until Christmas.


  6. HaloKun says:

    I have had this with many series. But most recently Teh Crack JR Ward books . I question my sanity constantly when I get addicted to a new series. I sometimes think it has less do with the books and more to do with where I am in my life, or where I am physically. If I’m in strange surroundings I find it easier to escape into a series and let it take me over.

    Or if I’m in need of an escape because of stresses in life. More importantly though, and you touched on this in your post, it’s the characters that really get you hooked. Great characters will get me every time, no matter what world they live in.

  7. Estella says:

    I am totally addicted to JD Robb’s In Death Series.

  8. maggie b. says:

    Sadly, it has happened too often for my liking. I became addicted to the Potter books and could hardly stand the wait for books five, six and seven. It was torture. Then the Twilights — that wait for book four was hideous. I really love Patricia Briggs books and also the wonderful Nalini Singh Psy/Changeling series. Briggs and Singh aren’t the sleep depriving obsession that Potter/Twilight was though . . .

    I look forward to the new Fever. I keep reminding myself though that we have several books to go. I am trying *not* to get obsessive. We’ll see how that goes come August.

    maggie b.

  9. Victoria S says:

    I don’t like to think of it as “obsessed”. OK it really is…but I don’t like to think it is. I know the publishing dates of the next “In Death” novel bt J. D. Robb; “Stephanie Plum” by Janet Evanovich; Arcane Series by Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann Krentz; I have collected all Agatha Christie’s books; all Rex Stout’s books, ok you get the picture. I love the In Death series ’cause I can’t wait to see how Eve and Roarke are doing. And Stephanie Plum—I think the running gag with her and destroying cars is hilarious! I like the present/ and past aspect of learning abouth the people in the Arcane Society

  10. Kaia says:

    Heather AAR-I am totally obsessed with this series also. I try never to glom authors, but I only waited about a week between reading BF and FF. (About a month ago, kinda late to the party) And I thought about FF constantly the week after reading. Unfortunately, I do think DF will have a crazy cliffhanger ending as well and I’m already dreading the wait til the final book…=)

  11. vivi says:

    That’s the downfall of reading a series. Eventually, I reach a point where I am hoping/dying/praying that the author writes about a certain character. For instance, Ash from Kenyon’s Darkhunters, Sam and Lys from Brockmann’s Troubleshooters and finally, Hawke from Singh’s Psy/Changeling series. I have wait ‘tl 2011 for his book!
    Regarding, Moning: I refuse to start the series until the final book is released. :)

  12. Hop says:

    Mine is Gabaldon’s Outlander….
    while most that you mentioned are always tugging at me, Claire and Jamie have me so hooked I just cannot stand it…
    She writes beautifully and thank GOD, LONG books….very long and full books….
    trouble with that….they come out in years! YEARS….we have to wait YEARS!
    But I do fill in those years with some really remarkable romance!

  13. AAR Heather says:

    Man, I typed out this hugh, long post and then I made it dissapear
    %^$#!. Well, here’s the short version for now.

    @ Shanna, HaloKun- I haven’t tried the Black Dagger Brotherhood series yet, but I might after I read Dreamfever and need something to fill the void when I’m done. I’ve been thinking about reading it, but just haven’t yet.

    @KatieMack – Ha! At least I don’t have as long to wait as you do. Just teasing. I don’t know the Spencer-Fleming series – looks like I’ll be reading some reviews.

    @Lynda X – Darkfever and Bloodfever didn’t really have the cliff hanger endings, but Faefever’s was almost enough to do me in. Almost, but not quite. I honestly hope that Dreamfever’s isn’t as severe.

    @Goosie, Victoria S, Estella – I’ve read 5 of the In Death books and I really like them. Well, I don’t really read them, but buy them from iTunes. Right now I’m out of money on my account, which is kinda a good thing.

    @maggieb – The wait for the middle Potter books was bad for me too. However, though I bought the last one, I could never bring myself to read the whole thing. I don’t know if it was because of spoilers or I just lost interest in the series. Thankfully, I didn’t find Twilight until all the books were released or I would have been this way with that series as well.

    @Kaia – I’m glad someone else is obsessed with this one. I hope that DF doesn’t end this way, I won’t be able to take it. Also, I hope Moning doesn’t wait a year for the next release.

    @vivi – That’s a good policy. I’m should have done that.

    @ Hop and Goosie – I’ve read Outlander and loved both Claire and Jamie’s characters. I haven’t read the others because I worry too much about the time gap that’s coming. So for right now, Outlander is my HEA.

