We’ve Got New Additions to our Special Titles List!

Today we’re pleased to announce that six more of the Special Title Lists have been updated: (1) Green Romance; (2) Friendships; (3) Best Enemies; (4) Cross-Dressing & In Disguise; (5) The Limelight; and (6) Two-Hanky Reads.

crying_girl_readingAs generally happens, while checking out the submissions readers sent in we discovered a few problems with the existing lists. We’ve tinkered with the definition of the Friendships list and think you’ll find it to be more concise than in the past.

More major changes were made to The Limelight list. We haven’t changed the definition, “Romances featuring heroes or heroines who are in the performing or creative arts, such as actors, singers, artists, best-selling novelists, and dancers” but have deleted one of the sections of the list, “Politicians.” When looking over the list “politicians” just didn’t seem to fit — either in personality or vocation — with the artists, dancers, and novelists found on the list. But the submissions you sent in for politicians weren’t a waste. Over the next few months we’ll be starting a new list (ideas for titles, anyone?) that will feature romances with politicians (or their spouses or children) as the heroes and heroines. We’ve also added a section for “Fashion and Design” to the list as a number of fashion models and designers were submitted.

By checking out each of the revised pages, you can see that there are a lot of new entries — in a few cases about 50 additional books to check out. But as in the past, these are not all “new” titles, published since 2009 when most of these lists were last updated. While there are some new titles, there are also some classic romances that were never included in the lists. For instance, we’ve added a number of Mary Stewart and Georgette Heyer romances to the various lists.

And this brings us to our main message. Yes, updating the lists is a lot of work for us, but it’s a labor of love as well. Each of us has found new titles to read as a result of titles recommended by readers. Ah, and our dear readers. If this is work for us, it’s also work for a number of very loyal readers. While we won’t list your names, believe us that we have come to recognize you each time you submit titles. Each time new lists are open these readers do an incredible amount of work. They fill out all of the spaces in the ballots, providing us with links to reviews (and grades at other sites) as well as lengthy descriptions as to why each title should be added. You cannot begin to know how much we appreciate your help! Without all of you, the Special Title Lists would not be the vibrant, growing part of AAR that they are once again!

We plan to open a few more lists for updates later this week, but will then take the rest of the summer off for holidays, work, and other AAR responsibilities. But look for us to be back revising more lists this fall.


Cindy, Rike, and LinnieGayl

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11 Responses to We’ve Got New Additions to our Special Titles List!

  1. Yulie says:

    Always nice to see the lists updated…

    I have a minor correction – in the Limelight list, you have the same character listed for two different books by two different authors – Suzanne Brockmann’s All Through the Night and India Grey’s Craving the Forbidden.

    I’m not sure why Loretta Chase’s The Last Hellion is listed under cross-dressing/disguise. There is a scene in which the heroine is in disguise, but it’s not a major part of the book.

    • LinnieGayl says:

      Thanks, Yulie. I’ll try to get the corrections made this evening or tomorrow evening! Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • Paola says:

      Actually she disguises several times, it’s even one of the reasons the book got a C review at AAR.
      “But, their paths keep crossing when Lydia, in a series of trite “disguises,” is continually foiled when Vere recognizes her and pulls her out of danger, for her own protection. As plot devices go, this is one of lamest, and if I ever see another heroine-in-some-dumb-disguise again, I”ll scream. The entire first half of this book sees Lydia in one disguise after another, none of which I found interesting, amusing, or necessary.”

  2. PatW says:

    Several lists have not had their “last updated” date changed to 6/14 – you might want to fix this when you are making other corrections.

    Also very much appreciate the work that goes into making these lists available!

    • LinnieGayl says:

      Thanks, PatW. Our wonderful volunteer who does the changes to the actual site is technically on vacation during this period. We’ll eventually get those dates changed, but it may take a bit longer.

  3. Paola says:

    Thanks for all this work, it must take a lot of time to check so many books.
    In the Limelight I think jewelry designers fit more in the Fashion and design category than the Artists, photographers and sculptors (Bach’s Lone Rider and Lowell’s Midnight in Ruby Bayou).

    • LinnieGayl says:

      Paola, I really wondered about that and almost moved them there (yes, I was responsible for updating the Limelight list).

  4. Sandlynn says:

    I was on vacation (and also at RT, I think) during this update and I see some areas where books were left off that I would’ve mentioned if I had been online.

    I don’t know; maybe they didn’t get good enough reviews but in Alice Clayton’s “Redhead” series (three books) both the hero and heroine are actors and almost everyone else in the books are a part of the entertainment industry.

  5. Kim says:

    Thanks for the list. I know this is time consuming.

    I spotted a few more things that you might want to correct.

    Under enemies, Romancing the Duke is written by Tessa Dare, not Thomas Dare. Also, Fool Me Twice is written by Meredith Duran, not Sherry Thomas.

    • LinnieGayl says:

      Thanks, Kim. The corrections are looking more like a weekend thing at this point. We do appreciate it.

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