Sourcebooks contest! (Contest Now Closed)

If you’re curious about some of the small press offerings you’ve seen in bookstores, the authors at Sourcebooks Casablanca, the romance divison of Sourcebooks, have offered a wonderful prize to our readers. The winner here will get a variety of books in several different genres from several authors. It looks like a fun way to try out new authors and add some books to the TBR list just in time for summer. The prize includes copies of all of the following and more information about each of the books can be found here:

Donna Lea Simpson – Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark

Kendra Leigh Castle – Wild Highland Magic

Marie Force – Line of Scrimmage

Mary Margaret Daughtridge – SEALed With A Kiss and SEALed With a Promise

Michele Young – The Lady Flees Her Lord

Cheryl Brooks – Slave and Rogue (Cat Star Chronicles)

Judi Fennell – In Over Her Head

Loucinda McGary– Wild Sight

Libby Malin – Fire Me

Linda Wisdom – Wicked By Any Other Name

Amelia Grey – A Duke To Die For

Robin Kaye – Romeo Romeo & Too Hot To Handle

To enter the contest, just comment below with the name of your favorite small press romance or if you don’t have one, why you would like to try some. The contest is open from now until 5pm EST on Thursday, May 14. Good luck!

-Lynn Spencer

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122 Responses to Sourcebooks contest! (Contest Now Closed)

  1. Shaine says:

    I love reading and like to try new authors. I really enjoyed Cheryl Brooks – Slave.

  2. Kristine says:

    My Favoritie publishers:
    E-Books: Ellora’s Cave (They are one of the few that publishes a good number of medievals)
    Print: Medallion Press (The first publisher that I have ever seen that published a non-paranormal German Historical without an English hero/or heroine)
    I have never read a book from this publisher but I am always interested in new authors because once I am hooked I will buy an entire back list if I can find it. I am happy that this came at this time because it has a long time where I have had enough time to read anything that was not related to school. I just finshed my first year of Graduate School last week and it was surprising to see how few books I had bought in the last 9 months so I am ready to have some new reading material and some time to read it.

  3. Maija P. says:

    I’ve read Slave by Cheryl Brooks and have to say that it’s my favorite small press romance. I hope more people would try her books!

  4. Christine K says:

    I’m always looking for new authors and genres to become faithful to. I love a whole host of genres and enjoy them immensely!

  5. Janet W says:

    I’m tempted by Amelia Grey and the word “Duke” in the title — anything that keeps Regencies alive!

  6. DeeFeagin says:

    I’d like to find new authors to read to add to my favorites. Count me in!

  7. CrystalGB says:

    Great giveaway. My favorite book that I have read from Sourcebooks is Call of the Highland Moon by Kendra Leigh Castle.

  8. TiffanyB says:

    Thus far, I’ve only bought Robin Kaye’s book Romeo, Romeo, so my knowledge is limited on the array of authors they sell.

  9. Carol M says:

    I know I can find a lot of good books and new-to-me authors at Sourcebooks!
    mittens0831 At

  10. Lynne says:

    I have never read a romance novel, but I would love to introduce myself to new genres.

  11. Eva says:

    Sourcebooks Casablanca has many great authors/stories

  12. Rebecca Kent says:

    Hey! BOOKS! as prizes… that sounds GREAT to me! The more the better!!! :o)

  13. Val M says:

    I’m always open to try new authors. I have heard good things about Mary Margaret Daughtridge and Robin Kaye.

  14. Jen D says:

    I’m always open to exploring new genres and authors.

    Thanks for the contest!

  15. delitealex says:

    I love finding authors and books that are new to me. I always have room for new books. great contest.

  16. azteclady says:

    I am not sure I’ve read many small publisher novels–but then I’m not very good at looking at who does the publishing when reading a novel. I would love to be included in the giveaway.

  17. Anna L. says:

    I love Sourcebooks, especially the Jane Austen sequels!

  18. Zashkaser says:

    Great post Jon! I have been following the #p2 effort since you started it, and although I have understood its purpose this post does a really great job solidifying the full rationale.

  19. VJay says:

    Kendra Leigh Castle rocks! The opportunity to discover new authors is always a treat!

  20. NSK-Gorod says:

    Хороший пост, большое спасибо!

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