  14. AAR Heather says:

    I can’t spell when I’m in a hurry. I know that disappear is not spelled dissapear. I don’t have the heart (and I’m embarrassed) to look for any more errors, so please don’t hold it against me.

  15. Pam says:

    I’m hooked on Lora Leigh books.The one i can’t stop thinking about is ‘Marley’s Choice’.I have reread it about 20 times.I got so into Cade & Marley that when i read the other books in the series…i found myself only intersted when they were mentioned.
    I have to admit that i was disapointed that he shared her with his brothers.But what upset me more was when he had sex with the other women.I know he told Marley what he was like but i kinda wanted the fairytale prince that he continually said he wasn’t.

  16. Tracy Grant says:

    I love series, both as a writer and a reader. It’s so wonderful to find a new series and lose yourself in it. Though the wait between books can be frustrating. I read the Lymond Chronicles the summer between high school and college and though “it would have been really difficult to read these as they were published and have to wait between books.” Then Dorothy Dunnett wrote the House of Niccolò series, and I had to do just that. Still, I had a lot of fun speculating with fellow Dunnett-readers in those years. To me, speculating between books is part of the fun. Laurie King’s latest Russell & Holmes book, “The Language of Bees” resolved the central story arc but ended with a cliffhanger that has me eager for the next book.

  17. xina says:

    Yes, I am obsessed with the Sookie Stackhouse series at the moment. I know this because I went to my B&N to find the 4th book a few weeks ago. I had finished the 3rd book the night before and happily went to the bookstore to find the 4th book ( which was reported as “the best” in the series). I go down the aisle where I had found the first 3 and to my horror…it wasn’t there. I stood there…staring at the books expecting it to appear out of thin air, but no.. book 4 not to be found anywhere.! I thought to myself…well, damn, what am I supposed to do now??? (really I did). So,I go to the desk and ask in a very nice way about the availability of book 4. The helpful clerk looks it up on her computer and….oh joy…there is one left in the front. We go together to get it and I am tempted to hug the clerk, but hold myself back thanking her many times. Pay for the book and meet my daughter at the magazines where she has hanging out waiting for me. She asks…did you get it? I respond in a such an exuberant manner that I can only picture her tellling her friends how nuts her mom is about a book. So…yes….I am obsessed with a series. (Hanging head in shame, but loving the books anyway)

  18. jebe says:

    I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you, Heather! I was on the hunt for a new-to-me genre for the 9 in 09 Book Challenge when I read your post about Moning’s books. I decided to pick it up and now I can’t put it down! This really isn’t gonna help w/my insomnia problem! :?

  19. AAR Heather says:

    Two other series I need to read: Sookie Stackhouse and Lymond Chronicles. How did I get so far behind?

    @ jebe – Sorry! I love them and can’t wait till August 18th. They’re highly addictive.

  20. Kelly M. says:

    YES!!! Faefever has THE WORST cliffhanger! And the worst part is that Mac writes all of HER questions out and that adds to mine!! I started reading KMM after I finished every last Julie Garwood book. (I was completely lost and wondering where the heck to find more books with humor and steamy romance) Those weren’t cliff hangers really, but I just love her books and have a little tablet with everything mapped out when it’s due to come out :)) I already have Dreamfever on request at the library. I’m #22 on the waiting list :) I’m thinking I’d be better off buying it. Is there a way to find out which series (if there are newer books) are actually finished? That is my problem, I never know when the series really ended when I start reading it!

  21. AAR Heather says:

    @Kelly M – The Fever books in order are Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever (released Aug. 18th) and Shadowfever (not completed). Moning also has a Highlander series that is time travel related, but I haven’t read those yet so I’m not certain on the order. In the Fever series, Bloodfever is my favorite.

  22. Ida says:

    I just let someone borrow what I have of the Fever series, which are the 1st two in paperback and she read them in two days and had to download the last onto her computer since she was out of the country, and all I could say is that I could relate. I have read on KMM’s site that she has Lyme disease so it takes extra effort when she is sick to write, so I must sympathize, but does not give any relief to my obsession. I try not to buy books in hardback so I have already requested Dreamfever through the Austin library and am the 1st on the list, all this done a month before it comes out!

  23. AAR Heather says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize that she has Lyme disease. I hope that her recovery goes well.

  24. Kelly M. says:

    AAR Heather: Ok, August 18th hasn’t come up yet, right? lol So I’m still waiting to get over the Faefever hangover. I didn’t know there was going to be another one after that. grrr. lol I have read the Magic Highlander Series and it’s 1. Beyond the Highland Mist 2. To Tame a Highland Warrior 3. The Highlander’s Touch 4. Kiss of the Highlander 5. The Dark Highlander 6. The Immortal Highlander 7. Spell of the Highlander. In my opinion, they got better as they went on. For that series, you don’t necessarily have to read them all or in order, but they do reference prior characters and situations, but it’s not like they wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t read them in order. They are each their own story.

  25. AAR Heather says:

    @Kelly M – I think I’m going to slowly start reading the highlander series. I get the impression from Moning’s website that they might be a little bit connected to the Fever series – or maybe I was just confused by some of the posts on the message boards. Anyway, just a few more days to wait.

  26. Lusa says:

    I am completely obsessed with JD Robb’s “In Death” series. I have all the books with the exception of Promises, which hasn’t yet hit my store in paperback. I am in the process of collecting the audiobooks, so when I am not reading them I can listen to them on my MP3 player or in my car. Yes, I am sick!!!

    I love the True Blood show, which is based on the Sookie Stackhouse series, and I am terrified to start reading them because I can see a new obsession starting. I have book one sitting on my bookshelf, where it will remain until I find the strength to venture there.

    …off to listen to Glory in Death on my MP3 player…woohoo….

  27. Kelly M. says:

    AAR Heather:

    Yes, the Highlander Series had a LOT of Fae history in it. It laid a lot of background about fairies and the time travel and magic. I definitely recommend reading them. And it’s better than a series, like I said, because each book is an individual story and it ends at the end. You aren’t waiting on the edge of your seat for a year until the next one comes out. lol

  28. Gina says:

    Your not alone!!!
    I’m counting down the days ….6 more to go before I can get my hands on it. I think Dreamfever will be the one that will top it all off. The action, growing of Mac, Barrons (need I say more).
    I would read the highlanders, they do tie in with the fever series. Some of the characters/past that are in the highlander books show up in fever series.

  29. Tracey says:

    I have been and am currently addicted to several series, but first I am addicted to my Kindle and free ebooks. My addictions have included: Fever, Sookie Stackhouse, Anita Blake, Mercy Thompson, Almost Human (paranormal vampires series), Kitty Norville, Kate Daniels, Night Huntress, Stephanie Plum, Demonica Trilogy, Midnight Breed, Werecats, Harry Potter, and Twilight. Right now I am desperate for Mercy Thompson book 5 to come out with the Kindle version; I am about ready to go buy the hardcover! But tonight, I will get my fix with Dreamfever on my Kindle, now that the price is down to $9.99 and I have my son’s tuition paid!

  30. Jacqueline says:

    Indeed! I have been on a series obsession since 2004 when a kind Books-A-Million sales lady randomly suggested I try out this relatively new series called The Dark-Hunter Series. I accepted an bought the book, not really paying attention to the synopsis, buying it simply because I wanted to not be rude.

    Dear, GOD! That was the best decision I’ve ever made! I have been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s DH series, and her others as well, but not to the point of obsession with the Hunters, for years now. I’ve attended three signings for the past three years, have been a part of the fan club mailings for four, my entire room and office are decorated with fan graphics, official SK/DH paraphernalia, am on her official web site and my space more than I could count, have all the books in nearly all audio and paperback (and hard back, depending on which came first) format, and am nearly going I-N-S-A-N-E with excitement over the fact that the DH characters are being made into collectible dolls this year!

    I LOVE these characters, the humor, the dark plots, the emotion of the stories, the one-liners of wisdom and humor, the amazing writing, the cohesive plots and story points. The fact that the paranormal aspects within the Dark-Hunter universe don’t always rely on face value- Sherri actually utilizes logic mixed with the unexplained; how it’s so easy to relate to the emotions, actions, and thoughts of the characters…but above all, I have to say that the one thing that makes me truly addicted to Sherrilyn’s style of writing is that I never finish reading one of her books and think “well that was a waste of time.” Aside from the sheer entertainment value,I can always pick up one of her books (most especially her DH books), and know that I’m not just getting a romance story. I’m reading a paranormal fiction, a murder mystery, a family drama, a romance, a tearjerker, a comedy, and an inspirational novel.

    My obsession is extreme, and I LOVE it! :)

  31. KKS says:

    I just finished the Sookie Stackhouse books and am now impatiently awaiting book 11!! They were so good, I could barely put them down to brush my teeth and crawl in bed!! The Fever Series and the Highlander Series are both great as well. Read those before the Sookie books and cant decide which I like better. All I can say is get to publishing authors, we need so follow books to our series!!!!

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